Beyond the reef


An experiment went wrong on Halloween in 1997 causing 38 deaths and even more unexplainable creatures. Experiments such as fish with human brains and mutant turtles went terribly wrong causing the deaths of many loved ones, Locke,Atlanta and uncle billy all think they’re on their way to the lost city of Atlantis but they have no idea of the danger ahead. Inspired by: R.L. STINE two of his characters and one of his boats were used in this story based on deep trouble and creep from the deep, this is BEYOND THE REEF. Enjoy

Adventure / Mystery
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Loud footsteps and loud roars filled the room, but Atlanta had no fear for the danger coming her way
“STOMP STOMP STOMP ROOOAAAR, the loch-ness monster is hungry”
Atlanta glared up from her book giving her brother a death stare
“Oh come on Atlanta your meant to scream or something!” Said Locke. Locke likes to call himself the loch-ness monster cause of his name, Locke had dark black hair and icy blue eyes. Locke and Atlanta DONT look like they get along but in reality they’re the best of friends that is when Locke is being normal.
“And why would I scream at you Locke?” Atlanta said while she seemed to be glaring into her brothers soul.
Atlanta was a spitting image of her mother sheena, they both had dark black hair and pale skin the only thing different about them is the eyes. Atlanta has one blue eye and one brown eye her whole family is always jealous of her beauty.
Kids! Dinner time.”
Atlanta and billy walked into the kitchen and screamed as they saw a terrifying face holding a knife dripping with a red liquid.
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