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The Queen Of Ice and Fire


Alyssa Targaryen Daughter Of Rheagar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark twin to Jon Snow finds herself caught up in the middle of the game of thrones. Where she will learn past secrets, heartbreak Jaime Lannister Love Story

Adventure / Romance
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I am Alyssa Targaryen of House Targaryen and Stark I will avenge my father with fire and blood.

" No one will take my children away from me

" I may be a woman but I am more than that.

" When my dragons grown I will spill lannister blood and burn their armies to the ground.

" Turn us away and we'll burn you first

" I was destined to be more

" I have the blood of a wolf and dragon flowing through me

Jaime Lannister Quotes

" There are only men like me

" Everything I have done is for my family"

" You keep my childrn away from me"

" I still love you still I know I broke your heart but give me another chance.

" I won't let you keep them away from me they're my children too
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