20 things the doctor did in his spare time

Chapter 13: Oscar

ringring ringring ringring

“Hello Doctor, don’t think I won’t recognize your phone number from now.”

“Aww come on Amy, that’s cheating!”

“No, it isn’t. It’s called labeling the numbers that keep on calling you each day. What do you want?”

“Well, you see, I was just shuffling around Netflix you know, and I came across this movie called the Revenant.”

“Oh no,”

“Hey, let me finish. Anyway… I can’t be too pleased with it… but it was quite a movie so I went to go have a chat with him…and you see…chats with a person who just lost their entire family don’t go too well…so…I went to the real world, and I materialized around Alejandro G. Inarritu …and I shouldn’t say he was quite pleased to see me, he nearly hit me with a dictionary, but we had a talk, and we decided that the Revenant deserves some happiness!”

“Gee was that all one sentence?”

“I dunno yes?”

“Oh no if Sheldon sees this…”

“Hey, I used my commas correctly! Anyway, guess what we ended up deciding in the end?”

“Are you expecting me to say what?”


“Okay, then what happened?”

“Let me just give you a hint. Mr. Revenant here, is going to get his Oscar very, very soon.”

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