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The Way That I Love You // PT 1

тωтιℓу || 𝐂𝐇𝐀𝐏𝐓𝐄𝐑 𝐎𝐍𝐄

Grey skies surrounded the mansion with translucent droplets thumping against the rooftop. If it weren't for the dimly lit television and kitchen light, the house would be completely dark, almost haunted like.

Small pellets of water gently, almost inaudibly, knocked on the nearby open window, setting the tone for the rest of the day; gloomy.

Mikel, affectionately known as Kel, stood half-naked adjacent from the newly bought couch, his focus captured by the news celebrating the life and legacy of his late father. Today was a big day for everyone who loved Michael Jackson, it was judgment day.

His mother, Kendra, internally overwhelmed with emotions, unconsciously ironed his shirt roughly.

The sound of the toaster dragged her out of her thoughts, reminding her to tell her son to eat. "Kel, your clothes are almost ready. Come eat breakfast baby." She softly reprimanded.

Kel turned his eyes from the screen and followed his mom's command.

For a second, he paused and took a good look at his mom, noticing her changes. He couldn't recall her skipping a meal yet she looked thinner than usual. Ever since his father's passing, her face stayed stoic; showing no emotion. Everything she did seemed forced. Deciding to voice his concern he asked:

"Ma, are you okay?" The words slipped from his tongue without second thought.
He internally groaned, feeling silly to ask such a question.

Of course she wasn't okay. Her husband died. He internally scolded himself.

Judging from the lack of response, Mikel figured maybe she didn't hear him so he recommended her to show some sort of emotion by crying. He hated when his mom was sad but, this was a situation he felt it was appropriate to do so.

Trying her best to mask her frustration, Kendra told her son she was alright so he could leave her alone. Michael's death affected her in more ways than one. It's almost as if his death forced a switch to turn off her emotions. The most trivial thing led to annoyance. It wasn't personal to anybody, especially her son, however because Kel was always around, he ended up bearing the short end of the stick.

Mikel admired his mom. She was his superwoman, the only person he felt truly cared about him. Although, him and his father butted heads a lot, his death took a toll on him as well. But, lately he noticed the impatience radiating from his beloved mother, which scared the hell outta him. As far as he could remember, she was always on his side. Now, he began to feel as if he was a burden to her and unfortunately felt he was losing yet another parent.

There were times when Mikel put his parents through hell but it was because he desperately needed attention and didn't have the maturity to talk to anybody. He felt like his dad was too busy being Michael Jackson and that people were too occupied trying to get close to his dad that nobody cared about him. Then, Kendra came along and cared for him as if he was her own.

He'd never forget the time she told him she respected him. That's when he realized respect should've always been given until somebody proves they don't earn it.

The young man sat at the round table, lazily leaning on it, his arm bent upwards with his head propped on his hand, mindlessly playing with his food. Not even one of his simple yet favorite dishes, cheesy and buttery grits with browned toast could satisfy him. He was concerned about his mother and wanted her to cry.

Intuition seemed to be kicking in because he had a right to be worried. Kendra was tired–of everything; especially faking for everyone around her.

Although, she was appreciative of the large support system, hearing many people's opinions on a topic they didn't know anything about became frustrating. Kendra always wanted to say something but it was instilled in her to ignore society's opinions by Michael when they first started dating. In this case, she wished the family were allowed to mourn their loved one properly.

Feeling her stomach grumble, Kendra glanced at the clock above the tv, wondering if she had enough time to eat. While she physically suffered from hunger pains, her mind didn't care for food.

Placing the ironed clothes over the couch, Kendra told Mikel to get ready when he was finished. Avoiding eye contact, she swiftly turned around going to the stove to fix her plate.

She lifted the lid to see the grits were firm. A sigh escaped her lips, getting the heavy cream from the fridge and turning the burner on, vigorously mixing the liquid in the grits trying to reheat it as quickly as possible.

Mikel rolled his eyes, bothered by something else getting in the way of him spending time with his mom. As of lately, he began to feel comfortable through the memories of his past, a much simpler time he wish he'd taken advantage of. But, nothing lasted forever which he was soon realizing. Unfortunately, it's been hard for the teen to adjust.

"Mom, it's almost time to go." Mikel said, his voice releasing more irritation than intended. He felt aggrieved at her for not spending time with him anymore.

The impression of being ignored compelled Mikel to consider isolating himself, however, he drilled in his mind that he had to stay strong for his family, especially Kendra.

"You're not hungry?" She asked, looking at the full plate of food in front of him. He didn't notice he hadn't eaten but, at that moment, he couldn't care less about it. He was focused on her.

"Mom, can you just sit down and eat please?" Desperation oozes from his lips. This time, she nodded and did as he asked.

Before they knew it, the chauffeur was waiting outside. Bill and Wayne, Michael's former security stood at the door, somberly greeting the duo. On her way out, Kendra slid on heels, though she'd prefer the flats.

Bill stood on the porch waiting for her. He gripped the umbrella over themselves as they made their way to the car. Immediately, he felt her miserable aura. He felt the same, it's almost as if he lost his son, and the remorse seeped into his soul because it was his duty to protect Michael, his boss turned family.

The car made its way to the gate, everybody listening to the distraught fans sending their condolences to the immediate family.

Kendra envied the fans who let their heart out, hopelessly wanting to do the same but, she couldn't.

Too much went on in her mind and the thought of adjusting to life without her husband overwhelmed her into a state of shock.

Kel rambled the whole ride there, but nobody too much cared, thinking maybe that was his way of grieving. As usual, Kendra stayed to herself, staring out at the rain as if she never seen this side of the city before.

Why couldn't it have been me? The words paraded in her mind.

In an instant, Mikel's reflection became clear on the window as if a higher power answered her question. But, what she did, she knew she wouldn't go to Heaven anymore. Kel needed her and quiet as its kept, he'd probably feel more pain with her death than his father.

But she didn't want to think that way, it came off as conceited.

The car pulled up to the courthouse, Kendra was relieved that this would presumably be the last time she'd have to come here again.

The trial was on its third week and because this was a high profile case, the state wanted to be sure to get justice for the beloved star for fear of the fans, rioting and protesting against the decision.

The four people did the usual routine of walking through the barricaded crowd into the building, putting any extra belongings into a bin to be searched and walking through a metal detector.

Kendra saw Michael's parents sitting outside the courtroom on a wooden bench.

Katherine smiled, her eyes telling it all yet still looked happy to see her daughter-in-law and grandson in seemingly good graces.

"Are you ready for today, dear?" Katie directed her attention to Kendra. She nodded, uptight, and mumbled a yes.

Then, she remembered everybody was here and while being with Michael kept her in the spotlight, after his death she felt particularly — exposed.

"Finally justice will be served, mom." She extended her hand, rubbing Katherine's back who replied with a hopeful nod.

"Joe, how are you feeling?"

"How am I feeling?" He looked towards his daughter-in-law. "I'm just tryna keep up sweetheart. It's so many regrets I have now." His voice exuded pain.

"It's alright Joe. We all make mistakes. I'm sure Michael forgives you." Katie tried comforting her spouse.

Mikel looked at his family in grief. Seeing them so sad made his dad's death a reality and he didn't like the emotions it was causing.

"Can we look at today as a good day? This is the day dad will finally get his justice and we should all be happy." Kel tried uplifting spirits.

Kendra looked in his direction at her sweet son's face. She knew he was hurting and felt terrible. She wished she could get out of this state of depression and tend to him like need but the belief seemed physically impossible.

Kendra decided to walk in the courroom, where she saw many people associating. To her dismay, most of the faces weren't recognizable, then again, Michael never introduced her to a lot of people. For all she knew, they could've been colleagues from Sony.

"Mrs Jackson, I am so sorry for your loss." Somebody approached her as a she took a seat in her usual spot.

"Thank you so much. I really appreciate your support." She replied with a believable smile.

As time passed on, the courtroom filled and before she knew it, the trial began.

From her understanding, this wasn't supposed to last too long as the jury already decided on the fate of the assassin a few days ago. The judge insisted on meeting with his comrades to thoroughly break down all the evidence.

The moment everybody has been waiting on has finally arrived. The judge followed the normal ritual of ordering the defendant and defense counsel to stand. He looked to his right and asked, "Members of the jury, have you reached a verdict?"

Kendra sat stiff as a wax figure. The jury spokesman stood and said, "Yes, your honor, we have."

"Okay, well, members of the Jury, on the case of Williams vs. California, what is the final conclusion?" Judge Thomas awaited the answer. Mikel slipped his hand into his mother's causing her to look in his direction. She could see the anxiousness in his demeanor. His hands were hot and damp, followed by the rise in heartbeat she could feel thumping through his thumb. Not to mention his cheeks turning red. She nodded in solace before reverting her attention to the spokesman of the Jury.

"Your Honor, the members of the Jury find the defendant-" it was a slight pause, assuming for dramatic effect, that allowed the uncertainty to settle in the air. The spokesmen continued,
"guilty of voluntary manslaughter." Kelp squeezed his mom's hand at the moment he heard the word guilty and jumped, shouting for joy like the rest of the room did.

Judge Thomas used his gavel to quiet everybody down.

Kendra stood up as well, playing into the act until the defendant turned around and made eye contact. Her act went crashing down and reality finally settled in.

I killed my husband.

The words replayed in her head in a million different ways while she saw her ex-boyfriend escorted in cuffs, walking to his next journey of a life sentence.

If it wasn't for the people around her, she'd pass out right then and there but she knew better.

The lawyers she paid off walked in her direction, a crude smile upon their lips. She knew why they were smiling and it made her sick to her stomach.

"Mrs. Jackson, justice has been served." One of the lawyers stated.

But, has it? She asked. The guilt settling in her mind.

I killed Michael Jackson.

With sweaty palms and a twitching eye, she coward in defeat, trying to isolate herself in the large crowd wanting so badly to get away from the crooked system. She didn't know who knew nor how but her mind came up with images of the judge entering the room and finding some sort of evidence that would result in the case getting appealed.

Or how one day she'd be oblivious to the news finding out who the real murderer of her husband was, having to be held accountable for her actions.

Ultimately, the shame was beginning to get the best of her causing her to believe everybody's gazes were on her and they'd soon figure out the truth if she didn't get out of their presence.

The family planned on gathering at Katherine and Joe's house, celebrating the recent verdict. Everybody was pleased at the alleged killer being convicted for life in prison with no possible parole.

It didn't fill the void of Michael's presence but it comforted the family to know the killer wasn't freely living their life— or so they thought.

Kendra always adored Michael's family, arguably more than she did him but, with the secret she withholding she felt out of place.

The woman felt phony, sitting in the chair surrounded by people who considered her as family. If only they knew. Her mind played tricks on her, inaccurately seeing cues by people; making things out of nothing.

It was ironic, the family looked content; laughing and catching up like old times. With fame being a prime factor why they couldn't be as close, the passing of their loved one convinced them they had life all wrong. It wasn't about money, competition, and fame; rather family, happiness, and cultivating memories.

"Mother, how are you really feeling?" La Toya asked. Since being married to entertainment manager, Jack Gordon, everybody became apprehensive about her wellbeing. Little by little, La Toya was seen less and less. Her intentions came across as erratic and forced. It was strange Jack wasn't with her but, they were glad she was able to make it.

"Oh, I'm holding up." She smiled. "Michael was special. Don't get me wrong, I love all of you but there's different reasons why."

The afternoon proceeded with everyone randomly talking about their memories. Mikel soaked the love up so much he suggested on his father's birthday, they pour his ashes on his favorite private beach.

"Yeah, that's a good idea Mikey." His aunt Janet agreed. "But, if it's okay with your mother... she has the final say." She retracted, her rich brown orbs looking identical to her brother's. The two women joked about Michael and her being twins all the time.

All eyes peered at Kendra made her feel uncomfortable. She rearranged herself in the seat before stuttering, "yeah."

Kendra wanted the spotlight off of her but didn't really think about what she was saying yes to. Mikel smiled at his mother's acceptance. He thought maybe she was finally coming around?

Shortly after, Kendra got up and gathered her things. Mikel noticed and slouched in his seat. He didn't wanna go. The attention he received wasn't too much of what he wanted but beggars couldn't be choosers and basked in the fact that his family was demonstrating compassion towards him.

He lifted his head to see his mom standing near the door, looking at him. He got the memo and made his rounds, saying goodbye to his family. In the meantime, Kendra drowned in her despondency, the morbid idea she tried hard pushing away attacked the walls of her brain.

She stepped outside to get a breath of fresh air, hoping nobody found her rude for not speaking. All she wanted to do was go home and relax. So far, the plan was working yet, Kendra never thought of the consequences she'd have to deal with. On paper, the protocol looked easy but in reality, the sin ate at her skin.

Arms folded, she walked to the car after seeing two figures in her peripheral view. The rain long gone except for the remnants left behind.

"Take care of your mom, okay?" She heard Janet mumble before opening the door and getting in. Automatically, Kendra looked out the window, her eyes catching Janet's. Truth be told, the women missed each other's friendship but wasn't quite sure how to approach each other.

Leaving the Jackson residence left Kendra feeling awkward. She never meant to hurt anybody and while today was easygoing for everybody else, finding out good news and spending quality time with each other, it was hell for her. Reality had no choice but to kick in. She felt so bad for what she did she swore Michael's silhouette could be seen in the clouds.

Her eyes flickered rapidly in hopes of clearing them. Then, she tightly shut them before re-opening to prove it was all in her mind. Only, that wasn't the case. In fact, the figure presumed to be facing her direction.

The adrenaline pumped in her blood.

"Hey, Kel?" She called to her son.

"What's up mama?" He slid over to her side.

"What do you see in the sky?" He furrowed his eyebrows in confusion yet played along because she seemed interested in talking to him.

"Um, clouds? The sun setting behind them?" He questioned.

"Do any of those clouds look–strange to you?" She stared at the one she believed was shaped like Michael.

"No." He answered. "Ma, are you okay?" He leaned back and examined at her.

"Y-yes baby." She confirmed. "I'm just a little tired."

Relaxing her eyes, she took a deep breath. Meanwhile Mikel wanted to continue making conversation.

"Mom..." he was nervous of her response. She popped one of her eyes open. "Do you think you should get counseling?"

She chuckled in her mind. No amount of counseling will help her. "For what?"

"Well, I mean," Kel fidgeted hands. "You haven't been acting like yourself since dad died a-and I miss you. The old you."

Confined in her thoughts, it took her awhile to respond. Life as she knew it was going down the drain and sooner or later, everybody would figure it out. But, like the lawyers told her, the ball was in her court. She could determine when people found out the truth, of course, they suggested after they were dead as well so they could continue getting away with the aftermath.

Everything that happened in the month started coming back to her; killing her husband, reimbursing crooked people in the justice system, her ex carrying the burden... It was too much for her to handle. She knew she couldn't live life like that. Taking the easy way out made more sense.

Kendra missed her old self as well. A person who was long gone since she met Michael. Everything wasn't his fault but, there wasn't a moment she felt her feelings were invalid. The person she was in the beginning stages of their relationship, she felt was a new her; more confident and expressed herself. Then, when Michael became distant, Kendra became timider than she was before.

"I'll think about it baby." Was the best she could muster, knowing damn well... it was a lie.

Kendra was confused. She wanted peace and quiet because she didn't care for talking but also wanted Kel to talk so she wouldn't feel alone in her thoughts. Life was becoming unbearable.

Some fans were gathered at the gates of Neverland, awaiting the arrival of Michael's close family. Kendra didn't know if they'd ever leave. Before he passed, there'd be random days she guessed people would decide to visit but since he's gone, a crowd would gather there every night chanting "no justice, no peace"

Cameras flashed against the mildly tinted windows. She couldn't wait to get in the shower and go to sleep. Maybe I'd cry tonight? She figured.

Driving down the hill to the secluded mansion, Kendra strategically planned her next moves. She was determined to finish some paperwork and try and catch some sleep.

As the home appeared in view, she noticed somebody standing outside on the porch.
"Hm, I wasn't expecting any visitors."

What she said compelled Kel to sit up and try to figure out who was there but became confused when he saw nothing. He glanced at his mom who squinted out the window focused on one spot. He swallowed his dry mouth and sat back, nervous to say anything.

Meanwhile Kendra was determined to find out who had the audacity to come to her house unannounced. The closer they got to the door, the person lifted their right arm and waved. This isn't real, she repeated to herself. She almost freaked out when she saw her dead husband wearing his usual red button down shirt, black pants and the famous loafers.

A smile was plastered on his face but you could tell something was wrong. It looked... fake. Not just his smile but, Michael himself.

Kendra's heart jumped out her chest. As the car pulled up to the entrance, he robotically stopped waving and stared at seemingly nothing.

Then, he looked down in her direction, a creepy grin upon his face before walking toward the car to open her door.

Kendra's eyes widened in anticipation. She scrambled back in the seat the closer he came and whispered "No."

But when the door opened, she didn't see Michael but Mikel.

"Mom, are you sure you're okay?" He asked, freaked out himself.

"Are you playing pranks on me Mikel?" Her frightened framed quickly became a mix of anger and annoyance.

"What, no?" He asked. "Mom, I think you should get some rest." He suggested. "Fucking crazy," he mumbled while she got out the car.

Too freaked out to scold him for his explicit language, she closed the door and walked up the steps, looking around to make sure she didn't see Michael.

Taken back by the scene she walked into, Kendra hollered, "Oh my God, Mikel we've been robbed!" As she examined the room before her eyes, Mikel was seconds away from calling his grandma.

"Mom, what are you talking about? The house is fine."
"You don't see these broken chairs...and all these—things across the floor?" She stumbled.

"Nope." He popped the p. For the life of her she couldn't figure out what was going on until her eyes landed on the familiar body in the middle of the living room floor.

"Unh Unh," she whispered in bewilderment. Kendra looked all around the house until she saw her ex-boyfriend, Anthony Williams, standing in the kitchen, butcher knife in his hand.

"Mom," Kel called, watching her stare at him like a deer in headlights. "Mom!" His voice registered, taking her out of her thoughts.

She looked around the room again, particularly looking for the dead body in the middle of the floor but, that was gone. The house was as neat as she kept it. Her eyes fell back on her son, paused in his position, visibly scared.

"Mom, call it a night please. You're starting to creep me out..." he said.
Kendra nodded in agreement. It's been a long day, the sentiments in her mind inflicted a migraine.

"Maybe I'm tired?"She convinced herself, taking one last look around the area. Everything was in its place. She released a sigh of relief and continued walking down the hall where the double doors of her master bedroom was located.

She slammed the door shut. With heavy steps, Kendra grasped the sides of her head and shouted, "What the fuck?" Luckily, the room was soundproof.

In the middle of the area, she fell to her knees and cried, "I want the games to end."

Getting her breathing under control, she stood up and decided to take a hot shower. In such distress, she took off her clothes and placed them in the hamper, grabbing the towel that drooped from its hook on the closet door, she wrapped it around her body and continued to the bathroom.

While waiting for the water to set, she gulped and took another deep breath. Her hand reached out and felt the water burn her cool skin. Perfect, she thought. Kendra allowed her blxy to relax under the steaming water. She tried clearing her mind by closing her eyes, but the images made her frantically open them.

Her heart started beating hastily when she looked at the shower floor and noticed a trail of water mixed with something red washing down the drain. Her body was a white color.

It wasn't until she looked at her hands and saw her hands covered in blood. The sight made her panic until she looked in the direction of the door. That's when everything stopped.

Her heart pounded in her ear while she looked at the shadow in her view. She could make out a black fedora, red shirt and black bottoms behind the frosted glass.

Slowly she went towards the shower door, her eyes stuck on the shadow yet her conscience guiding her to the handle.

In the beginning, Kendra's eyes stayed focused on the shower handle, slowly sliding it open until instantly gliding it back with force.

But, the figure disappeared.

Frowning, she looked at her clean hands, then down at the frothy suds of soap that went down the drain.

For fear of seeing the figure again, she kept the shower door open as she rinsed her body.

Kendra laid in bed with the tv on as her comfort. Regardless, something didn't feel right as she twisted and turned.

Her arms crossed as she groaned, reluctantly sitting up and looking at the tv. Moreover, the frustrated woman reached over to turn on her lamp. Then she put her glasses on and opened the top drawer, retrieving her notebook.

She opened the book and saw her beautifully written cursive writing. These pages were dedicated to Michael. After the incident, she figured the only way to convey her emotions were to write them down.

Reading the piece of paper to remember where she left off, she wondered how did she get here? Everything was perfect until... it wasn't. She tried raking her brain to figure out which exact moment was the catalyst for their failed relationship but every time she tried, her mind wandered to another scenario. All the red flags were there, she just stupidly ignored them.

In the matter of a month, our lives have changed for the worst. Yours... well, you aren't in existence the way we know you– I know you. This was never apart of the plan and quite frankly, I have no idea how this even happened.

You hurt me. Everything you promised was a lie that even you knew was too hard to commit to. Then you pushed me away and left me to fend for myself and your child...

Kendra read over the words she wrote, feeling a mixture of emotions. Her ears perked up when she heard something fall in the bathroom. Looking at the slightly cracked opened door, she was met with the pitch black bathroom. She shook her head dismissively and continued writing until...

"Kendra," a soft, masculine voice called. She froze in place, afraid to look up this time. Thinking it was just her imagination, she closed her eyes.

"Kendra," it summoned. At that moment she looked up and saw him.

He sported an intimidating devilish smirk, comfortably leaning against the new, cream-colored chest, his right leg crossed behind the other.

"You missed me?"

Hearing him talk made a gasp escape her lips. Is it really him? she asked herself.
As if he was reading her mind, he stood straight, suggestively raising his eyebrows.

"I don't know, is it?" he asked sarcastically.

She was speechless.

"What's that you're writing?" He asked, leaning forward as if he could see the words. Then, he took one step ahead.

"No," Kendra said. She was too overwrought to move. Her body sat at a standstill.

He took another step, making a silly facial expression, teasing her pain.
"Yeah, this was my husband alright, getting a kick outta me being scared."

"Stop!"she commanded to no avail. He took another step.

"Michael, I'm sorry," she whimpered, moving her body closer to the fetal position, her arms in front of her in defense.

"I didn't mean to Michael, I'm sorry," Kendra looked up at his face in fear. She didn't know what he wanted from her. Michael looked at the door as if he almost got caught, then winked at Kendra before magically disappearing the minute Mikel opened it.

"Ma?" He peaked his head in. Mikel was shocked at the scene. Disregarding her privacy, he walked in, leaving the door wide open.

"What's going on?" He came closer. "What happened?" Her face was flustered, tears threatened to fall from her eyes.

"Nothing." It came out more as a question than a statement. Then she said it again to make it sound more convincing. "I thought I saw Mi— a mouse." She corrected herself. "Yeah, a mouse." Mikel didn't believe a word she spoke, however, he ignored it.

Kendra closed her journal, placing it on the bedside dresser. She grabbed the remote, flipping the channels until the news came on replaying the events of today. Anxiety filled her body, her nose flared and abruptly, she turned the channel, settling on A Different World.

Kendra got up from the bed and took a glass with her in the bathroom. Mikel peeped her reaction towards the news and felt bad for messing up what he wanted her to do most; show emotion. But, the look on her face showed in his mind. She looked scared more than sad. He was conflicted between if he messed up an intimate moment or if he somehow saved her.

"What did you come in here for, Kel?" His mom came from the bathroom, drinking some tap water. Her face regained its normal hue and she appeared relaxed.

He carefully watched as she put the glass on the coaster and unwrapped the covers, smoothing out the sheets so her legs would be comfortable under the blanket. She got in the bed, placing the covers over her legs, and looked at her son.

"I just wanted to check on you." He admitted, looking at his fingers. Mikel had a hard time showing emotions, even when it came to Kendra.

"Honestly, I'm fine baby." She forced a smile. She wasn't fine. She was scared, terrified because of what she did and what she was thinking about doing. "You can go back to bed now."

"Well," He searched for the words to say. A few reasons led him to believe it'd be best if he stayed in the room with her. She knew all he wanted was quality time and because of what she had planned, she decided to give her son what he wanted.

"Can I sleep in here?" Kendra wanted the company in case Michael decided to play his mind games. She knew if it was really him, he wouldn't do anything to scare Mikel. He wanted her—for what? Well, she didn't know. She could only assume this way payback.

While Mikel babbled about anything he felt necessary to talk about, Kendra daydreamed about what Michael was doing. Maybe he knew about her plans on his birthday or she was just trippin? After killing her husband, it wasn't hard to believe she was crazy but, having these lucid moments of her dead husband haunting her... nothing was unbelievable.

She quickly looked over at the bathroom, the door barely open as she thought she saw something. Mikel was facing the window, now talking about the celebration he would like to have for his father's birthday.

Suddenly, he faced Kendra to see if she fell asleep due to her silence only to find her looking towards the bathroom. So he did too thinking he could see the critter running around. Yet, he saw nothing.

At this point, he was convinced she was crazy and he so desperately yearned to see what she was seeing. It had to be something unusual. He wanted to be her savior and release her from any emotions she was shielding to become her normal self, or how he remembered her.

"Mom, I'm gonna get a snack, do you want anything?" Mikel got up, putting his feet in his slides.

"No thanks," She muttered, staring at the tv. She really wanted to say hurry back but decided against it, thinking it'll cause him to worry. He nodded and went down the steps of her master bedroom, looked back to check on her and closed the door.

With a blink of an eye, the room around her turned into a horror scene of the night of the incident.

"Nope, I can't do this much longer." She huffed, staring at nothing in particular.

Looking at the broken chairs and miscellaneous items scattered around the room, she made her mind up to go through with her plan.

Her suicide.

ᴛᴏ ʙᴇ ᴄᴏɴᴛɪɴᴜᴇᴅ...
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