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A taegi love story


I’ll write this later but hopefully you enjoy this story about yoongi and v

Romance / Other
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The beginning

“Master it’s time to get up”says a servant “Ugh ”Yoongi groans “what’s on my schedule today”as he gets up from the bed “Today you have to go check up on the village and you have a meeting with your future fiancé”reply’s the servant. “Ok prepare the carriage while I eat breakfast” says yoongi with annoyance in his voice “Yes master”yoongi gets his hanbok on and walks to the main hall has a fruit bowl and some kimchi to eat on the side as he finishes up a servant runs to yoongi “master your fiancé is here”reply’s the servant “bring her in” cho-hee yoongi’s fiancé daughter of the general. Cho-hee walks in and with an annoying voice “Hello babe how are you?” “I’m fine but love your not supposed to be here till dawn”Yoongi reply’s “well I just wanted to go see the dirty village with you” cho-hee says yoongi not caring anymore gets up and heads to the carriage with cho-hee following behind they arrive at the village yoongi scans the place people are selling goods kids are playing around but one person stands out a tall young man brown hair and eyes also the man has a pretty smile with his brother and sister holding his hand yoongi curious the man. Cho-hee sees Yoongi staring at the man she gets jealous.

Taehyung’s POV

“Ah another beautiful day”taehyung proclaims he wakes his sister and little brother up they have breakfast and head to the village taehyung’s mom and dad died in a massacre 5 years ago he was left to raise his two siblings alone. They walk to the village they pass by some vendors and horses “hold my hand and don’t let go I wouldn’t like y’all to get lost ”Taehyung says softly xing-lau the 6 year old boy and min-lee the 5 year old nod as they get to the village they look at all the goods taehyung just looking around notices yoongi staring at him

yoongi gets back into reality when all of a sudden cho-hee walks by and purposely drops something on taehyung’s hanbok “ugh you stupid idiot watch it” cho-hee hisses “sorry I didn’t mean to be in your way” taehyung reply’s xing-lau then whispers to min-lee “sissy she’s really mean big bro wasn’t in the way she’s also ugly too she reminds me of an ogre” “shhh! xing-lau the ogre might hear you” min lee says giggling cho-hee over hears “hey shut up brats” cho-hee then tries to hit xing-lau

.....to be continued......

Hi it’s the creator I hope you enjoyed the story I’m sorry if I mess up and don’t write it good this is my first story

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