20 things the doctor did in his spare time

Chapter 8: Exxxxxterminate

ring RING ring

“Hello, Amy Pond.”

“Hi Amy! I’m in this cave place, not sure what’s going on here…”

“What are you doing in a cave?”

“Looking for something. My scanner says it should be around here somewhere but it’s not picking up for some reason. Not sure why but something is blocking the signal.”

Amy heard small beeps as the Doctor waved his scanner around,

“Hmm…aha! Got it!”

“Glad to know.”

Just then Rory walked in with a steaming cup of coffee in his hand. “Who are you calling?” he asked.

“Doctor, he’s looking for something.”

Rory sat down and both of them stared at the phone sitting on the kitchen table.

“Ohh, look at this! Its like some kind of great chamber. Grave for something clearly, not sure what though, really dim here.”

“Why’s he calling us?” Rory took a sip of coffee.

Amy shook her head, “I really have no idea.”

“Okay, looks like this is it.” They heard the Doctor say, “Now all I need to do is to-”


“Oh dear,” they heard the Doctor whisper.


beep beep beep

The call ended. Rory casually took another sip of coffee and shrugged, “He’ll live.”

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