Perfect together (Katsuki Bakugou x fem. reader)

Chapter 2 (:-Respect-:)

Y/N:Oh,i i-m sor-r ry i didnt k -know that there was a student b-behind me im sorry (bow) i better get g-going now (ran inside the school)

Kirishima:Her voice is so soft and she has good figure too-

Bakugou:Good?! Soft?! Urgghhh that's what i hate about her let's go.


Aizawa-sensei:Alright before we start,there is a new student and she'll be joining us,may you please some inside?

Y/N: y-yes

(Comes inside)


Iida's 💭:Why is she here?!

Deku's 💭:Huh?!Im so confused is she walking by or something

Mineta's 💭:OoOo~She's hot..

Aizawa-sensei:Okay.. A lot of you may be asking why is midnight here??May you care to explain? see this is Y/N (she pat your head) ..(you flinched)

Y/n:Im sorry.!.!.

Midnight:Don't worry Y/N

Her words made you so calm she continued to talk about you you remain silent

Midnight:Alright ill get going now please respect her (she left)

Aizawa-sensei:You may sit next to Izuku

The green haired raised his hand so you can know where to sit you sat quietly

Aizawa-sensei:So that's it for today but Bakugou,Midoriya,and Todoroki please come with me

Aizawa-sensei: So i know that one of you have issues so i taking this chance to talk to you three.As you noticed y/n's behavior earlier was something to suspect,and once midnight was explaining when she met her i want you guys to have as much as respect to her as possible okay?And also protect her like eri?Bakugou?Midoriya?Todoroki?


(Todoroki nodded)

Bakugou:tch whatever

Bakugou's 💭:Why doesn't she remember me..damn y/n hurts

×Inside of the classroom×

A purple and yellow haired boy approached you

Mineta:Hey hot stuff~

Y/n:umm.. Hi (wave)

Denki:May you care to come with us

You were uncomfortable in the situation until a blonde haired boy approached you

Bakugou:Oi!Extras! Stop flirting with her!

They quickly left you and bakugou sat infront of you

Y/n:th.-thank you..Um what's your name ?

Bakugou:The name's Katsuki Bakugou the greatest pro hero there is..

Y/n:Okay.. Bakugou-sama


You were sitting alone in a table,suddenly a group of people started to approach you

Deku:y/n-chan! May we join you?I mean if you don't want to-

Y/n:i-its okay you can sit

(Deku sits in front of you while ochako sat next to him on the other hand bakugou sat next to you)

You guys were eating until..

Bakugou:Hey! Idiot..

You turned to the side

Bakugou:Do you want this?

Holding a bowl of spicy ramen
{It IS spicy ramen}

Y/n:Yess...i do thank you

Bakugou's 💭:i knew it she still loves spicy food (smiles)

He gives you the bowl and started you started to eat it

×After school×

You were walking with bakugou in the halls bacause midnight was calling for you

Y/n's 💭:Why would midnight-sama call? I mean it has to be important right?

Bakugou was flustered because your hand almost touched his by accident

You guys went into the teacher's lounge


Midnight:oh y/n come in

You two went inside

Midnight:so y/n since you are a late transferee you have to catch to alot of work and well since you ARE late you have to share a dorm with someone and that someone is katsu-kun

Bakugou got flustered and you also did

Y/n:m-midnight-sa-sama (shaking)

Bakugou got worried so he hold your hands and and got closer and said

Bakugou:(whispers) don't worry i won't hurt you do anything bad to you like those dumbasses did to you i couldn't protect you when we were kids but now i can-

Y/n's 💭:w-what did he say??kids?! i mean i don't remember him-

Midnight:EHEM! Soo what's your answers?

Bakugou lets go of you

Bakugou:tch it's fine

He looks away

Midnight:Alright,what about you y/n?

Y/n:um.. I...i don't mind

×In bakugou's room×

Bakugou:So i'll go sleep in the couch now

He was about to walk into the couch you stop him

( insert pic )

Fruits basket season 2 episode 17

Y/n:what did you mean by earlier today?

|to be continued|
Word count :614
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