20 things the doctor did in his spare time

Chapter 6:Go Visit Some Friends

Amy was still angry at the Doctor for giving her the lightsaber, since the fact that she cut her table with it. She read online that only the true Jedi’s could wield it. Well, she obviously isn’t a Jedi for sure.


Amy sighed and picked up the phone, “Amy Pond,”

“Amy! Sorry I hung up a bit fast last time. Was a bit busy with the gun. I nearly blew up a tree with it so I had to run. I decided it’s too dangerous.”

“Okay…nice to know your gun is ‘dangerous’. Can you please learn your facts next time, you nearly made me destroy my house with that lightsaber.”

“Hmm…So, what do I do now?”

“Umm, why don’t you go visit a friend or someone?”

“Oh, a friend. Yeah, I should probably go visit a friend.”

“Do you even have any friends.”

The Doctor hesitated, “Of course I have friends Amy. Actually I’ll go check my contacts right now.”

“Great, glad to know you got friends Doctor. Well, bye then.”

Amy hung up. Okay, Doctor is so far okay, I guess.

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