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Chapter 4

Minato stared at the slightly yellowed ceiling. He traced the patterns of the dots in the tile, and the yellow smoke stains that flowed out from the direction of the Hokage's desk. The folder which contained only a few pages, felt like it weighed 100 pounds as it pushed down on his stomach.

"Would you like something to drink, Minato?" Minato looked up, which let him see the man that had been the one constant in his life, from an upside down world. Minato sighed and let his hand drop to the floor.

"Jiji, I don't know what to do." Sarutobi sipped his tea quietly.

"You could go home and tell Naruto-san that you are his brother. I'm sure the boy would be ecstatic. It might even jog some memories of what happened to him."

Minato looked at him with something of a glare in his eyes. He knew that the Hokage thought the entire situation was amusing. Sarutobi noted the look in Minato's eye with a chuckle.

"I want you to go home, Minato. Take the week off, actually. Spend some time with Naruto, and after the week has ended, I expect a report on his behaviour. While he has shown nothing but devotion, and now there is no denying that he is your brother, he is obviously not from Konoha, and due to his suspicious entrance, could still be a spy." Minato tightened his lips but nodded, opting to walk slowly out the office, delaying his arrival at his small apartment as much as he could. He didn't want to ruin the perfectly happy student-teacher relationship he and Naruto had. The boy was the epitome of a genius of hard work. He never stopped, and his stamina seemed nearly endless. Not to underestimate the boy, he was also intelligent, and was able to think up battle strategies on the fly, something that was invaluable in the battlefield. The only thing that irked Minato was the look of experience that appeared in Naruto's eyes sometimes. He was sure the boy wasn't telling him all of the memories he had been getting back.

The sky was dark by the time Minato pandered by Ichiraku's, and as an ice breaker for the revelation of his lifetime he picked up a couple of bowls of beef and miso flavoured ramen.

Naruto was reading on the lumpy couch in the kitchen and dining area when a tired and downtrodden Minato finally came in through the door. Naruto snapped his book shut and sat alert. Minato sighed and placed the bowls carefully on the table, followed by the manila folder. He flashed Naruto a tired grin before sitting.

"Sorry. It took a lot longer than I thought it would. Is there still some dinner left?" Naruto nodded and joined him at the table.

"Yea, I left your half in the fridge for later, if you want it."

"Thanks. I brought home Ichiraku as an apology, I hope you accept it." Naruto smiled widely.

"Well, if it's Ichiraku then just maybe, MAYBE, if I put together all the sympathy I have left in my heart, I could forgive you." Minato laughed.

"I'll take that as an acceptance. Dig in; I've got some stuff to tell you." Naruto happily did so, as well as Minato, although the taller blonde was eating at a slower pace. About halfway through their bowls, Minato swallowed his mouthful of noodles and said,

"So the Hokage gave me the results of the blood tests that we did when we first found you." Naruto stopped eating; his wide blue eyes trained solely on Minato's, his cheeks still full of food. Minato sighed and slipped the paper out and showed his roommate. Naruto took a second to scan the page before promptly spitting everything in his mouth all over the paper, and by default, Minato's face which sat only a foot behind them.

Minato shouted and dropped the papers to rub his face. Naruto shouted as well, and tipped the chair backwards until he fell. This knocked the wind out of him and caused him to start choking on air and leftover ramen. Minato tried to shake the half chewed pieces of noodles off of the papers, and berated himself for showing him the papers during dinner.

As he lay on the ground catching his breath and dislodging noodles from his airway, to say that Naruto was shocked was an understatement. He knew what DNA testing was, as it was considerably more advanced when Sakura had given him a crash course in it, and he knew that it was pretty damn accurate. When he saw the part about sharing DNA with Minato, the suspicions, and in Naruto's case, dream, that he had been the son of the great Yondaime had been confirmed in one simple test.

He outgrew wanting to know who his parents were when he was a child and surviving the hate from the civilians was all he could concentrate on, and as he grew and became a ninja, the topic never came up that often. The shock of everything falling into place was a huge blow. Of all the people who were chosen to take him as a ward and student, his father was chosen. Naruto could almost laugh.

Minato was about to rush to the dazed looking blonde when he saw the expression on his face turn into one of surprised joy.

"You ok?" He called, and Naruto turned to look at him, this time with a look that seemed to be memorizing every detail of his face.

"Yeah... I think so." Minato nodded.

"Yea, sooo. You're my little brother, eh? Fancy that. You sure you don't remember your parents? Your mother maybe?" Naruto blinked. Of course, parents shared the same amount of DNA as siblings did in most cases. Minato was much too young to have a 12 year old son.

"N-no. Sorry. Uh... Man, I can't believe I have family other than... well friends." The look of loss appeared in his eyes again, and this time Minato took initiative.

"Did you remember someone?" Naruto didn't respond for a second, before nodding. He needed to talk about, if only to get the weight off of his chest.

"Was it Hinata-san?" Naruto looked up at him and scrambled to his feet, picking the chair up with him.

"We were close. I wasn't liked by the village, and her family had discarded her in favour of her younger sister. She wasn't my first friend, but she was definitely my closest. We were family." Naruto shook his head and wiped a tear that had formed before it spilled over.

"What happened to her?"

"She was c-crushed. It had snowed for the first time in a while, and the buildings couldn't handle it." Minato took a step over to the blonde and pulled him into a tight hug; not unlike one that a relative would give another relative after not seeing one another for a long time. Naruto's eyes snapped open in shock, but after a few moments, he realized that this man, although not yet, was his father, and Naruto gratefully accepted the one thing he wanted most as a child. The loving touch of a (albeit unknowing) parent.

Despite Naruto fully accepting the fact that he was in the eyes of Konoha, the blood brother of Minato, a rising star in the ranks of shinobi, He still found having a family that did not consist of a small girl who looked liked her dead mother or a woman whom he could not love with all of his heart, unsettling and awkward.

Although to be fair, Naruto had tried to act normal, if a bit more little brother like (or how he perceived one to be anyway), Minato was making things incredibly awkward with unnecessary guilt, mother henning, and gift giving. It was quickly growing old.

Shrugging the small bag that contained a spare shirt, a towel, a few styrofoam bowls of instant ramen, and some water, Naruto was glad to be outside, even in the heat, and away from the taller blonde. Maybe this annoyance is really what it was like to have an older sibling. His mouth turned into a frown. He was missing being an only child already.

Intending on blowing his steam on some wooden posts on one of the many public training grounds, he clenched his fists in anticipation. He had yet to do any kind of harsh training like this, as Minato had been focussing on restoring his movement fluidity and muscle control than the raw strength Naruto knew he had.

Before he turned the bend of the street that blocked the view of the grounds from his sight, he heard a small noise that sounded almost like a child crying. A noise he knew too well from his own childhood, and from when Little Hinata was a baby. For all of his strengths, a child or girls crying were something he couldn't deal with. He hesitated, pondering whether or not he should turn on his heel, when he heard the second noise that the crying had over powered.

A steady thump thump thump that continued for a few beats before another sob escaped from whom ever was in the grounds. The blonde hesitated for another few seconds. It sounded like someone really needed to beat their frustrations out on someone. An unsteady grin crept up onto Naruto's face. If this worked out right, the girl (men don't cry, of course) who was crying might be angry enough to spar him. He'd be willing to take a few bruises and deal with a few tears to train with someone that wasn't a wooden post or a mother hen older brother.

Turning the bend, he raised his arm to announce his presence when the person, a girl that seemed to be about his height and age with short and choppy dark hair spun her head around and gasped loud enough that Naruto heard the painful hitching of her breath in her throat. She stared at him for a full second before her eyes, a colour that Naruto couldn't quite catch as rather suddenly, her face turned a beat red, and in a motion that was almost déjàvu, she collapsed to the ground in an ungraceful heap.

Naruto let out a shout as he dropped his bag and bounded over to her in an attempt to catch her. He didn't quite make it, but he managed to snag the edge of her jacket (honest who wears a jacket in the summer heat anyway?), accidentally tearing along the zipper seam, revealing the tight indigo material that he had seen a number of kunoichi sporting around the village. Naruto blushed, getting an eyeful before he settled her down on the ground so her face wasn't ground in the dirt anymore.

He pulled her headband off of her forehead as it was askew and covering her eye and nose, he couldn't help but gasp. The girl's face was a pretty oval shape, and other than a pair of fuller lips, and slightly closer set eyes, she greatly resembled how Hinata looked before he left with Jiraiya. He could already tell that once she trained off all of her baby fat and grew into her... assets, she would be a killer kunoichi, in more than one way.

The green manji symbol with the hooked bars that extended across her forehead stuck out and looked decidedly odd on a face that resembled Hinata so much. He ran a calloused finger over it, making the girl stir, but not awake. If she had the caged bird seal, it meant that she was a Hyuuga. The pale skin and dark hair also confirmed this to an extent. Although he had never seen another Hyuuga, other than Hinata of course, with inky hair. Although Naruto supposed that he had not met many Hyuuga, since he didn't really start his relationship with Hinata until after Konoha's destruction, and after that there were few left, only ten or so, and they all had black or brown hair.

After a solid ten minutes of staring at the girl's face, lost in memories of Hinata, he finally decided that she was probably not very comfortable laying on the dirt and grass. He nudged her arm a few times, causing her to groan and lift and hand to cover her eyes, which he presumed correctly to be the typical white of the Hyuuga Clan.

The girl groaned again and brought her other hand to her face, accidentally smacking Naruto's knee. Naruto by now had sat back, and was watching the girl with a certain curiosity. Lifting the hand on her eyes off of her face, she saw just exactly who was sitting near her. Her face turned a lobster red and she squeaked.

Sitting straight up, she covered her hands with her face and started crying again.

"Whoa whoa! Why are you crying? Are you hurt?" The girl shook her head, her tears reducing to hiccups as Naruto patted her back awkwardly.

"I-I-I-I UUU, I'm so embarrassed! Uuuu uuuuu" Naruto stopped patting and grabbed one of her hands, pulling it away from her face. He flashed her a grin before saying,

"Don't be embarrassed! From what I saw you were beating the tar out of that log. Man, I'd never want to be the subject if your anger." Clear pupil less eyes shone with shed and unshed tears.

"But! But y-you saw me faint... Again!" She buried her face in her hands and started sobbing again, this time sounding angry. "This always happen to me!" Naruto stood up, garnering her attention again. He gave her a classic Lee and Gai thumbs up complete with the flashing smile. She shuddered involuntarily, and Naruto felt sick to the stomach. He could not believe that he actually did that. It seemed to halt the girl's tears though, so it was worth it.

"What's your name?" He asked, helping her up, only to discover that she was a solid three inches taller. His ego deflated a bit, but he hid it behind a friendly grin. The girl blushed again, and brought her hands together in front of her, bowing slightly.

"Hi-Himawari. Hyuuga Himawari." Naruto nodded. He stretched his hand out and said,

"My name is Namikaze Naruto. It's nice to meet you Himawari-kun." Himawari took his hand gingerly and he gave her a nice strong shake. The shake off balanced her somewhat and caused her to look down, only to notice the state of her jacket.

"Ah! My jacket! Oh no, father is going to kill me... this was my best one..." Naruto grinned sheepishly and rubbed the back of his head.

"Sorry about that, I tried to catch you when you fell, but it only caught the tip of your jacket and it ripped. I can pay for it though..." Himawari shook her head and fingered the edge of the large hole.

"It's ok. I can fix it. Thank you for the offer though." Naruto noticed that she spoke quietly, but without stuttering. Perhaps the pressure of a branch member was decidedly less than one of a clan heiress.

"S-so... Can I ask what has you so frustrated? Or if it's personal, that's fine." Himawari flicked her eyes at his face before letting her cheeks tinge red. She couldn't believe that he of all people was talking to her! He actually sounded interested in her! Her situation crashed down on her again and she frowned.

"I found out that I was put in an arranged marriage today." The bitterness in her voice surprised Naruto, as she had a rather gentle manner of speaking. "It's not unusual for Hyuuga, but the man in question is a cold-hearted jerk." Himawari sighed and Naruto patted her shoulder.

"Well, that sucks. How about a spar? I can see that you're still tense and I'm willing to be your beating bag for a bit. I haven't had any rough exercise in months. I've been recovering from a coma of sorts." Himawari gasped and brought her hands to her lips.

"Oh no~! What happened? Are you sure you'd be ok?"

"I'm sure, no worries, I heal fast!" Himawari seemed to shrink within herself.

"I don't know... are you sure? I wouldn't want to have you expend yourself..." Naruto rolled his eyes and grabbed her hand, causing her to heat up like a lobster.

"C'mon, it'll be fine; you're starting to sound like my brother."

Naruto placed himself in a balanced stance before her. Himawari hesitated, but only for a few seconds. The blonde realized that she was probably not going to strike first, so he took the honours, and brought a tanned fist in towards her face. As he guessed, Himawari slapped the fist away with barely a thought, bringing his arm down with a slight pull, a move that would usually unbalance someone. Naruto however had fought Hyuuga before, and had often encountered this move. He swung his arm down and back, going with the flow of her pull, and since she still had a light grip on her arm, it tugged her down, surprising her slightly. Aiming a punch with his other arm, Himawari dropped into a squat, shooting a hand out and hooking the back of his knee with her fingers. Pulling back sharply she slapped an open palm against his stomach where his seal used to sit, and knocked Naruto over backwards.

The blonde used the momentum of the fall to push back into a flip, as Himawari tried to sweep his legs out from under him. Righting herself, the dark haired girl settled back into a steady stance, before glancing down and frowning. Her jacket was open and no doubt Naruto would use it as an advantage against her. Shedding the ripped garment, she settled back into her stance, unaware of how... bouncy, for lack of a better word, she was. Naruto struggled to push his blush down.

He could feel his will failing though. Those things... He had to admit that although he liked Hinata for many, many things, her breasts were a gigantic plus. He never told her that, however, he was afraid she'd beat him up like most of the other girls he had known would.

He was so distracted that he didn't even realize that Himawari had moved until her open palm slammed into his throat, dealing a killing a blow, had this been a real battle. Naruto choked and fell over, coughing and wheezing as Himawari fretted loudly over him. The battle wasn't a complete loss for the blond, though. He managed to grab a nice squeeze when she got him in the neck. The red that painted the blonde's face was only partly from lack of air.

Not too far away, a small boy with spiky black hair sat watching the battle from a clump of bushes. His mouth was open in awe. He was looking for some ninja to bother into helping him train, and when he spotted the blonde, he thought he had a potential candidate. Until the girl with the strange eyes brought him down with a single hit, and not even a punch! Maybe he should ask her instead.

Approaching the pair, he kept his distance until Naruto finally noticed him after being helped up by Himawari. The blonde eyed him before saying,

"What are you staring at, kid?" The boy blushed.

"I'm not a kid! I want you to help me train!" He shouted, screwing his eyes shut. Naruto raised an eyebrow.

"Me?" He said, and the boy opened his eyes again.

"No! You got beat by a girl! You! I want you to help me train!" He raised a finger and pointed at Himawari, who started.

"M-Me? You want me to help you train?" The boy nodded and grinned widely.

"Yea! You took him down with one strike! Even if you are a girl, you must be strong! Unless he's super weak." Naruto protested, but other than a tongue being stuck out in his general direction, he was largely ignored. Himawari looked around, clearly nervous.

"I-I don't know. I'm not the best fighter in my clan, I don't know if I could teach you how to fight at all..." She rubbed her arm and the boy shook his head.

"No way! You're amazing! I can tell by the way you stand, you're a real shinobi! Just like my cousin Fugaku-sama!" Fugaku? Where had Naruto heard that name before?

"Hey kid, before you go off trying to steal my sparring partner, what's your name?" The boy puffed his chest out and said proudly,

"Uchiha Obito!" Naruto's voice hitched in his throat, causing Himawari to glance at him worriedly, just in case her hit had done lasting damage.

The blond stared at the young Uchiha. He was proud, but he held almost none of the cold arrogance that most of his clan held. In fact, the way he stood and talked suggested to Naruto that he was a lot like himself at that age.

The boys black eyes suddenly shone with unshed tears and the small boy swore, rubbing them, pulling a small bottle of eye drops out of his pocket. Naruto had heard the story of a boy named Obito from Kakashi only once before his teacher had died in the attack on Konoha. Grinning, he nudged the girl beside him and said,

"I think you should do it. Teaching someone might help with your confidence, especially someone so loud and obnoxious."

"I heard that you bastard!" Himawari frowned.

"Obito-san, you shouldn't swear. Not only are you not anywhere near old enough to even know those words, they are not very polite." Obito blushed and scoffed. Himawari smiled and squatted down to face Obito at a face to face level.

"You realize that your family and my family both would not take kindly to me teaching you anything, right?" Obito nodded. He knew of the feud with the clan with the creepy white eyes.

"I don't care. If someone's strong, then someone is strong! It makes no difference where they are from! I just want to protect everyone!" Himawari smiled and put a delicate hand on top of Obito's black mop.

"Ok. Meet me here tomorrow at 6 am sharp, and don't be late, or you'll regret it!" Obito turned pale and nodded, before running off, no doubt to tell his mother of this wonderful news.

Himawari turned to Naruto and blushed. Naruto felt the urge to roll his eyes.

"You don't have to be so shy around me, Himawari-kun. I'm not going to judge you or anything." The girl blushed harder before wringing her hands.

"I-I'm sorry..." Naruto shook his head. "A-ano... Can I ask you to help me? I have no idea how to train anyone... I'm not that good with kids either..." Naruto smiled.

"Of course I'll help you! I know a lot of discipline exercises from my brother. They could help, and it might be fun, you never know!" He gave the girl a large grin, and was rewarded with a small but pretty smile.

End Chapter 4

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