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The Final Escape

Çhäpťęř I: Ä Mäťťęř öf Ťhę Öûť§îðę Wöřłð

The ghost princess stood there for what it seemed like a long time, just reminiscing her encounters with that particular man in the Outside World. She pondered about the ways to help him and his friends escape from that accursed mansion without facing death in the face. She knew, as she watched the petals fall from the trees, that her choices were limited and that she would need help from a particular Gap Youkai who would be certain to help her once she explained her predicament.

After a while, a familiar ripping sound was heard behind the pink haired woman. She turned around, unsurprised as a gap filled with eyes opened in thin air, and two woman exited. Youmu stumbled, not used to the type of transportation, and nodded at Yuyuko, walking back to the house when she gained her centre of gravity.

The other woman, however, closed the gap behind her. She wore a deep purple and white dress, adorned with red ribbons. Her pale pink mob cap, decorated with a long similar coloured ribbon, covered some of her long blond hair. She twirled her pink lace parasol within her hand as she rubbed her eyes sleepily.

“Yuyuko, must you really wake me up at this hour? Chen was annoyed the she didn’t get to sleep on her pillow again.”

“Yukari-chan, I apologise for interrupting your time.” The pink haired ghost gave a strained smile at her. “However, it’s so nice to see you again, my friend.”

“Anything for you, Yuyuko. Anything for..” The blonde yawned into her hand as she trailed off, blinking her eyes in an attempt to stay awake. “Though.. Youmu said that this has nothing to do with Gensokyo?”

“Indeed.” Yuyuko walked past the youkai and slid open the back door, inviting the other in. “But first, why don’t we talk inside? I fear this will be a long conversation.”

The green dressed gardener gently placed down the snack consisting of rice crackers, as well as two cups of green tea for each women. Yuyuko’s hands reached for the rice crackers, humming as she happily munched on them. Yukari, though, slowly sipped her tea before clearing her throat, placing the cup back on the coffee table.

“What concerns you so much that you feel the need to call me, Yuyuko? I know you don’t simply call me on a whim, much less use your swordswoman to fetch me?”

Then, she gave a tired smirk. “Would it hurt you to call using the phone I gave you instead?”

“Why, this?” The ghost princess took out her pink cased mobile phone, smiling. “Certainly when one lives in a house with no electricity, they will need to reserve the resources, am I correct?”

“Remind me to renovate your home later, my friend, if I’m assuming that this is not the reason why you call me here?”

“Indeed.” She agreed, shaking her head. “Once again, I apologise. I feel like this is too important to ignore. And I know you would be sleeping at this hour.”

“Just how do you tell time in this realm?” Yukari pouted as the other shifted a giggle. It was true after all. Outside the Japanese styled home, the never ending darkness lit the sky.

“It’s a wonderful perk when one rules Hakugyokurou.”

The Gap Youkai was about to continue the small talk, when she noticed how tired her oldest friend looked. Forehead creased in deep thought and maroon coloured eyes seemed to plague with memories. It was as if that first time they met, all those years ago. Considering that she was a ghost, and Yukari knew that ghosts do not sleep, she was fairly certain that something was bothering her.

“You seem troubled, my friend. Is something the matter?”

Yuyuko pursed her lips, unsure of how to start this topic. It was necessary, however, she knew that much. Taking a deep breath, she hesitantly asked. “Have.. have you been to the Outside World recently?”

“No, I haven’t.” Yukari shook her head. “I’ve been hibernating the past few months. I’ve asked Ran to wake me up if something was wrong, and so far, there wasn’t anything too important. Until Youmu woke me up, that is.”

“I.. I see.” Again, the pink haired ghost gave a strained smile at her. “I just thought that you would sense something, considering that this concerns the nations of the world.”

Yuyuko could see. Despite the fact that she tried to hide it, the mere mention of the nations quipped her interest. The older seemed to sit up straight, violet eyes narrowed.

“What of the nations, my friend?”

“I have been... visiting them, per say.” At Yukari’s look, she elaborated. “You see, for a while now I’ve has this.. pull, a calling that brought me to this mansion. From my first visit there, I disliked the place. The air was thick with an ancient and dark magic. The hallways were filled with lost souls, begging me to release them. It was suffocating. A tragedy, even. I couldn’t bear to be in there.”

Healthy, fair hands softly squeezed pale, ghostly hands as Yuyuko continued.

“At my visits there, I’ve been trying to find out the cause behind these deaths. Exploring the mansion, asking every spirits who lingered in the mansion, looking through books in the library. And while I’ve found the latest... player, I still haven’t found the mastermind behind this sick and twisted game!”

Yukari squeezed the hands reassuringly as the the ghost princess closed her eyes shut as she began to shudder, whimpers escaping her lips. The older youkai felt like this was a stop in their conversation, yet she needed to know; who was the latest ‘player’?

“Yuyuko.” She gently called out. The ghost did not seem to hear her though. “Yuyuko, who is the victim?”

Sniffing, Yuyuko gazed at her. What it felt like a long moment of silence passed before she finally answered. And when she did, the other felt ice cold dread coursing through her.

“It was.. Italy. Italy Veneziano.”

Chapter End~

What a cliffhanger :P

I just barely reached the 1k minimum limit for the chapter. I feel like this chapter is merely filter for the plot. Next chapter though, hopefully we’ll get to some exciting stuff.

I don’t believe I have the character wrong. From what I know, 99% Touhou is made up of fandom so... *shrugs* correct me if I’m wrong, I’ll try to make sure they act accordingly. I have to write 3 version before I become satisfied with the results. The first version involved Yukari breaking down because I thought she’d be overprotective of Japan, ya know? The second is a little bit meh. It was alright, but not satisfying.

Now, excuse me. It’s 5 am in the morning. I need my sleep.


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