20 things the doctor did in his spare time

Chapter 7: Rainbows


“Ugh! Coming,” Amy yelled down the hallway. She picked up the phone,

“Hello Amy here.”

“Hi Amy, guess who I’m meeting…”

“I dunno a ghost.”


“Do you really want me to guess?”


“Okay I give up,”

“Actually I was looking for Thor but he isn’t here so guess who I found?!”

“I dunno another ghost?”

“Loki! He’s like, I dunno in this weird glass cage thingy,”

“NO! I’m trapped here and if you don't let me out I’ll destroy yooooooooou!

“Hmmm, Doctor I advise you to stay away-”

“Don’t worry he’s stuck in his cage,”

“I though you were going to meet a friend,”


“Hey Doctor, I’ll be a friend to you if you let me out,

“Sorry Loki not today,”

“I’ll bribe you with skittles,

“I don’t eat skittles…”


Amy heard a large boom and the Doctor shriek.

“You can break your wrist like that!”

Amy could almost feel Loki’s glare on him. Suddenly, she heard a yelp of pain,

“Oh my wrist! I-I broke it! Oh no I can feel the numbness coming, arrrrrgh! It’s bleeding, help! Someone!

Followed by an,


“My wrist! It’s dying, I can feel my power being drained away… Argh, it fell off! No, my wriiiiiiiist!


“No! My hand fell off! I’m bleeding rainbooowsss somebody help me! Ahhhhh, raaaaaaaainboooooooooows…”


“HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I totally messed you up with that!


“You know that was all fake. My hand actually…never broke off…”




“Doctor you should take a breath before you pass out on the ground.


Amy hung up. Looks like the Doctor is permanently scarred for life. Knew it he should’ve listened to her.

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