20 things the doctor did in his spare time

Chapter 16: Let's Kill Trump

ring ring ring-ring ring ring ring-ring

“Hello, Amy here.”

“Amy! Sorry for last time. I crashed into the Avengers meeting place and boy was Nick Fury mad! No wonder he’s called Nick Fury get it? Nick Fury?”

“So what happened with Tony?”

“Oh I just denounced his name to Mud.”


“Yes, why?”

“It’s just…whatever forget about it. Where are you?”

“I am currently in a meeting with the Rainbow Ponies Group!”

“You got to be kidding me…are you?”

“Nope. They’re currently plotting how to assassinate Donald Trump.”

“Donald Trump? Isn’t he like, running for president?”

“He is now, but won’t be a few days later.”

“What’s their plan?”

“So they’re planning to lure Trump to a cliff then make him knee to gun point then kick him off the cliff.”

“What?! But don’t you like, not like killing and guns?”

“That’s the reason why I’m trying to make them change their mind!”

“So what’s your plan?”

“Throw bananas at him.”

“Doctor, you can’t throw bananas at him. He’s a celebrity and you’ll get caught for it.”

“Oh yeah, what’s he gonna do? Lock me in a prison?!”

10 minutes later



“Yes Doctor?”

“Happen to drop by and get me out of jail?”

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