20 things the doctor did in his spare time

Chapter 12: And it's time for...

ring…ring…ringring ring ring ringringring Ring Ring Ring RingRingRing RING RING RING


“WHO IS CALLING ME!!!” the Master thundered as he clambered to the ringing phone, “WHO-”

“Hello altruistic and kind customer, this is the US Congress speaking, do you want some of our beautiful farty mcfart fart fart hamburgers that are now only $99.99.”



“I SAID NO!!! Now go away I’m trying to take over the world.”

“…How dare you refuse me…”

“I don’t care!!!”

“You are testing my patience…”

“I still don’t care!”

breathes heavily***

“I, Pokemon master Doctor, shall challenge you for a Pokemon battle!!!”



*theme music starts playing*

“NOOOO, the forbidden Pokemon!”

*Whole scene explodes*

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