20 things the doctor did in his spare time

Chapter 5: Delivery

Amy couldn’t help but be nervous. The Doctor hadn’t called in days since the weird incident where he tried to get a gun. She wasn’t sure whether she should call, or just wait till the Doctor calls back. Her fingers itched as she glanced at the phone. Okay, still not ringing.

Suddenly, the doorbell rang. Amy jolted up. Who’s coming to her house at this state? Rory is still sleeping and she didn’t invite anybody to her house. Or order anything.

She crept cautiously to the door and twisted the knob. It swung open easily.

A brown wrapped rod of some kind laid there, with a small note taped to it.

Special Delivery From: the Doctor,


Amy picked it up and brought it in. She ripped opened the brown paper and found a hilt of some kind. What in the world, she thought.

It had a button at its side, an arrow pointing up on its surface. She pushed forward on the button.

A huge blue laser of some type sprang out, cutting the kitchen table in front of her.

“Whoa! What in the world-” The laser spun out of her hand and landed on the floor. She grabbed it tightly, fumbling for the button. She pushed it down. The laser disappeared.

Then, her phone rang.


“Hi Amy! Saw the delivery thing!”

“Yes I sure saw it. And I almost cut my finger off with it!” Amy growled.

“Oh, don’t worry, I saw people missing arms. Quite deadly battle back there in the Death Star. Shame it exploded.”


“Relaaax. I’m fine.”

“Doctor, how about my table-”

“Call you soon Amy, gotta run.”

beep beep beep

Amy slammed the phone down in anger. Then she looked at the huge chunk of wood missing from the table. She table-palmed herself. Because sometimes a simple face palm won’t work.

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