A Curious Girl

In Which Our Trio Spends Far Too Much Time in The Library

Elizabeth and Susan were in the library again with Ernie. They had tried asking Hagrid about the dog, and found that his name was Fluffy, he certainly was guarding something and it something to do with someone called Nicholas Flamel.

“What Hagrid told us was very useful,” said Elizabeth.

“If you say told you mean blurted out right?” asked Ernie as he browsed through the books on different creatures in the library.

“You know how I thought things like Merlin were a myth and know they’re not?”

“Yeah,” said Susan as she pulled out some more creature books.

“Maybe we’re looking in the wrong section,” said Elizabeth pulling out a few books on Greek mythology.

“I guess it’s worth a try,” shrugged Ernie.

Elizabeth found a book on mythical creatures and flicked through it until she found a picture of a dog with three heads.

“I’ve found it!” she beamed.

“Great,” said Susan looking up from her own book.

“It’s a Cerberus,” she told them.

“Great,” nodded Ernie, “but what is it?”

“A Cerberus is a three headed dog who guards the gate to the Greek underworld.”

“Ok,” said Susan, “so it’s the world’s biggest guard dog?”

“Any ideas on how to get past it?” asked Ernie raising his eyebrows.

“Apparently you play it music or sing, and it will go straight to sleep.”

“Are you trying to tell me that we’ve got to sing that thing a lullaby?”

“That’s exactly what she’s saying Ernie,” sighed Susan shaking her head and putting the books away.

“Well now we know who Fluffy is, we need to figure out about Nicholas Flamel,” said Elizabeth.

This had been over a month ago. The problem was of course that they had no idea what Nicholas Flamel was famous for.

October came to a memorable end with Professor Quirrell burst in during the feast screaming about a troll in the dungeon.

This drifted into November which saw Artie’s debut on the Quidditch pitch in the match against Ravenclaw. Hufflepuff won the match 270 to 100, Cedric caught the snitch and Artie scored seven goals.

Now it was early December, is they didn’t find him in the next week or so they would have to start up again after Christmas.

Every spare moment Ernie, Susan and Elizabeth were researching in the library.

Susan was working her way through the books on modern magical achievements, Elizabeth was trawling through old history books and Ernie was helping them both.

“This job would be so much easier if this library had a catalogue,” sighed Elizabeth, “even if these books had indexes it would help!”

“What’s an index?” asked Ernie.

“It’s at the back of muggle books, you go to the back and look up what you’re looking for and it will tell you what page it’s on.”

“That would be pretty bloody handy right now,” agreed Ernie.

Susan had been flicking through a book on noted French magicians.

“Why are looking through a book about French sorcerers?” asked Ernie.

“The name is clearly French,” said Susan raising her eyebrows at him.

“I bet you won’t find him in there,” he chortled.

“How much?” she smirked looking at the book.

“You’ve found him, already haven’t you?”

“How much Ernie?” asked Susan.

“A Galleon,” said Ernie, “you’re bluffing.”

“No, she’s not,” said Elizabeth taking the book from Susan.

“Nicholas Flamel is the only known maker of the Philosophers Stone.”

“Oh, ye of little faith,” chuckled Susan.

“Fine,” said Ernie giving her the galleon.

“So, what’s a Philosopher’s Stone then?” asked Ernie

“It says here,” said Elizabeth tracing the correct paragraph, “that it can produce the elixir of life which can make the drinker immortal, and it can also turn any metal into pure gold.”

“So, this stone can make you rich and immortal?” asked Ernie.

“No wonder Dumbledore’s hiding it in the school,” muttered Susan.

“So now what do what do we do?” asked Elizabeth.

“Do what you do mean do?” asked Ernie as they returned the books to the correct shelves.

“We don’t do anything Beth,” sighed Susan, “we’re not supposed to know this much.”

The night before they all went home for Christmas, Elizabeth was sat in the common room adding the story of Circe to her History of Magic notes.

She was in the middle of adding a drawing in a gap she had left in the story of the beautiful Circe trying to trick the wise Odysseus. They had finished studying the ancient world and when they came back after Christmas they were going to be learning about the founding of the school and the four house founders.

“Um Beth,” said Susan as she finished her drawing, “can I borrow your history notes?”

Elizabeth looked at her History of Magic notes, they were her best notes out of all the classes. She would take her notes she made in class and turn them into a narrative, and add drawings sometimes coloured with pencils and sometimes water colour paints. She would still keep in all the important information such as names, places and dates.

She bit her lip for a second.

“I won’t lose them I promise!” said Susan, “I just want to have a look through them over the hols, we’ve reached the end of the first topic, but I don’t understand half of it.”

“Because Binns is so boring he bores you to sleep if you actually bother to listen properly,” said Zacharias as he set up a game of exploding gobstones with Neville.

Susan blushed but nodded.

“Um ok,” shrugged Elizabeth handing her the book as she finished the last drawing.

“I’m going to go pack,” said Elizabeth getting up and putting her things away.

Elizabeth went up to her dorm and started to pack away for the Christmas holidays.

“Meow?” said Guinevere looking up at her in confusion from where she had sleeping on Elizabeth’s bed.

“You keeping my bed warm for me?” she chuckled tickling her between the ears.

“Are you looking forward to going home tomorrow?”

Guinevere nuzzled herself against Elizabeth purring loudly.

The next day Elizabeth got up early and got dressed and put Guinevere in her basket and headed home on the train.

She was sharing a carriage with Ernie, Susan, and Justin.

As they pulled up at the station Elizabeth lifted her trunk and cat basket out of the compartment.

She started to look around frantically for Remus or Lyall.

Maybe they were running late, there might have been traffic on the way up from Pembrokeshire.

Suddenly Elizabeth saw Remus peering around the students looking for her.

“Remus!” she screamed pulling her trunk and cat with her as she ran over.

“Sweetheart!” said Remus picking her up and lifting her in the air and swinging her around.

“I have missed you so much!” he beamed putting her back down and kissing her on the forehead.

“I’ve missed you too,” she laughed giving him a huge hug.

“And what am I chopped meat?” asked Lyall.

“Grandpa!” she said throwing herself in for a hug.

“Hi there Cariad,” said Lyall looking her up and down.

“Remus,” he said impressed, “our little Beth’s put on weight.”

“So that’s why she weighed like a sack of potatoes” said Remus nodding as he picked up the trunk and cat basket.

“I’m not that big, am I?” she panicked as they headed to the car.

“You are perfect Cariad!”

Elizabeth had such a good time over the next few days. She was just so happy to be home, with Remus and Lyall. One day her and Remus went for a long walk through the hills. Some days when it was rainy then they would all just gather around the fire and talk, usually about Lily and James.

She was having such a good time that she had actually forgotten about Christmas!

Elizabeth was sleeping soundly in her bed, she was so tired from the day before that she wasn’t even woken by Remus coming in with Lyall.

The day before Remus and Lyall had taken her to Cardiff to go ice skating and to see the lights.

“Beth,” said Remus nudging her slightly.

“Beth,” he said nudging her gently again.

“Hmmm?” she muttered opening her eyes.

“Merry Christmas Cariad,” chuckled Lyall who was holding a squirming Guinevere who had a string of tinsel tied around her neck.

“What,” she mumbled looking around at them confused.

“Merry Christmas Beth,” said Remus shaking his head.

“It’s Christmas!” she beamed jumping out of bed and giving him a hug.

“Even Queen Gwen’s celebrating,” said Lyall passing her the cat.

“She doesn’t look too happy about it,” she said pulling at the string of tinsel as Guinevere glared at her.

“Aren’t most kids jumping around asking for presents by now?” asked Lyall as she put on her dressing gown.

“I’ve got presents?” she asked her eyes wide in shock.

“You would have thought she’d never had Christmas before,” muttered Remus as they all headed downstairs.

Elizabeth stopped as she reached the sitting room. It had been transformed overnight, there was a huge Christmas tree with dozens of presents, there was three stockings hung over the fireplace, one of them even had her name on it!

The Dursley’s had always celebrated Christmas but she had always been shut in her cupboard for the whole day, so she had never been able to join in.

“Here you go Cariad,” said Lyall passing her her stocking, from over the fireplace.

“You sure this is for me?”

“Does it have your name written on it?” asked Remus as he and Lyall took down their own stockings.

She beamed and knelt down to open it.

The stockings were full of lots of little things, an orange, chocolate coins silly little things, most of them edible. But Elizabeth was surprised she’d been given anything and was quite happy to kneel by the fire and eat her orange whilst Remus and Lyall opened their own presents under the tree.

Then Remus started to organise the presents under the tree into three piles. There was one pile of presents that seemed to be significantly larger than the other two, it had a lot more presents.

“Ok,” said Lyall reaching for a present, “oldest first.”

“What about ladies first?” asked Remus.
“Our Beth is too young to be a lady,” said Lyall, “besides I’m an old man, I might not have many Christmases left.”

“You’re not old Grandpa!” she giggled.

“I’m fifty-seven so I feel old.”

Lyall opened all his presents, he had been given some books from Remus and a new jumper as well as some presents from his friends. Remus went next and had similar presents, books, and a few bits of clothes from his dad and his friends.

“I’m afraid I didn’t buy anyone anything,” blushed Elizabeth.

“That’s ok Beth,” said Remus, “you just being here with us is enough.”

“Now on attack your presents,” said Lyall as he pulled on his new jumper.

“Those aren’t all for me!”

“Of course, they are silly,” said Remus shaking his head.

Elizabeth tentatively took the first present from the top of the large pile.

The first present was from Lyall who had got her some acrylic paints.

“For when you want to draw something a little more special Cariad.”

“Thank you, Grandpa!” she beamed throwing herself in for a hug.

She had been given so many gifts, books and chocolates. She got some new clothes as well, her favourite was a cashmere jumper which was a silvery blue to match her eyes, it was so soft and warm.

All her friends at school had sent her things, mostly just chocolates or sweets. Ernie had sent her a stuffed three headed dog.

The toy looked very cute, but Elizabeth hoped she wouldn’t be having to face the really Fluffy anytime soon.

As she got towards the bottom of the pile, she reached a small parcel which felt like it might have a book in it.

“Dear Elizabeth, Merry Christmas, I hope you like it, love Susan.”

She pulled off the paper and found a small square hardback book with a plain white cover.

She looked at the book somewhat confused but then opened it to the first page.

On the first page of the book was written in immaculate handwriting, Magical Tales from the Classical World, written and illustrated by Elizabeth Lily Potter.

Her mouth fell open as she stared at the first page, then she noticed that there was a piece of loose parchment on the first page with a note written on it.

“Your way of telling stories is extraordinary and your drawings really bring them to life. Such magnificent work deserves better than an exercise book. Mum did the writing as she has the best handwriting and Dad lifted the pictures from the original book, they are exactly the same. I really hope you like it, Susan.”

Elizabeth flicked the book open to the next page and found the story of Hecate which had been copied word for word from her exercise book but with much better handwriting. There was an occasional illustration that she had drawn, they were copies but they looked exactly like the originals, there was also the story of Odysseus and all the magical creatures he met.

“What you got there Beth?” asked Remus as he stroked Guinevere on his lap.

“It’s a book from Susan,” she stammered as she looked at the book in shock, “it’s nothing, they’re just my History notes.”

“Can I take a look?” asked Lyall.

Elizabeth shrugged and passed him the book.

“Remus,” said Lyall looking at his son, “our Beth’s a genius.”

“I can’t believe they went to so much effort over some old notes,” she muttered tugging at her dressing gown cord.

“It’s because she’s your friend,” said Remus, “and these drawings really are extraordinary.”

Remus passed her back the book and Elizabeth noticed that there was still one more present she hadn’t noticed before.

There was a note attached.

“Elizabeth, this used to be your father’s, use it well.”

Strange note, no name.

She opened it anyway curious to find out what could be in such a mysterious package.

There was a silvery cloak folded up inside the paper which she lifted out.

“It can’t be,” stammered Remus shaking his head.

“What are you talking about?”

“James’ invisibility cloak, I haven’t seen that in nearly eleven years.”

Remus came over to take a look a better look at the cloak to make sure he wasn’t seeing things.

“What is it?” asked Elizabeth.

“Well it makes the wearer invisible,” he explained, “James and Sirius used to use it for pulling pranks.”

“Who sent this to you?”

“I don’t know,” she shrugged passing him the note, “no name.”

“Albus,” sighed Remus looking at all too familiar handwriting, “he had it the whole time!”

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