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autumn leaves ; t.k

05 november 2009

“you’re just a faggot, you like dick up your ass!” 12-year-old taehyung whimpered as he was being beaten up by the senior high schoolers.

“maybe instead of beating him up we should put him to good use, now he’s just another hole to fuck” taehyung’s eyes widened and he shook his head, immediately trying to run away from the group but one of them grabbed him by his hair tightly.

“p-please don’t do this, just beat me up, i-i’ll take it” he sobbed the older one with bleached hair clearly seeing his true brunette roots scoffed and kneed taehyung in the stomach making the younger gasp out in pain.

“you’re so pathetic, we’re gonna fuck your little hole so hard that it’ll be the only thing you remember” taehyung sobbed feeling worthless and weak as they started to strip his clothes.

“i can’t wait to see your pretty petite body shaking under me in pleasure” taehyung felt disgusted with the situation, but he felt so defenseless.

don’t ever give up, never feel worthless, fight for your freedom.

taehyung suddenly felt a surge of strength and he tried to throw punches and kick his legs ending up kicking some guys balls, someone ended up kicking him in his face making blood run down his nose and onto the floor.

“hey let go of him you damn pedos!” they all turned and saw a boy with sharp facial features a chocolate brown type of bowl cut but it made him look very good looking.

“if it isn’t jeon jungkook? what are you doing here 8th grader?” jungkook clenched his jaw and saw the beaten very thin almost naked boy who was shaking in fear, jungkook almost frowned at the sight but he continued glaring at the high school students.

“you guys are all 18, you’re disgusting for trying to rape a 12-year-old, jiwon" the yellow-eyed senior chuckled and grabbed the 12-year old by his hair and throwing him to jungkook.

“don’t you see how pathetic he looks? doesn’t it turn you on,” the elder asks jungkook looks down at the abused and vulnerable kid, taehyung doesn’t dare look up at his sunbae and continues to look at the concrete below him.

“no it doesn’t and you’re fucking disgusting to say some shit like that” jungkook takes his school blazer and places it on taehyung who looks at him shocked, jungkook smiles warmly and crouches down.

“don’t worry i’ll beat these bastards up for you,” jungkook said and smiled charmingly making the younger blush, with the help of jungkook he went to a nearby bench, and jungkook told him he’ll be right back.

he heard the yells and a bunch of stuff happening at the alley he was just at and then silence which scared taehyung a bit, he worriedly looked and saw jungkook walkout cracking his knuckles and cracking his neck a bit.

jungkook smiled when he saw the younger boy and sat next to him.

“were you worried about me? i’m alright” jungkook said but taehyung shook his head and touched jungkook’s busted lip making jungkook wince.

“s-sorry but you have so many cuts, i-i’m so s-sorry” taehyung began to tear up looking at the boys wounded face, jungkook looked at him worried and smiled cupping the boy's cheeks.

“no, no! it’s okay i’m fine this doesn’t hurt at all” taehyung shook his head and began to sob again.

“it’s my fault you’re like this sunbae, i-i’m sorry” jungkook sighed and wiped the boys tears.

“don’t blame yourself, those assholes should know better” taehyung sniffled and looked down, “what’s your name, baby?” taehyung was surprised at the nickname and stared at the handsome boy in front of him.

“m-my name is t-taehyung” jungkook nodded and kissed the boy’s head, “that’s a cute name” taehyung blushed once again and mumbled a quick ‘thank you’ jungkook helped taehyung up and grabbed his stuff.

“i assume you usually ride your bike?” taehyung nodded, jungkook suddenly picked him up and grabbed his stuff they walked to the bus stop and waited.

“you don’t have to do this hyung” taehyung whispered jungkook shook his head. “i want to do this, it’s alright okay?” taehyung nodded and wrapped his arms around jungkook’s neck, the two got on the bus getting some stares from adults but otherwise they didn’t say anything.

“what route do you usually take?” jungkook asked taehyung looked at his surroundings and pointed to the street. “i usually just ride my bike down here and then turn right and i’m in the street right there” taehyung explained jungkook nodded.

“perfect i live by there too” taehyung nodded and flinched a bit when jungkook held his hand, “sorry do you not like that?” taehyung shook his head, “no it’s okay i’m just not used to people holding my hand” jungkook nodded and continued holding the younger’s hand.

“why were those seniors beating you up?” jungkook asked staring at their intertwined hands, “they thought i was gay because of how i act and the things i like” “what were those things?“.

“well i guess i’m very touchy with my friends and i like to w-wear makeup and girls clothes,” taehyung said jungkook nodded.

“well a fun fact for you i’m actually gay and wearing girls clothes and wearing makeup doesn’t make you gay, my father is a secret drag queen and me and my family accept it,” jungkook said taehyung was a bit shocked but he smiled feeling accepted for once.

“you’re still so young so it might be more confusing for you but whenever you figure it out, i’ll support you no matter what” taehyung smiled and nodded.

“t-thank you for taking me home” taehyung stuttered and bowed a bit, “no need to bow tae, i enjoy being around you” jungkook kissed taehyung’s head and left, taehyung smiled heading into the house to see his mom cooking.

“hi taetae how was- OH MY GOD?!” she dropped her spoon and went to him cupping his cheeks and inspecting his bandages.

“what happened to you baby? who hurt you?!” taehyung just smiled at his mother and shook his head, “it’s nothing mommy, i fell and got a few scratches on my face” suddenly there was a knock on the door he went to answer it and saw jungkook again.

“hyung what are you doing here?” taehyung asked but stopped when he saw a duffel bag, “i-i’m sorry to stop by so early but could i stay the night here?” before taehyung could answer his mother looks at the boy’s slightly wounded face.

“are you the person who hurt my taetae?” taehyung blushed in embarrassment and slightly nudged his mother’s arm. “mom~ don’t embarrass me” she glared at jungkook even more.

“mrs. kim, correct?” “, i am not married” “my apologies ms. kim, i did not do that to taehyung i helped-” jungkook trailed off as he glanced at taehyung who shook his head and then brought out his phone to text jungkook.

jungkook took out his phone reading taehyung’s text ‘do not tell her what actually happened, say you helped me after i tripped and fell on the ground’ jungkook nodded slightly and looked at the young-looking woman that was taehyung’s mother.

“he tripped and fell on the ground and i brought him to the infirmary” jungkook explained, taehyung’s mother glanced at him. “is this true taehyung?” taehyung nodded.

“well then why are you here?” “i had a bad situation going on at home and i just needed somewhere to go, taehyung is my only friend,” jungkook said taehyung’s mother nodded and let the boy in the house shocking taehyung a little bit.

“you can stay here as long as you’d like, i’m cooking dinner so taehyung could show you to his room” taehyung nodded and led jungkook to his room, they got in there and jungkook was shocked to see how adorable taehyung’s room looked.

the walls were baby blue he had a whole collection of stuffed animals in the corner carefully placed, a painting set in another corner, the plastic glow in the dark stars placed everywhere, one big bed in the middle with a gudetama bed set, many types of vinyl hung on his wall and a big walk-in closet.

“you have an adorable room taehyung” jungkook commented, “thank you i decorated it by myself, i-i hope you don’t mind” jungkook shook his head and smiled sitting on the comfortable bed after setting down his bag.

“i don’t if you were a room, this would be you” taehyung rolled his eyes playfully and sat next to jungkook. “you’re one of the first people to accept me for me, i really appreciate it” jungkook suddenly hugged the boy and kissed his cheek.

“it’s nothing, taetae~" jungkook teased taehyung squirmed in jungkook’s arms. “don’t call me that kookie!” jungkook laughed and began tickling the younger making him squirm and laugh loudly. “you’re cute tae”.

01 janurary 2010

“i can’t come back home, if those people are still gonna be there i’m not coming!” jungkook shouted into his phone and hung up, he sighed and looked at taehyung who was sitting across from him.

“i’m sorry if i scared you tae” taehyung shook his head and smiled opening his arms, “come here” jungkook smiled internally knowing how much taehyung read him perfectly, he hugged the boy and started to sob into his shoulder.

“m-my family hates me, they want m-me d-dead” taehyung frowned at the words and continued rubbing the sobbing boy’s back, “i don’t hate you, so forget about them” jungkook’s sobbing died down and he pulled away from taehyung.

“c-can we make cookies?” taehyung smiled and nodded, “okay let’s go 12 year old” “hey! i turned 13 yesterday!” taehyung yelled and jumped on jungkook’s back.

“whatever, love" taehyung blushed at the nickname and just let jungkook carry him to the kitchen.

was taehyung falling in love with jungkook? he didn’t know he wanted to think he was straight that he was just touched that jungkook was so kind but he was just so confused.

08 november 2010

“jungkook stop painting my nose,” taehyung said and distanced his canvas from jungkook’s, jungkook painted taehyung’s cheek and that’s when taehyung started to paint jungkook’s face.

“tae! stop!” jungkook laughed as he tried to get paint all over the boy’s face and just ended up getting it all over them, paint in both of their hair and body taehyung straddled jungkook’s waist and carefully painted something on jungkook’s cheek.

“what are you drawing-” “shh” taehyung continued to draw on jungkook’s cheek, jungkook stared at taehyung’s face taking his features that were sharper than they were a few months ago.

“there, i’m done,” taehyung said and smiled. “what is it?” “taekook forever” jungkook was confused at the name taehyung noticed and giggled.

“taekook is taehyung and jungkook, so it’s taehyung and jungkook forever,” taehyung says and meets eye contact with jungkook, the two are silent for a moment before jungkook cups the younger’s cheeks, the two leaned in and connected their lips to each other.

their lips moved in sync it got deeper as the kiss got more intense after a few minutes, they pulled away and panted jungkook kissed taehyung’s cheek. “i love you taehyung, i-i’m in love with you” taehyung was shocked and teared up, jungkook’s eyes widened.

“what’s wrong baby?” he wiped taehyung’s cheeks taehyung smiled and pecked jungkook’s lips, “i love you too ggukie, i do, i wanna be with you” jungkook smiled widely and hugged the boy tightly.

but taehyung was pulled back and the two looked to see taehyung’s mother, who had a disgusted look on her face. “taehyung i will accept you being gay, but he is way too old for you, you’re not even 14 yet” taehyung was shocked at his mother and shook his head.

“n-no mom, i love him-” “you don’t understand what love is, jungkook leave my house now!” taehyung started to cry and he begged his mother to not force jungkook to leave.

“please don’t make him go, h-he can’t i promise i won’t be with him but please don’t make him leave!” taehyung cried his mother shook her head and jungkook got up heading to taehyung’s room, taehyung ran after him and hugged his waist tightly.

“please kookie don’t leave me” taehyung sobbed jungkook smiled at him sadly and cupped taehyung’s cheeks, “don’t worry, we’ll be fine i’ll see you tomorrow at school” he kissed taehyung’s head but taehyung shook his head.

“no please just act like you left and stay, p-please” jungkook heart broke at the sight in front of him, he kissed taehyung to which taehyung kissed back, taehyung wrapped his arms around jungkook’s neck they kissed until they heard footsteps, jungkook grabbed his bag and started putting his belongings in it, taehyung sat on the bed watching jungkook with dull eyes.

his mother opened the door and watched jungkook pack up his stuff, he finished and looked at taehyung. “leave now before i officialy ban you from taehyung’s life” taehyung continued staring straight ahead his eyes full of darkness.

“goodbye taehyung” taehyung nodded jungkook bowed at taehyung’s mother before leaving the room and then the house, taehyung’s mother crouched in front of taehyung smiling.

“i only did this because i love you taetae, i just want what’s best for you” she lifted her hand to cup taehyung’s cheek but he moved away from her, surprising her.

“please leave me alone, get out p-please” taehyung croaked out, “taehyung-” “go away! i hate you so much, i fucking hate you!” taehyung suddenly felt a sting on his cheek, his eyes widened and his lips started to quiver already having tears rolling down his cheeks.

“don’t you dare cuss at me, you can hate me all you want but i’m doing what’s right, you’ll appreciate me when you’re older” “like hell i will, as soon as i turn 18 i promise you i’ll move out and i will never ever speak with you again,” taehyung said his mother gasped but she got up leaving the room and closing the door, taehyung continued to sob hugging the hoodie that jungkook gave him taking in his scent.

taehyung waited outside the school drawing a few sketches in his notebook, someone hugged his waist he saw his loving boyfriend and smiled a bit but then it faltered after seeing his puffy eyes and dark eye bags.

“kookie, what’s wrong with you? why are your eyes all puffy?” jungkook smiled and kissed taehyung’s lips quickly before pulling away, ” i have some bad news and good news, which one do you want first?” taehyung pouted a bit.

“t-the good news...” “awesome! the good news is i got accepted into bighit!” jungkook said a bit excited, “tell me the bad news...” jungkook sighed and cupped the younger’s cheeks.

“i have to move to seoul and train” taehyung’s eyes immediately filled with tears and he shook his head, “n-no you’re leaving me” “i’m not leaving you baby, i’ll just be gone for a little while, i’ll come back” taehyung sobbed into jungkook’s chest and jungkook sighed again letting tears fall from his eyes.

“i’m not dumb hyung, i know how the system works you won’t ever come back” jungkook felt like shit for lying to him but he thought it was the best answer he could give him. “baby you know how much i want this, this is a great opportunity for me” taehyung pulled away from him and sniffled.

“i know which is why i support you and your journey, i-i’ll just miss you” jungkook nodded and kissed taehyung’s head, “luckily i don’t leave until tomorrow morning, wanna go on a date?” taehyung smiled and nodded, jungkook took taehyung’s hand in his and they began to walk.

“i’ll miss you kookie” jungkook smiled and kissed taehyung’s lips for the millionth time, “you didn’t have to come all this way in the cold baby” taehyung giggled and hugged jungkook tighter, “i wanted to see you before you left, your parents are really nice” jungkook shook his head.

“only to you of course” jungkook’s parents smiled at the sight and went to the two, “it’s time to go, it was nice meeting you taehyung” taehyung smiled and bowed a bit. “it was a pleasure for me” “i’ll be in the car in a minute, i wanna say bye to taehyung” his parents nodded and left the two alone going into the car.

“make sure to call me ggukie, send me letters, and facetime me too” jungkook nodded and kissed the boy before he could say something else, taehyung kissed back wrapping his arms around his neck, their soft and gentle being so addicting that they never wanna stop, jungkook pulled away and kissed taehyung’s neck.

“i love you” taehyung smiled “i love you too” taehyung began to tear up knowing that jungkook was leaving, “don’t cry baby, you’ll make me cry too” taehyung started to cry, and jungkook hugged him.

“at least i k-know how to show my emotions m-muscle m-man” jungkook chuckled and teared up also, taehyung pulled away to see jungkook’s eyes glistening with tears, “i have to go before my mom notices i’m gone” jungkook nodded and kissed the younger before going into the car and sobs as he watches taehyung wave as their car drives away.

03 february 2011

k.t pov

at first, i and jungkook would do any type of communication and he would send me cute photos of him in seoul in beautifully written letters, then the communication died down he said he was getting busier as he was already put in a group so he had to train with them.

then two months before that’s when everything stopped, i had no communication from him it’s like he disappeared off the face of the earth, i tried to message him but it seemed as if i was blocked somehow.

i auditioned for bighit and successfully got in, i only did it so i could be a soloist since singing became my new passion, my friend jimin was coming with me, my mom isn’t aware but ever since the day that she kicked jungkook out we haven’t talked unless she was telling me it was dinner or to wake me up.

i’ve decided to run away and i just finished packing all of the things i needed in two big suitcases, i went downstairs and left her a note telling her i was leaving and to not search for me, i saw jimin standing outside on his phone he looked up.

“ready to go?” i nodded and we left with our train tickets in hand.

a.t pov

“wah~ the hotel room is so comfortable, thank you tae for paying for it” i smiled and shook my head, “my aunt is but i guess you could give me credit for paying for your train ticket” jimin nodded and hugged taehyung by wrapping his arms around his waist.

“we can go out to eat, and then head to bighit to meet our group!” he said excitedly taehyung nodded and smiled, “now move you smell like shit” jimin scoffed and pushed him away taehyung laughed.

“that is not funny! i took a whole ass shower tae!” he chased taehyung around the hotel room and thirty minutes later they were in the jacuzzi together. “tell your aunt that i thank her so much and that i’ll buy her anything she wants” taehyung laughed and stared at the ceiling above.

“no you won’t you broke bitch”

“we’re so happy you made it, your bandmates are also very excited to meet you two” taehyung and jimin nodded smiling, “tae didn’t you wanna be a soloist?” “they said that my voice needs to be trained a little more so a group would be fitting for me right now” jimin nodded and they reached a room.

“they’re in here” taehyung and jimin bowed and headed into the room, there were five boys standing there they all looked to be 18 except for one which made taehyung widen his eyes, the boy also widened his eyes.

“hello i’m kim namjoon aka rap monster, i’m the leader”

“i’m kim seokjin aka jin, the eldest in the group”

“i’m min yoongi aka suga, the second eldest”

“hi! i’m jung hoseok aka j-hope! i’m apart of the rap line”

the four members looked toward their youngest and nudged him, the boy got out of his trance and bowed a bit.

“h-hello, i’m jeon jeongguk aka jungkook, the youngest as of now...” taehyung kept his tears in as he didn’t wanna cry, jimin noticed and held the boy’s hand tightly.

“i-i’m park jimin, and this is kim taehyung, sorry he gets nervous in front of new people” the four members nodded, “we could move you guys into the dorm but it’s really small” jimin smiled and nodded.

“that’s perfectly fine, we can move in next week, we’re staying at a hotel right now” they all nodded.

it was about an hour into their introduction, they all went to a restaurant to get to know each other celebrating by eating black bean noodles, taehyung and jungkook were silent taehyung would sometimes converse a bit not wanting to be rude.

“t-taehyung?” taehyung looked up and saw jungkook looking at him “y-yes?” jungkook gulped and averted his gaze. “can we t-talk outside for a bit?” taehyung simply nodded the two bowed and told their fellow members they were getting to know each other personally.

they went outside and they were silent the cars and people walking filling the uncomfortable silence, “why did you stop talking to me jungkook?” jungkook sighed not wanting to start off with such a blunt question.

“taehyung if you would let me explain why-” “i am that’s why i asked you the damn question!” jungkook was surprised, taehyung isn’t the type to curse or at least he thought.

“we got super busy with preparing and i-i wanted to respond but i was just so busy and then i got so nervous that it totally slipped my mind, baby i’m-” “don’t call me baby jungkook” taehyung grabbed jungkook’s collar.

“i-i fucking waited for you to call or text me, i-i thought you lost interest me, jungkook you fucking blocked me for crying out loud! i cried for days thinking you found someone else!” “y-you abandoned me jungkook, were you gonna keep ignoring me until you eventually forgot about me?” jungkook shook his head cupped taehyung’s cheeks.

“no of course not, i do still love you a lot, you’re on my mind 24/7, i just thought if i put you to the side for a little while i would feel at ease but tae i was so wrong, i needed you and my dumbass didn’t realize that” jungkook had tears rolling down his cheeks he hugged the boy who began to sob.

“i’m so sorry baby, i love you so much it’s unexplainable” taehyung pulled away and attacked him with a kiss, jungkook smiled and kissed back wrapping his arms around taehyung’s waist.

jimin went to check up on the two and smiled as he saw the two making up, yoongi came out but jimin dragged him back to the corner, “woah, woah did i just see taehyung and jungkook making out?” jimin nodded.

“yes but keep your damn mouth shut okay? they’re dating that’s all you need to know” yoongi crossed his arms and gave jimin a puzzled look. “explain this shit to me please” jimin sighed rolling his eyes slightly.

“taehyung and jungkook have been dating for a year now but jungkook came here obviously to become an idol and so did taehyung and me” yoongi nodded and smiled a bit. “they’re too fucking cute, oops i shouldn’t curse in front of a child” jimin slapped his shoulder.

“yah! i’m only three years younger than you!” they heard laughing and saw jungkook and taehyung standing there, “you know yoongi hyung, you and jimin would make a good couple” jungkook said laughing yoongi shook his head.

“no of course not, i’m not a pedophile” jimin rolled his eyes, “three years hyung! three years!” yoongi laughed and went inside the restaurant jimin following behind him.

november 1st, 2020

“so we have a few more questions left so bear with me, i know this whole schedule can be stressful so we didn’t ask too many questions” namjoon shook his head and smiled.

“it’s alright” the interviewer nodded and looked to the side to get her next question, “alright so this question is about v and jungkook” taehyung and jungkook nodded.

“how’s your relationship going? i saw a clip of your documentary and you guys looked so happy” taehyung smiled and nodded. “we’re doing really good actually, me and kookie went on a date last night and we have something to share” taehyung says looking at jungkook who smiled at him.

“so me and tae are officially engaged” the members looked at them shocked as they look to see taehyung and jungkook flaunting off their pretty engagement rings, “oh my god, congrats to you two!” taehyung smiles and nods.

“thank you so much, i know this is pretty off topic for the interview but we never told army this even when revealing our relationship, me and jungkook have been in a relationship since we were young, i was 13 and he was 14 we had our fights and disagreements but we’ve gotten this far” taehyung looked at the camera and smiled.

“to anyone watching this if you feel like you’ve found the one you will love the rest of your life in your youth, make sure that they’re really for you, you’ll feel this strong connection between you two and every time you meet eyes you see a whole galaxy, that’s what i was feeling when i first met eyes with jeon jeongguk” jungkook smiled and kissed taehyung’s cheek.

“wow you guys are lovely, thank you so much for saying that taehyung” taehyung smiled again and nodded.

“well that’s the end of the interview guys” the members nodded and got up bowing to everyone, namjoon went to talk to the interviewer and yoongi rolled his eyes.

“namjoon likes that girl, i bet you 30 dollars that he’s gonna ask for her number and make something fall over” he said to jimin, “i bet you 35 he’s gonna get embarrassed and turn red as a tomato” yoongi nodded and shook hands with jimin, the two watched as namjoon put his hand on his neck and start blushing exchanging their phones.

“ha! i want my 30 dollars lil meow meow” yoongi secretly flipped the younger off and gave him a twenty and ten.

“spend it wisely-” “taetae and kookie, we’re gonna go to the store and buy a whole bunch of snacks!” taehyung clapped excitedly and nodded.

“this feels like we’ve done this before” taehyung said and put some indigo colored paint on his paint brush, “because we have babe, we were painting when we confessed to each other” taehyung smiled and looked at jungkook.

“right, how long was that? ten years ago?” jungkook nodded finishing his painting and presenting it to taehyung who’s jaw dropped, “wow kookie you’re talented, but who’s the person in the flower field?” he grabbed taehyung’s hand making taehyung set down his paint brush and went to sit on jungkook’s lap.

“it’s you sweetheart” taehyung observed the painting and smiled, “i don’t deserve you kookie” “you do deserve me, i’m all yours” taehyung turned and pecked jungkook’s lips, jungkook kissed his head and looked forgetting they were doing a live.

“babe i forgot we were on v live” “oh, you’re right kookie” he chuckled and looked at the painting again.

“i love the autumn leaves” “those were the ones falling when i first laid eyes on you” taehyung finally just kissed jungkook causing jungkook to kiss back and cup taehyung’s cheeks.

“i love you and the autumn leaves"

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