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Rise of the Morningstar


Castiel wakes in the Empty to find it's under new management. One of his brothers is planning a rebellion against Chuck and everyone's siding with him but will their plan work. Read to find out.

Thriller / Romance
Ember Fauxe
Age Rating:

The Rebellion

Castiel stands up from the ground and looks around. Wherever he was, he could’ve sworn he was thrown back a few centuries. The walls were brick, the only light was from torches hung on walls. There was red satin tapestries hung from the ceiling, bearing the symbol of his brother, Lucifer. Was this Hell of another time? Cas decides to venture further in. He sees paranormals of many races, geared up in medieval armor. This didn’t appear to be Hell.

“Castiel,” he turns around to see his brother, Raphael. “What are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be alive, helping the Winchesters?”

“Raphael, where am I?” Castiel orders.

“This is the Empty, Castiel. Lucifer has taken over.”

“He has what?” Meg sneaks up behind Cas.

“The Devil’s taken over this place, Clarence.”

“Hey, Meg, and can you please stop calling me that?”

“Sure thing, Clarence.” Meg walks away.

“Where is Lucifer?” Castiel says, bringing his attention back to his brother who leads him to the throne room.

“This way.” Once in the throne room, it was nothing like Castiel could’ve ever imagined. He was expecting the vilest and most hideous thing he could ever see but no, this was beautiful. Lucifer stands in front of a little rose garden, delicately, touching the petals of one of them. He turns to face his visitors and pales at the sight of Castiel, his mind racing at a thousand miles an hour.

“Please tell me it’s just you.” Lucifer pleads his little brother.

“Jack is still safe if that’s what you’re asking.” Lucifer relaxes.

“So, what brings you here? Who killed you?” Lucifer asks, eager for the detail, excited to have some new entertainment around.

“Give him a break, Lucifer.” Gabriel enters. “He just died.”

“Gabriel?” Castiel stares at his older brother. He should’ve known that his favorite big brother would be here but it still struck him as a shock. Gabriel smiles, happy to see his little brother after all this time, even though, this meant he was dead.

“Hi, Castiel.” he says, cheerfully. “Good to see you. Want a drink?” Lucifer stares at Gabriel in envy for stealing his thunder. Gabriel smiles mischievously at Lucifer and takes Castiel out of the throne room. Castiel pulls away from his brother.

“What is going on here?” Castiel orders. Gabriel rolls his eyes.

“Lucifer’s planning to rise a rebellion against our Dad.”

“And all of you are just following his lead?”

“Lucifer has spent most of his life rebelling against Dad. He has a better idea of what to do than any of us do.”

“It never did him good, Gabriel. It’s suicide.”

“Perhaps it is but without an army of angels behind him, we could maybe -just maybe- take our old man down. What do you say?”

“I say this is crazy and we should think of a good battle plan before we go chasing after Chuck. He could kill us.”

“What do you think we’ve been doing?! Sucking our dicks?!”

“How is that possible?” Gabriel gives Castiel a bitch face.

“You’re missing the point, Castiel! We have a shot and we’re gonna take it, no matter the cost!”

“We’re not just talking about our lives, Gabriel. We’re talking about everyone’s lives. Even your nephew’s. Even Sam’s.” Gabriel glares at Castiel for bringing up Sam but swallows the anger.

“Without us, there won’t be a future.” Gabriel says, his tone venomous and colder than ice.

“How are you planning to escape the Empty?” Castiel asks. It’s just him, Lucifer, Gabriel, and Raphael in the throne room.

“I have a plan.” Gabriel says as if everyone knew that.

“What is your plan?” Castiel asks, concerned.

“You know Kali’s still alive, right? All I have to do is reach out to her, seduce her, and boom! With her help, we’re out of here.”

“Do you really think that’s going to work.”

“Seems reasonable.” Lucifer pipes in, more focussed on tending his roses at the moment. Raphael throws a beer bottle at him.

“Watch the freaking roses, Raphael!” Raphael mocks him with an eye roll. Lucifer chases him down. Gabriel rolls his eyes.

“Just imagine if Michael were here. That would be much worse.” Gabriel educates his little brother.

Kali stands in front of an old designer mirror that should probably be at an antique shop that has a golden frame. She slips on a black and red dress that’s probably just as expensive as her mirror and jewelry. Gabriel appears behind her. She panics.

“How are you here?” she asks, paling a shade or two. “I heard you were dead.” Gabriel approaches.

“I am dead but I need your help.” he puts his hand on her shoulder and it goes through to prove that he sent an illusion of himself to speak with her. His arm drops to his side.

“With what?”

“So, how did the plan go?” Lucifer asks. Gabriel smiles.

“Like a charm. She’s in!” Lucifer lets out a hoot.

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