20 things the doctor did in his spare time

Chapter 2: Boredom


“Hi, Amy here.”

“Hi Amy! I’ve got a question to ask you.”

“You again? Now what? And did you change my ringtone it’s slightly louder than usual.”

“I did? Oh let me fix that…”

“What do you want this time?”


“You really don’t know don’t you?”

“I’m bored!”

“Why don’t you go somewhere?”

“There’s no where to go!”

“Oh really? Says a 1000 year-old Timelord.”

“Really, Amy,”

“Oh, hmm, why don’t you try shooting at a wall?”

“I don’t even have a gun!”

“I dunno, visit somewhere with a gun then get one!”


He hung up. Amy stopped to think. Probably telling him to get a gun and shoot at the wall isn’t the best idea. She should see him soon but…normal life seems… peaceful. She shrugged. He’ll live.

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