20 things the doctor did in his spare time

Chapter 14: Bomb

ring ring ring ring ring ring ring ring

“Amy! Help quick!”

“Doctor what’s that beeping sound I hear?”

“Uhh, about that…yeah can you help me stop a bomb?”

“What do you mean by ‘stopping’ a bomb?”

“Uh, yeah…you see here…there’s some random wires here, and it seems to be going in a countdown so… you happen to know how to disable it?”

“You think ‘I’ can disable a bomb?!”

“Em, yeeeeeeeeeeees?”

“Doctor! I’m in my house, about to drinking a cup of coffee, never even took any engineering classes don’t even mention bomb classes, and I don’t even know what the bomb looks like and now you’re asking me to help you disable a bomb does that sound reasonable to you?”

“Gee was that all one sentence?”


“Ok, ok, I’m panicking and it’s best to not let you panic either.”

“You’re panicking?! Oh how come I never knew.”

“Well, there’s still quite a lot of time left and-OH MY RASSOLINS SAKE I’VE GOT 2 MINUTES LEFT!!!!”

“I thought I heard something funny, you were saying something? Something about ‘having a lot of time’?”


“Ok, ummmmmm…” Amy looked around frantically, “Why don’t you try cutting one of these wires thingy’s?”

“Uhhhhhhhh, which one?”

Amy started to pace around, racking her brain for any little info about bombs. Wires. Cut the wires. But, which one?

She let out a frustrated noise. Ughhhh, why does it always have to be her?

“Erm…try the blue one!”

“Why blue!?”

“Well, isn’t it always the blue ones in movies?”

“No, I thought it was the red ones.”

“Fine, then cut the red one!”

“What if it’s wrooooooong?!”

“I don’t know! Ugh, cut the black one then!”

“Black means bad luck in China…”

Doggit, the Doctor’s killing me

Disable a bomb. How? No, wires are definitely not the answer. Too risky. Then what? Button. There must be an off button. There’s always an off button. The problem is, where is the button?

“Doctor, search around the bomb, try to find a button.”


“Yes, a button! You need to look for an off button to turn it off! Somehow!”

“Ummmmmm,” Amy heard shuffling in the background as the Doctor searched for the button. Too her disappointment, the ticking continued in a steady pace.

“I CAN’T FIND IT!!!!!”

Ugggg…No… Ideas, any more ideas? Something?

Amy started her pacing again. What? What? What? What, is she missing?

Suddenly, an absurd thought hit her, so incredibly ridiculous she almost laughed out herself. Oh, how stupid. She must be losing her mind over a stupid bomb!

“Doctor, why don’t you try cutting all the wires at the same time?” she said.

The shuffling stopped. “You’re telling ‘me’ to cut all the wires at the same time?!”


“You’re not kidding, are you?”

“No, dead serious here Doctor,”

“Ok then, Amelia Pond, hereeee I gooooooo…”

“Doctor you don’t have to make it so dramatic.”

Amy heard the soft snipping sound of a scissor and the tick tick ticks of the bomb.

She held her breath.

There was a snap. Silence. Then, a metallic voice spoke up.

Microwave indicated disabled.

Amy felt her stomach drop cold.

“Wait a minute, microwave?” she asked incredulously.

“Ohhhhh, look, funny thing happened here. I happened to find a box-like thing here that occurred to look like a huge bomb. Fancy to know what to do with it?”

Amy felt on the verge off snapping the phone in a half.

“Doctor…” she tried to control her voice as much as she can, “I am so gonna kill you if that stupid bomb doesn’t”

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