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The Summer Change


If I, Sabrina Kindall knew that the summer was going to have ended like this, I would have never made different plans. I am in front of Elijah Morgan, holding hands with him. The feeling is indescribable.

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The Divorce

The 5 things I could not let happen this summer.

- Mom marrying some rando.

- Dad marrying my best friend's parents!

- Sarah moving back after her pregnancy.

- Eli moving to the middle of nowhere

It felt like a shortlist, but it will be hard for me, Sabrina Kindall to accomplish all of them in one summer, but hey, a girl can try.

To be honest, the divorce wasn't that bad. It was just a matter of time before Mom and Dad divorced. They were always screaming at each other. Mom ended it by cheating on dad with some guy named William. "William?" My dad fumed. " William is a name for some mental HOBO! If you think cheating on me made a difference, Newsflash! It didn't!" I never saw my dad madder in my life. Chelsea, my little sister started crying, so I signaled her to put her shoes on and go outside. " Cheating on you was the best thing I have EVER done!" My mom said laughing as if it weren't a big deal. Then my dad stormed upstairs, got a suitcase, packed everything he had, and left with a happy smile.

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