20 things the doctor did in his spare time

Chapter 9: Random Quotes


“Heeello, Amy Pond here,”

“Hello Amy, you think it’s a sensible thing to go to school?”

“You? School? Somehow nothing’s clicking in my mind here.”

“I’m bored and there’s nothing to do! Plus everybody goes to school these days.”

“Listen, Doctor. Education is important but school, however, is another matter.”

“Oh no you’re going to ramble some crazy random quotes are you? Well, let me give you a quote. If life gives you lemons make apple juice and leave the world wondering how in the world you did it.”

“What?…” Amy was speechless, “Okaaaaaaay?” She decided to change the topic, “Well, how it you escape the Daleks last time?”

“River happened to be there and help me out.”

“Oh really? I thought you had a gun.”

“Remember I traded it out because it was too dangerous? People say, ‘Guns don't kill people, people kill people.’ Well, I think the guns help killing quicker and easier. If you stood there and yelled BANG, I don't think you’d kill many people. And that’s why I don’t use a gun.”

“So what did happen back there?”

“Complicated story. Didn’t I tell you already?”


“Oh, that means my past self called you after my future self, me, called you. A bit complicated but you should get it.”

“Doctor, I’m…a bit busy today…”

“Oh, I hope you won’t be that busy in 5 minutes.” Amy could hear a smirk within the words.

“What do you mean Doctor-”

He hung up. Amy sighed and dropped the phone back on the kitchen table, taking a sip of coffee. Suddenly her mobile phone suddenly dinged with a message, making her jump. She unlocked the screen and stared at the new message. On it read:

“I just sent my past self a message to call you in 5 minutes. Don’t worry. -Doctor

Amy groaned, “Rory you better come here now if you want to hear the Doctor try not to die.”

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