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The Queen Of Ice and Fire


Lyanna Stark gave birth to two babies in the tower of joy, a boy who had black hair and stark grey eyes, and a girl who look like rheager with stark grey eyes.

Rhegar never kidnapped Lyanna they fell in love with either and run away together they secretly got married and they love either very much.

As Ned Stark climbed the steps of the tower of joy and find his sister laying in a bed of blood he rush over to his side.

" Ned you came Lyanna says weakly

" Yes sister Im here Edward says

" I run away with Rheagar I loved him and he loved Lyanna says.

" Ned stare at the two babies in the septa arms before turn his attention back to Lyanna

" Promise me you look after them care for them like I couldn't please robert will kill them you have to promise me Lyanna says with weakly

" I promise sister I protect them Ned says let tears fall from his eyes.

"Lyanna smiles and she close her eyes taking her final breath

" As Ned let tears fall from her eyes, my lord Lady Lyanna has named them Aegon and Alyssa Targaryen

" Ned nod and take the baby from the nurse maid and he look down at them. The boy had black hair and stark eyes, the girl had sliver hair like the targaryen but with his sister beautiful gray eyes


" Ned walks out of the tower of joy with each baby on his arm, don't worry little ones I protect you no one will hurt you.

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