A Curious Girl

The Other Side of the Turban

“Fancy seeing you here Potter,” sneered Quirrell menacingly.

Beth gulped as Quirrell turned slowly to look at her.

“Expeliarmus!” he called taking her wand

“The question is though Miss Potter,” said Quirrell leaning against the mirror with his hands in his robe pockets, “how did you know I’d be here?”

“Um I,” she stammered.

“And I thought I was the one with the stammer,” smirked Quirrell.

“I heard you having an argument with someone last week about the stone,” she muttered staring down at her shoes.

“So that was you?” asked Quirrell somewhat impressed

She nodded nervously.

“No matter,” shrugged Quirrell, “it doesn’t matter now, you’ll be dead before morning.”

“What makes you think that?” she stammered.

“Because,” he beamed his eyes full of excitement, “first I am going to resurrect my master, and then we are going to kill you.”

“If you’re going to resurrect Lord Voldemort using the stone,” she said logically, trying to collect herself, “why haven’t you already done so?”

“How do you?” he stammered looking at her confused over how she already knew so much.

“No matter,” said Quirrell shaking himself out of it and pacing in front of the mirror and trying to check for a hidden place the stone could be hidden.

“Where is it,” he muttered checking all around the mirror, “its got to be here!”

“Use the girl,” whispered a voice that gave Beth a chill and made her scar throb at the same time.

“Potter!” snapped Quirrell, “come here!”

Beth shook her head frantically.

Quirrell walked towards and dragged her in front of the mirror. She tried to struggle but he just wouldn’t let go!

He dragged her in front of the mirror and Beth looked into the mirror nervously. How was a mirror going to help her now?

As she looked into the mirror, she saw herself putting a blood red stone into her pocket and then winking. As the stone was placed into her pocket in the mirror, she felt something heavy go into her real robe pocket.

Ok, so now she had the stone, she didn’t understand how, but what she did know was that she had to run for it before Quirrell or worse, the bodiless voice that she supposed belonged to Voldemort found out.

“What do you see girl?” asked Quirrell.

“Um,” she stammered thinking about what she wanted to see most in the world right now, “I’m on platform nine and three quarters, Uncle Remus has come to take me home and he’s giving me a huge hug.”

“You’re useless,” scoffed Quirrell going back to inspecting the mirror himself.

“She lies!” said the strange voice.

“Let me speak to her!”

“Master you’re not strong enough,” said Quirrell.

“I have strength enough for this,” said the bodiless voice in a menacing tone.

Quirrell nodded and started to remove his turban. Beth was frozen to the spot, she hoped her bad feeling about who Quirrell’s master was, was completely wrong.

He took off his turban and turned around to face away from her. But where the back of Quirrell’s head should have been, was another face. The face of Lord Voldemort!

“Elizabeth Potter!” whispered Voldemort, “so we meet at last!”

“Hand me the stone girl!” said Voldemort glaring at her.

“What are you talking about?” she stammered.

“The stone,” nodded Voldemort, “the stone that’s in your pocket!”

“You could join me you know,” said Voldemort in what must have been an attempt at a smile, “we could bring your parents back.”

Beth thought for a moment, having her parents back would be wonderful, but then again.

“Why would you bring my parents back!” she yelled, “you’re the one who murdered them in the first place!”

“Quirrell’s already said you’re going to kill me; you just want to finish off the job you started ten years ago.”

“You know,” said Voldemort smirking slightly as they advanced towards her, “you’re right!”

“There are people coming,” she stammered walking towards the door backwards, “they know I’m down here.”

“Ah yes, but by the time they get here, I shall have my body back, and you shall be dead.”

Beth turned around and tried to sprint for the door.

“Seize her!” screamed Voldemort.

Quirrell ran after her and stopped her just before she reached the door to the chamber.

He grabbed hold of her by the robes and took hold of her by the shoulders.

“There’s no escaping your destiny Elizabeth,” said Voldemort, “everyone has to die, apart from me of course.”

Elizabeth tried to struggle against the tight hold that Quirrell had her in. she tried to push his hands off her shoulders.

When she touched his hand though, it was Quirrell who jumped back in pain.

“I’m burning!” screamed Quirrell looking at his slightly burnt hand.

“Get the stone!” screamed Voldemort.

Quirrell started to walk towards her again to try and take the stone, but this time Beth was ready.

As he tried to reach out to grab her, she reached out for his hand which started to burn.

“AHHHH!” screamed Quirrell as his hand burned again

“Get the stone!” yelled Voldemort.

Beth put all the last energy she had into fighting Quirrell, she didn’t have a wand, she every time she touched him, he seemed to burn.

She was losing energy fast, but there was nothing she could do about that, she just had to fight him for as long as she could. She was going to die, but hopefully she would bring Quirrell and possibly even Voldemort down with her.

Her life was ebbing away from her, she couldn’t keep going much longer but she still clung onto Quirrell’s hands which were still burning.

“Elizabeth!” she heard a voice calling, “Elizabeth!!!”

The world faded to black.

She was warm and comfy, maybe she was back home?

She opened her eyes a fraction of an inch and saw someone sitting on a chair next to her bed.

“Remus?” she called weakly.

Remus had been half asleep himself and looked absolutely exhausted, he had been sat here watching over Beth for nearly three days now.

“Beth?” he whispered pinching himself to make sure he wasn’t dreaming.

“Beth!” he exclaimed sitting down on the bed next to her and giving her a huge hug.

“Voldemort,” she muttered trying to get up out of bed, “Quirrell, the stone!”

“Calm down Cariad,” said Remus gently tucking her back in, “you’re alright now, you’re safe.”

“Hmmm,” she muttered getting further under the covers.

“I was so scared,” she said sobbing gently, “I thought I’d never see you again, or Grandpa, or Susan or Ernie.”

“It’s alright little one,” said Remus stroking her hair, “nobody’s going to hurt you.”

“How long have I been here?”

“Three days,” sighed Remus.

“Remus,” said Dumbledore walking over to the bed, “I need to talk to Beth.”

“I’m not leaving her,” he said firmly.

“I wouldn’t expect anything less,” said Dumbledore smiling slightly, “but I do still need to talk to her.”

“Where’s Quirrell?” asked Beth looking from Remus to Dumbledore as Remus made sure she was comfortable.

“Quirrell is dead,” said Dumbledore simply.

“Did I kill him!” she said putting her hand to her mouth in shock.

“No dear,” said Dumbledore, “you merely weakened him, what really killed him was Voldemort abandoning him, taking the last ounce of Quirrell’s life with him.”

“So Voldemort’s not dead then?” asked Remus.

“No I’m afraid not,” said Dumbledore shaking his head, “in all honesty Remus I never thought he really was dead in the first place.”

“How could he not be dead?” asked Remus.

“I don’t know,” sighed Dumbledore, “all I do know is that ten years ago in Godrics Hollow, instead of killing Voldemort, Beth ripped his soul from his body, his soul has been wondering around for ten years, less than a ghost and spent the last year on the back of our defence teachers head.”

“Sir,” asked Beth “why did Professor Quirrell burn when I touched him?”

“That is an excellent question dear,” nodded Dumbledore, “well, when your mother died, she left you a powerful protection, no not that scar, something more powerful. Your mother sacrificed her life so you might live, she protected you through love. When you touched Quirrell a man who is so full of hatred and greed, it burned him.”

“What about the stone, and Mr Flamel?”

“You have been busy doing your research haven’t you?” he beamed.

“Well the stone has been destroyed, but Nicholas and his wife Perenelle have enough elixir to put their lives in order, but then yes they will die.”

“Oh,” she muttered, “so the stone’s destroyed and Voldemort lives to fight another day?”

“Yes Beth, but you have done a great thing, you did what was right. But yes, unfortunately you will have to face him again someday.”

“Why does she have to face him Albus!” said Remus turning on Dumbledore, “she’s eleven, hasn’t she been through enough even without Voldemort?”

“I know Remus, it doesn’t seem fair” nodded Dumbledore getting up to leave.

Remus shook his head and sat back down next to Beth on the bed.

“Get some sleep little one,” he sighed kissing her on the forehead.

“Uncle Remus?”

“Hmmm?” he muttered.

“Why don’t you like Professor Dumbledore?”

Remus stammered for a moment before smiling.

“I do like him, it’s just he’s put you through a lot and you’re so young, not just Voldemort but the Dursleys too.”

“But that wasn’t his fault,” said Beth, “and it’s ok now because I’m with you.”

“My sweet girl,” sighed Remus, “you’d forgive anyone for anything wouldn’t you?”

“Now come on little one get some sleep.”

“But I’m not tired!” she exclaimed sitting up in bed, “I’ve just slept for three whole days!”

“So, you have,” said Remus laughing slightly, “in that case, I suppose you’ll be wanting to open all of these.”

Remus indicated towards the bedside table which was full of cards and wrapped boxes.

Beth’s eyes lit up with excitement and she started to open her cards and presents. There was get well soon cards from all her friends including one from Hannah that she had drawn. There was mounds of sweets, the boys had sent her cartons of Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans, Hannah and Artie had sent her quilt and Boris from her room, and had also got a promise from Madam Pomfrey that once she was feeling better, Guinevere could come in to visit her.

Ernie had been to the library and got her out some books on the legend of king Arthur and Merlin which was still one of her favourite stories. Susan had been out picking wildflowers for her and had even made a flower crown out of buttercups, Susan knew that Beth loved flowers and her favourite colour was yellow.

“I should get going Beth,” said Remus getting up and kissing her on the forehead.

“Don’t go!” she begged trying to get out of bed and feeling slightly faint.

“Oh no you don’t young lady,” said Remus laughing slightly, “you stay where you are.”

“I don’t want you to go!”

“Don’t you want to see all your friends?” asked Remus raising his eyebrows.

“There’s only five days left in term sweetheart; I’ll see you at home in a week.”

Beth looked somewhat unimpressed but allowed Remus to tuck her back in and leave.

Madam Pomfrey came bustling over with a large number of potions on a tray.

Beth sighed heavily as she walked over.

“Don’t turn your nose up at them,” said Madam Pomfrey firmly, “you need to get your strength up and you’re far too skinny.”

She took a deep breath and grimaced as she swallowed the potions down.

“Can I see my friends now?”

“Once you’ve had something to eat yes.”

Madam Pomfrey brought over a tray of food loaded with sausages, eggs and toast.

She ate as much as she could but couldn’t finish it, there was just too much food on the tray.

“Hmm, that will do to be getting on with,” muttered Pomfrey nodding.

“Mr Macmillan and Miss Bones have been trying to be let in for the last three days, would you like to see them?”

“Please!” begged Beth.

Susan and Ernie came rushing into the Hospital Wing.

“Beth!” exclaimed Susan giving her a huge hug.

“We’ve been so worried,” she sobbed.

“Um Beth quick question,” said Ernie, “did you know that you were going to be facing You Know Who in that chamber?”

“I had a feeling,” she muttered biting her lip.

“So, you’re telling me that we sent you to your death?”

Beth nodded.

“You’re so brave!” said Susan giving her an even bigger hug.

“If you’d died I don’t what we would have done,” said Ernie shaking his head, “you’re the glue that sticks us all together.”

“You’re exaggerating,” muttered Beth blushing bright red.

“Oh, did we tell you,” said Susan, “we all aced the History exam.”

“Really?” asked Beth.

“Yep,” beamed Ernie, “we even beat the Ravenclaws, you came top of the year.”

“You’re joking right?”

The day before the end of term, Beth was finally allowed to leave the Hospital Wing in time for the leaving feast.

Beth went into the Great Hall and sat down between Ernie and Susan.
She was still exhausted but was just happy to be with her friends, and she was going home tomorrow.

“Hey Beth,” smiled Artie as Beth sat down.

“You missed a great match,” said Artie, “we beat Gryffindor 200 to 50.”

“That’s great,” smiled Beth.

“All hail the great saviour who made us ace the History exam!” said Zacharias.

“Seconded!” said Justin raising his goblet.

“To Beth!” said Neville.

Beth blushed as she ate her dinner.

At the end of the feast Dumbledore got up to announce the winner of the house cup.

Dumbledore began to read out the house points “in fourth place, Gryffindor with three hundred and twelve points; in third Hufflepuff with three hundred and fifty-two; Ravenclaw have four hundred and ten and Slytherin four hundred and twenty-six”

The Slytherin table burst into applause, and Draco Malfoy banged his goblet up and down on the table.

“I do however have some last-minute points to announce!”

“To Mr Ernie Macmillan for the great use of flying and helping his friend, I award fifty points.”

The Hufflepuff house clapped and Justin patted him on the back.

“To Miss Susan Bones, for an excellent game of chess, and for the cool use of intellect when facing great danger, I award fifty points.”

There was an even louder round of applause.

“We’re ahead of Slytherin!” said Artie pumping her fist in the air as Hannah jumped up and down in excitement.

“And finally,” finished Dumbledore, “to Miss Elizabeth Potter, I award sixty points, for facing greater danger than many full trained wizards, and not giving into temptation of greed even if might have been the easier option.”

There was uproar, the Hufflepuff table were jumping up and down and yelling, they had never won anything.
Professor Dumbledore beamed as he changed the banners from green and silver to black and yellow.

“You are brilliant Beth!” said Ernie giving her a hug.

“I couldn’t have done any of it without you two.”

The next morning, they all got the train home. Guinevere was fed up about having to go in the basket and having to leave her friend Mrs Norris behind.

Beth shared a carriage with Ernie, Susan, Neville Zacharias and Justin.

“One final round?” suggested Ernie pulling out a carton of Bertie Botts.

“You boys are disgusting!” said Susan shaking her head.

Susan kept score whilst the boys ate the beans.

Beth was still a bit tired from fighting Quirrell so she just watched, at one point she must have fallen asleep because when she woke up, she was leaning into Susan.

“Wake up sleepy head,” chuckled Zacharias nudging her.


“We didn’t wake you up earlier because you looked so tired,” said Neville.

“Also, you looked adorable sleeping into Susan,” chuckled Justin, “we’re nearly in London though.”

“Sorry Sus,” said Beth getting up.

“That’s ok I didn’t mind.”

As Beth looked out the window, she saw that they were pulling into platform nine and three quarters.

She pulled her trunk and Guinevere’s basket out of the train and looked around frantically for Remus or Lyall.

“Hey there Cariad!” beamed Lyall giving her a hug and taking her luggage.

“Hi Grandpa!” she said hugging him back.

“Hi there little Beth,” said Remus giving her a huge hug, “I’ve missed you so much!”

“We’ll see you in a few days ok Beth?” said Susan as she found her own parents.

“Let’s get you home little one,” said Remus putting an arm around her.

“Home sounds good,” beamed Beth as they headed out to the car.

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