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Doctor Who The Unofficial Series: Season One


Join the Doctor and Liam in the beginning of their adventure. Watch as they travel across the universe and back. Written by Juno Taylor and Ryan Lewi. Doctor Who created by the British Broadcasting Corporation. Episodes 1-7 and 16 written by Juno Taylor. Episodes 8-15 written by Ryan Lewi

Scifi / Adventure
Juno Taylor
Age Rating:

Episode One: When It Began


[The Doctor is regenerating, a yellow glow bursting from their hands. The clothes are ripped, burnt and ruined. Then, the flames stop and The Doctor, who is ginger, stumbles, propping himself up with the time/space dilation lever.]

The Doctor: Well, this certainly does seem to be.... Interesting.

[The Doctor accidentally pushes the lever down, causing the Tardis to start travelling. The Doctor falls onto the floor.]

The Doctor: [while pulling himself up] Well... Where are we going now?

[The Doctor laughs in joy.]


[Two suns, a lush green landscape and a large white castle. We see a man, Izaac, who is human looking, running toward the castle. The man runs up to a large wooden gate, he pushes it open and continues running in.]


[Izaac runs into a throne room, a woman, Aurora is looking at a painting that we can’t see.]

Izaac: Ma’am, we’ve found it.

Aurora: Are you sure it’s them?

Izaac: Yes.

[Aurora turns around.]

Aurora: The Doctor is here.

[She smiles and we see the painting, it’s the Tardis.]



[The Tardis has landed, Aurians have gathered outside it. The man and the woman approach. Izaac knocks on the Tardis door.]

Izaac: By order of the Queen of Auria, you will step out of the box and-

[The Doctor leans out of the Tardis, and then looks around.]

The Doctor: Am I in Ireland? No, the voices would give that away. Scotland?

[The Doctor licks his finger, sticks it in the air, then puts it back in his mouth.]

The Doctor: No! This is Auria in the Haviksoom galaxy.

[He steps out of the Tardis and walks up to the woman.]

The Doctor: Aurora, good to see you again.

Aurora: You’ve changed, again.

[The Doctor shakes Aurora’s hand.]

The Doctor: You’re cold.

Aurora: Yeah, I’m usually cold. Like your outfit.

The Doctor: Yeah, it’s um... I didn’t choose it. Just one question, am I ginger?

Aurora: What?

The Doctor: GInger, my hair, is it?

Aurora: Yes.

The Doctor: Ha, finally!

Aurora: Doctor, we- um- we have a situation.

The Doctor: A situation?

Aurora: There is a sort of beast in our cellar.

The Doctor: A beast? What kind of beeaaa-

[The Doctor collapses onto the ground.]

Aurora: Doctor? What the hell is going on?

The Doctor: [in pain] I-I just regenerated, there’s tons of built up energy. God, I thought I’d be used to this after all the times I’ve done it.

[Some sort of yellow energy flies out of The Doctor’s mouth.]

The Doctor: This always happens. Every single time.

[The Doctor gets up.]

The Doctor: Beast in the cellar, let’s go.

[The Doctor walks off, toward the castle. Aurora gestures toward the man, signaling for him to follow, and then follows the Doctor.]

Izaac: [running up toward Aurora] He’s odd.

Aurora: Oh course he’s odd, he travels in a police box.

The Doctor: [who is slightly ahead of them] You know I can hear everything you’re saying right?

Aurora: Well aware.


[The Doctor walks into the room with the painting. Aurora and the man follow close behind.]

The Doctor: The things in the basement right?

Aurora: I do have to warn you, it’s dangerous. Possibly the most dangerous thing in this corner of the galaxy.

The Doctor: Well, good thing I’m here then.

[The Doctor smiles, much like the Fourth Doctor.]

Aurora: Don’t get cocky.

The Doctor: Well, what can I say? Cellar’s that way, right?

[The Doctor points left, toward a spiraling staircase. Aurora nods. The Doctor claps, spins in that direction and starts walking towards it.]

Aurora: Doctor, I’m warning you.

The Doctor: Warnings are just spooky invites. I love a good invite.

[The Doctor goes down the staircase.]


[The Doctor walks into the dark, stony room. You can barely see around the room.]

The Doctor: Hello, anyone in here?

[The Doctor walks further into the dark room. Aurora and Izaac follow behind.]

The Doctor: Hello? I was told there was a beast down here.

[The Doctor pulls out his Sonic, pushes the button, a light is produced along with a buzzing sound. The light reveals a thing chained up to the wall, it’s arms like stone. The Doctor shines the light on the things face. It’s a Cyberman, all destroyed and rusted.]

The Doctor: Everyone back!

Izaac: Why?

The Doctor: If it touches you, it’ll electrocute you, then you’ll die.

Izaac: It’s chained to the wall.

The Doctor: Oh, yeah.

Izaac: Well, at least it can’t get off.

Doctor: Where did I come from?

Aurora: It fell from the sky. Wreaked havoc on our town... Broke into the castle and that’s when we died.

[The Doctor has a look of surprise on his face. We hear the opening of the Dalek theme.]

Aurora: Wait, we died... that thing... It... Oh god, how would we not know that we died?

[We hear a cracking noise, like bones cracking. Dalek eye stalks erupt out of The Man’s and Aurora’s foreheads. The Doctor turns around and sees the Dalek Puppets. The Puppets move slowly toward the Doctor, who slowly backs away. The Cyberman breaks from it’s chain and approaches the Doctor.]

The Doctor: Goddammit. Daleks and a Cyberman. Come on Doctor, think what are you going to do? Think! Think! Think! Ah, yes, obviously.

[The Doctor takes the Tardis key out of his pocket. It glows, and disappears.]

The Doctor: Bloody hell. Okay, cornered by two Daleks and a Cyberman. What to do? What to do?

Cyberman: You wi-wi-wi...

The Doctor: Okay, what to do? Oh!

[The Doctor reaches into his pocket and pulls out a golden ticket, the one from Nightmare in Silver. He, the Doctor, slaps it onto the Cyberman’s head, which causes it to stop in its tracks and shake.]

The Doctor: Okay, Cyberman down. Now, onto the Daleks.

[The Dalek Puppets raise their hands, Dalek guns burst out and begin shooting. The Doctor dodges out of the way.]

The Doctor: Okay, that’s how we’re playing this.

[The Doctor pushes Aurora into Izaac, and runs up the stairs.]


[The Doctor runs up to a window, looks out and sees an army of Dalek Puppets.]

The Doctor: Shit.

[The Doctor covers his mouth, surprised.]

The Doctor: Okay, that’s new. Never said anything like that before. Okay, so, Daleks inside, Daleks outside, no plan, no companions, no Tardis, what do I have?

[The Doctor reaches into his pockets, looking for something, he pulls out the Sonic.]

The Doctor: Ah yes, I have my Sonic.

[Aurora and the man walk up the stairs.]

The Doctor: (sarcastic) Oh, brilliant. You know, Aurora, I never really liked you.

[Aurora’s face changes from neutral to annoyed.]

The Doctor: (continued) The Aurora I know wouldn’t do this. So, not Aurora, I’m gonna go and you can be stuck like this.

Aurora: No!

[Aurora points her gun arm toward Izaac and fires a blue laser at Izaac. Izaac dies.]

Aurora: Don’t you dare say those things.

The Doctor: I didn’t mean those things.

Aurora: You still said them

The Doctor: Are we going to dwell on this all day? Because your people are currently having a situation. A situation as in that they are also Dalek Puppets.

[Aurora looks out the window.]

Aurora: Well, we’re safe in here right?

The Doctor: I have things in my Tardis that’ll help us defeat these things.

Aurora: Well, use the key.

The Doctor: I can’t.

Aurora: Why?

The Doctor: The key, it.. Um... Well, it kinda disappeared.

Aurora: It can do that?

The Doctor: Yeah, obviously.

Aurora: Why?

The Doctor: I don’t know, it’s not like I can pick and choose what it does, the Tardis does what she wants to.

Aurora: Seems kind of stupid.

The Doctor: Don’t diss the Tardis.

Aurora: Just saying.

The Doctor: Well, at least the Tardis can’t become a Dalek puppet.

Aurora: I didn’t choose this.

The Doctor: How did this even happen?

Aurora: I don’t know.

The Doctor: Anyway, we’ve got to get to my Tardis, to save your people, but your people are the obstacle in the way of saving your people. Cool.

Aurora: How is that ‘cool’?

The Doctor: Very good question, but one that won’t be answered.

[The Doctor points at a chair.]

The Doctor: Is that chair important?

Aurora: No, why?

[The Doctor goes up to it and snaps off one of the legs.]

The Doctor: Now I have a weapon, You want a leg as well?

Aurora: No, I have this.

[She holds up her hand with the Dalek gun still pointing out.]

The Doctor: Ah, of course.

[The Doctor starts to leave, but stops and turns around. He points at the Tardis painting.]

The Doctor: What is that?

Aurora: A painting of your ship.

[The Doctor walks up to the painting and sonics it.]

The Doctor: [looking at the results of the sonicing] Yep, it is a painting, but you know what else it is? A beacon, this painting called out to my Tardis. How long have you had this?

Aurora: Not that long. It appeared a couple of weeks ago, slightly before the Cyberman.

The Doctor: But where did it come from?

[More sonicing happens]

The Doctor: [looking at the results] Oh, that’s weird.

Aurora: What’s weird?

The Doctor: It’s from a place I was only told about as a child.

Aurora: Where’s that?

The Doctor: The Gallery.

Aurora: Where?

The Doctor: Every race has a plan of where to go when they’re world dies... The Gallery was Gallifrey’s option. We’d hear about it in stories, fables.

[There is silence for a moment.]

The Doctor: Well, anyway, we’ve got some people to save.


[The Doctor and Aurora exit the castle. The Dalek Puppets see and begin walking toward The Doctor and Aurora. The Doctor swings at one with the chair leg, the puppet falls back. Aurora shoots one with the gun, causing the usual thing to happen. The Doctor jabs one of the Puppet’s Dalek eye. Aurora shoots another two more.]

The Doctor: [while still fighting] Don’t kill all of them!

Aurora: Those one’s were criminals, what I did was merciful.

The Doctor: How many here are criminals?

[Aurora shoots one more.]

Aurora: None.

[The Doctor and Aurora run up to the Tardis, the Doctor still fighting off Dalek Puppets. The Doctor goes to open the door, he is blown back.]

The Doctor: [to the Tardis] No! Don’t do that now!

[Aurora’s head drops.]

The Doctor [to Aurora] Same thing to you.

[The eyestalk emerges again.]

The Doctor: Goddammit.

[The Doctor gets up.]

The Doctor: Okay, this is all testing my patience.

[Aurora raises her arm up and aims it at the Doctor.]

The Doctor: Okay, You know what.

[Suddenly, a man, Eric, appears behind the doctor.]

Eric: Hold on.

The Doctor: What the he-

[The Doctor and Eric disappear.]


[The walls are grey, with the U.N.I.T. logo and posters of Earth, with pins in seemingly random places, on the wall. There is also a board with pictures of the Doctor’s many companions and foes. There are people, all dressed in army uniform, standing around a table, with a poster of the UK on it. There are 3 UNIT soldiers, UNIT commander 2 has a faint scar down his face.]

Unit commander 1: I say that we get as many people out of London as possible-

Unit commander 2: And you think they won’t notice?

Unit commander 3: There is alway the other option...

Unit commander 1: And let’s just pray that it doesn’t get to that.

Unit commander 3: But when it does...

[The Doctor and the man appear.]

The Doctor: -ll.

[The Doctor looks around.]

The Doctor: Oh god, UNIT? Why?

Eric: Don’t ask me.

UNIT commander 2: Ah, Doctor. Good work, Eric.

Eric: No problem.

The Doctor: You could have called. It says in big words ‘Police Public CALL Box’. Emphasis on the call. Actually, you know what, because this is not the first time this has happened, emphasis on the emphasis on the call. Also, I don’t like to travel via Vortex Manipulator.

UNIT commander 2: Doctor, we have a situation.

The Doctor: Yeah, I was dealing with another situation, but you know, all the more power to you.

UNIT commander 2: Would you like a drink?

The Doctor: I’d love a tea right now.

UNIT commander 2: Great. Liam!

[Liam enters the room, not wearing an army uniform, his clothing looks more like a waiter.]

Liam: Yes, sir?

UNIT commander 2: Get The Doctor a tea.

Eric: I’d like one too, please. No milk, no sugars.

[Eric winks at Liam, who shyly smiles.]

The Doctor: I’ll have mine with milk and um... About 8 sugars.

Liam: Um.. Okay.

[Liam leaves the room.]

UNIT commander 2: So anyway, Doctor, we are at war-

The Doctor: Never a good thing to be at. Why do you need me to settle a fight between two countries?

UNIT commander 2: Because it’s not two countries, Doctor, it’s two species.

The Doctor: What?

UNIT commander 2: I believe they’re called... Silurians.

The Doctor: Ah, love a silurian.

UNIT commander 2: Understand why we brought you in?

The Doctor: Well, I was dealing with the...Big metal evil cheese graters.

UNIT commander 2: The what?

The Doctor: Daleks. But just the puppets.

[UNIT commander 2 looks confused.]

The Doctor: Oh, come on... You know...

[The Doctor mimes the Dalek eyestalk coming out of his Forehead. Everyone in the room, except the Doctor, is staring and has a very confused look on their face. Liam walks in, with the tea on a tray, he looks around at the situation.]

Liam: Well, this is awkward.

[He walks over to the Doctor and passes him his tea.]

Liam: Careful, it’s hot.

The Doctor: Ah, yes, thank you.

[The Doctor takes the tea, Liam walks over to Eric.]

Liam: Here’s your tea.

Eric: Do I not get a warning?

Liam: Well, I trust you not to burn yourself.

Eric: I know, can’t risk my beauty.

[Liam laughs, Eric takes his tea and Liam turns around.]

Liam: Anyone else want anything?

Eric: [looking down, obviously at Liam’s arse] Well, I know what I want.

Liam: Stop it, I’m working.

[Liam blows a kiss to Eric, who winks back at Liam. Liam leaves.]

The Doctor: Wait, if i remember, didn’t you guys shut down?

UNIT commander 2: Yes, but you convinced the government to bring us back, remember?

The Doctor: Ah, yes, yes done that already. Anyway, so Silurians. What are they doing?

UNIT commander 2: They claim that they are taking back what’s theirs...

The Doctor: They’re trying to take Earth?

UNIT commander 2: Yes.

The Doctor: All of it?

UNIT commander 2: Of course.

The Doctor: Have you considered the possibility of coexistence? I mean, you have the Humans and the Zygons all happily coexisting, so why not add the Silurians to the mix, this was their planet, of course.

UNIT commander 2: That would cause civil unrest, Everyone would be scared of this Lizard Race suddenly being a part of society.

The Doctor: But what if they don’t? What if you’re judging people too harshly? The Human race could thrive with a new species as intelligent as them, you could make it to Mars sooner than you’d ever thought. And, if I can let you in on a little secret, you’ve technically already been coexisting. Ever heard of Madame Vastra? Yep, despite what several sources say, she was a Silurian.

UNIT commander 2: I don’t care about what has happened in the past, this is the present and right now, people will panic if we allow another species to exist with us.

The Doctor: Are you not listening? Zygons! Big red alien things covered in suckers that can shape-shift!

UNIT commander 2: There it is, right there. Zygons can change how they look, Silurians can’t.

The Doctor: Why does it matter?

UNIT commander 2: They can barely cope with themselves, always fighting amongst themselves, bickering.

The Doctor: You seem quick to exclude yourself from that.

UNIT commander 2: Well, I just... We all don’t want to make ourselves look bad.

[The Doctor looks at UNIT commander 2 with a menacing glare, hinting that he knows something isn’t quite right. An alarm starts blaring. Liam runs in.]

Liam: What is it? Are we expecting a drill?

UNIT commander 2: Not that I know of...

[A shutter closes, locking everyone in. We hear screaming from outside and then bashing on the shutter, we hear various screams.]

Eric: Holy fuck, it sounds like a massicare out there.

UNIT commander 2: Don’t worry we’re safe in here.

[We see something cutting through the shutter, melting it. Eventually, a hole is cut into the shutter and various Silurians, wearing the masks, march through, with the Silurian commander in the front.]

The Doctor: [to the Silurians] Get back, these people have done nothing to you!

Silurian commander: Done nothing? Nothing!? These pathetic apes started a war when they killed an entire colony of us!

The Doctor: Well, maybe it was a mistake.

Silurian commander: I assure you, It was not a mistake. A mistake is not bursting in and slaughtering innocents.

UNIT commander 1: We neutralise whatever threat we need to!

Silurian commander: Some of them were children!

The Doctor: Wait, you killed children?

UNIT commander 1: They weren’t human, it doesn’t matter.

The Doctor: You weren’t worried that the humans may attack the Silurians, you were afraid that they knew what you did and that they’d start an uprising.

Silurian commander: And we have started an uprising, now we must avenge our fallen!

[The Silurian commander points a Ray-gun at UNIT commander 2.]

The Doctor: No! Don’t shoot him! That makes you no better than he is!

Silurian commander: Stay out of this, human.

The Doctor: Me? Human? Don’t you know who I am? I am the Doctor, I’m over One hundred thousand years old, I’m from the planet Gallifrey, I am the oncoming storm, the timeless child, the last Time Lord and right here... Right now... you’re not listening are you? Okay, hear me out, you want to live on the surface? You want your old home back, right? I can help you do that. But you have to promise to not hurt anyone.

[The Silurian Commander looks at the Doctor.]

The Doctor: We’ll slowly put you in and, who knows, it could work out.


[It cuts to Liam, signing a sheet. A unit soldier sits behind a table.]

UNIT soldier: You sure you want to do this?

Liam: Yeah, why wouldn’t I? Brand new species joining us, history happening right in front of my eyes. This is what living is.

[The soldier stands and escorts Liam toward a door.]

UNIT soldier: Okay, you have 221163. Hey, 221163!

[A Silurian, male, who is of a green shape with scales covering their face and three crests moving back toward their head, moves over to them.]

Liam: Do they not have an actual name?

UNIT soldier: Yeah, they do.

[The Silurian is now up to them.]

UNIT soldier: This is 221163, a male silurian. Now, are you sure you want to look after this... person?

Liam: Yes, of course.

UNIT soldier: Okay, so, we will have someone escort you to your place of residence. You cannot bring 221163 out into public until the thumbs-up is given, if that ever happens.

[The UNIT soldier hands Liam a file and walks away, leaving Liam and a very awkward Silurian.]

Liam: Hello, my name is Liam. And you are?

Silurian: 221163

Liam: No, no, I mean your actual name.

Silurian: T... Talrin.

Liam: Hmm, I like it. It’s different. I mean, I know a few Liams, so how about I get to know a Talrin?


[Liam and Talrin sit in a Taxi, on opposite sides. The Taxi is driving through London. Talrin looks out of the window, his eyes full of wonder.]

Liam: Yeah, it’s beautiful isn’t it? I’ve lived here my entire life.

Talrin: I lived in hibernation for most of it.

Liam: Hibernation? For how long?

Talrin: I’m not really sure. We hid from a meteor shower and when we woke up... this was built.

Liam: One hell of a nap.

[Talrin chuckles.]

Liam: I made you laugh.

Talrin: Yeah, you did.

Liam: So, do you have any particular favorite foods?

Talrin: My mum used to make a delicious... well... i’m not sure what you’d call it.

Liam: I’ll go with pizza, everyone loves pizza. It’s basically the perfect food. Although, I do love a good Thai Stir-fry.


[Liam opens his front door and walks in, Talrin follows close behind.]

Liam: So, here it is, my home. It’s nothing that extraordinary, but you know, it’s manageable.

[Liam’s house isn’t overly big, in fact it’s quite small. The front door is in a corridor, which directly ahead leads to the living room, there are three openings, one on the left and two on the right. Two doors. The left one and the closest of the right are bedrooms, with the remaining door leading to a bathroom. Liam and Talrin walk to the living room, with Talrin standing behind Liam.]

Talrin: Is it only you living here?

Liam: Currently, yeah.

Talrin: Then why are there two bedrooms?

Liam: One of them is a guest bedroom, you can use it if you’d like. It is filled with stuff AJ has just left here.

Talrin: AJ?

Liam: They’re a friend.

[They enter the living room]

Liam: Would you like a drink?

Voice: (off screen) No thanks, I’ve already got one.

Liam: What the...

[The camera pans around to show The Doctor, now in a different outfit which consists of a long purple trench coat, blue jeans, purple high-top sneakers and a half untucked white shirt, standing in the connected kitchen, with a cup of tea and a book in front of him.]

Doctor: Have you read this? Honestly, it’s very interesting.

Liam: How... How did you get in?

Doctor: Magic. Like this book, take a look.

Liam: Wait, you’re that guy from...

Doctor: The name’s The Doctor, and you are?

Liam: Liam and this is Talrin.

[Talrin waves]

Doctor: Come on, take a look.

[Liam moves toward the kitchen counter, from the living room side. The Doctor spins the book around. It’s a history book, it’s open to a page.]

Doctor: 900 CE, Edward the Elder is crowned, as you can see in the picture. But look closely, what do you see?

[Liam looks closely at the picture of Edward the Elder’s coronation at a crowd. In the illustrated crowd, he sees a person who looks slightly familiar, it looks like Liam.]

Liam: Woah.

Doctor: Yeah, but check this out.

[The Doctor flips closer to the end of the book, to a page about the victorians. There is another picture of a crowd.]

Doctor: Right at the front of the crowd, look.

[The Doctor points at another person who looks like Liam.]

Liam: Okay, what’s your point?

Doctor: I have learnt that coincidences are never that. They always have meaning. That’s you Liam.

Liam: (laughs) You are crazy and I think you should leave.

Doctor: Liam, trust me.

Liam: Look, thank you for solving that Silurian situation but really, you should go.

[Liam pulls The Doctor toward the front door, The Doctor grabs onto the doorway for the guest bedroom.]

Doctor: I left some stuff in here.

[The Doctor opens the door and enters the room, followed by Liam. The Tardis stands tall in the room, beside the bed.]

Liam: How did you...?

Doctor: Magic.

Liam: That’s too big to fit in the door...

Doctor: I have more evidence, if you will please, please, listen to me.

[The Doctor gestures for Liam to follow him. Liam looks behind at Talrin. He grabs Talrin’s hand and they both follow The Doctor into the Tardis.]


[Liam and Talrin look around The Tardis in amazement. The Tardis console room is large and greyish. There are three control points, with the main one being in the centre, with a tall glass pillar reaching toward the top from a console with six points, filled with levers and buttons and thing-a-majigs, things you can twist, things you can twirl, lights that flicker and buttons that click. There are seats near the side of the room and large screens on two different sides of the room. There is a door in the middle of a wall with looks as if it slides open.]

Liam: What the shit?

Doctor: This is The Tardis, Time And Relative Dimensions In Space. My granddaughter named it.

Liam: It’s bigger on the inside.

Doctor: Yes, yes it is. It can travel through space and time, anywhere and anytime. The past, the present, the future. You can go from here, today to the beginning of the universe and back and not be gone more than a few seconds.

Talrin: How big is this place?

Doctor: Imagine the biggest thing you can think of, then times that forever. That’s how big it is. Now, to the matter at hand...

[The Doctor runs to the doors, which do indeed slide open. He runs into a corridor, to the left.]

Talrin: How is any of this possible?

Liam: I have no clue, but it’s bloody brilliant. Look at all of this! Look at all these buttons!

[Liam presses a button, The Tardis doors lock.]

Talrin: What have you done?

Liam: I have no idea...

[A lever flips by itself and the Tardis begins to travel. The Doctor runs back in.]

Doctor: What’s going on? Did I say touch everything?

Liam: You didn’t say not to touch anything.

Doctor: Yeah, but you pulled the lever!

Liam: I pressed a button.

Doctor: Oh. (looks up at the Tardis) You little...

Talrin: Why are you talking to your ship?

Doctor: Because it is. Now, where are we going? Edward the Elder or The Victorian Era? Ooh, or the 29,678th century?

[The noise stops, The Tardis has landed.]

Doctor: So, let’s find out, shall we?

[The Doctor snaps his fingers, the doors unlock and open. The Doctor holds his hand out for Liam to grab onto. The Doctor smiles and Liam smiles back. Liam looks back at Talrin, who is less enthusiastic.]

Liam: Come on, it’ll be fun.

[Liam reaches out to Talrin.]

Liam: You want to live, right?

Talrin: Yeah.

Liam: Then come on, let’s live.

[Talrin grabs Liam’s hand. Liam grabs The Doctor’s and they run out of the Tardis.]


[They step out into a marketplace, filled with various different aliens.]

Talrin: Woah.

Doctor: This is Alpha Market Chi-1, the third and a half largest marketplace. Currently, it’s 23:59, and in about ooh, five seconds.. Well...

Liam; What, what happens?

[As soon as Liam finishes that sentence, the sky fills with colourful fire, like a rainbow.]

Doctor: This is the planet where every morning the sky burns with many many colours. Anyway, marketplace, anything you like, my treat.

[The Doctor gestures into the market. Liam pulls Talrin into the market, laughing. The Doctor smiles as they leave, but when they are gone, the smile fades. He pulls out the psychic paper. The words: COME TO CHI-1, I AM WAITING are written on the paper. The Doctor walks to the right, into a dark room.]

Doctor: I know you’re in here.

[Another Doctor, the same Doctor, steps out from the shadows.]

Doctor: What the hell are you doing here?

Other Doctor: I’m here to give you a message.

Doctor: Go on, say it. Is it about the Gallery?

Other Doctor: I’m not sure yet. I’m about to find out.

Doctor: Then what’s the message?

Other Doctor: He’s alive.

Doctor: Who?

Other Doctor: Spoilers.

[Both Doctors laugh.]

Doctor: No, but seriously, who?

Other Doctor: I can’t say. I’m not allowed. You should go know.

Doctor: Why?

Other Doctor: Liam is looking at some very delicious chocolates and he’s tempted to steal them.

[The other Doctor disappears in a blinding white light.]

Doctor: He seemed nice.

[We cut to Liam and Talrin, looking at chocolates of all different shapes and colours.]

Liam: But why that shade of green? It looks very unappetising.

[A woman in a red cloak walks up to Talrin.]

Woman: You want to see your future?

Liam: No thank you, we don’t like scams.

Woman: I was asking your friend. Come, come with me...

Talrin: Can I?

Liam: How much is it?

Woman: I will do it for free, yes. Would that be good?

Liam: Oh, go on then.

[The Woman leads Talrin to a tent.]

Woman: So what do you want to know? How about the future? Hmm, yes. The future.

[The Woman leads Talrin to a table.]

Woman: Take a seat, go on.

[Talrin sits down.]

Woman: Now this is simple, all you need to do is put your arms out and concentrate. Simple. Slow your breath and put your arms on the table.

[Talrin puts his arm on the table, The Woman grabs Talrin’s wrists.]

Woman: You’re future... it is bright and happy. I see love in your future. True love, how wonderful.

Talrin: Love.

Woman: With that boy you are with.

Talrin: Liam? But I- I hardly know hi-

Woman: But something dreadful is going to happen. Oh no, horrible, truly horrible.

Talrin: What? What’s going to happen?

Woman: Nothing. If you agree to something.

Talrin: Agree to what?

[The Woman suddenly sparks and thuds against the table.]

Doctor: I hate scams.

[The Doctor stands at the entrance to the tent, pointing his sonic at the woman.]

Talrin: I did you just kill her?

Doctor: Don’t worry, just a robot.

[The Doctor walks to the back of the tent and pulls two curtains apart, showing an odd looking device.]

Doctor: Ah, a trans-dimensional manipulation device, nasty stuff. Trickster’s Brigade stuff. (to Talrin) What did she tell you?

Talrin: Nothing. It was just a fake.

Doctor: Sometimes fakes can be correct Now come on, Liam’s deciding on which flavour to choose you.

[Talrin stands and they both exit the tent , they pass two shoppers on their way to Liam.]

Shopper: Did you hear what happened at Auria?

Shopper 2: Sounds horrific.

Shopper: I know, thank god the Gallery blew that planet up.

[The Doctor and Talrin walk up to Liam, who is looking at a chocolate shaped in a seemingly impossible way.]

Doctor: You made your choice yet?

Liam: How much are we allowed to spend?


[The Tardis has landed in the kitchen, Liam, Talrin and The Doctor exit the Tardis. Liam is carrying many, many bags.]

Liam: Can you believe it? An alien planet?

Doctor: It’s amazing isn’t it?

Talrin: Are you an alien Doctor?

Doctor: Yes.

Talrin: What’s your planet like?

[The Doctor walks to a chair and sits in it, Liam and Talrin sit on a sofa opposite The Doctor.]

Doctor: I don’t have a planet. I’m just sort of a wanderer, I never really stay in one place for too long. But there was this one planet, it was so beautiful. Wide stretches of orange desert that seemed to sparkle when the twin suns rose in the morning. The brown-green snow capped mountains stood tall, but the cities stood taller.

Liam: Why didn’t you stay?

Doctor: I got bored. I wanted to see every single star in the sky above, which seemed to call to me as I looked up at the sky. That was why I left the first time. The other time, well... There was a war. Gallifrey was lost. I did manage to save it... for a while. But, you know, life is so much better seeing all that there is to see. There’s a funny thing about the universe, you know what it is?

Liam: No.

Doctor: The universe is so much better with someone to show it to.

[The Doctor smiles]

Doctor: Would you like to see it?

[Liam looks at Talrin.]

Liam: Would you like to come?

Talrin: I don’t know... I... I don’t think I do.

Liam: (to the Doctor) How soon can we be back?

Doctor: It’s a time machine, we can be gone as long as we like and be back within the hour.

Liam: (to Talrin) Will you be okay on your own?

Talrin: I guess.

Liam: If anyone knocks, don’t answer.

[Liam stands up and looks at The Doctor.]

Liam: Let’s do this.

[The Doctor stands up and grabs Liam’s hand, they both run into the Tardis together, hand in hand. The doors closed behind then and Talrin watches as the Tardis dematerialises.]


[A man in a red and gold robe enters the room, a room which is lined with paintings. An older man sits in the centre of the room, facing away from the man.]

Man: Sir! Sir! He’s coming!

Old man: Who’s coming?

Man: The Doctor... The Doctor is coming.

[The older man turns around, he is wearing a similar robe and has a bracelet, with the Seal of Rassilon hanging off of it.]

Old man: Then let the war begin.

[The older man smiles, menacingly.]


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