The Good Life


Harry is the love of Amelia's life, she'd do anything for him. He'd do anything for her including killing a man.

Romance / Drama
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Alleged Mafia Heir to be released after grueling parole hearing. Prosecution extremely displeased.

I couldn’t help but laugh at the media’s need to add the second piece to their headline. We understood that this was the only charge they could get him for legitimately, his parole was a done deal though.

His trial much to the people’s lawyer’s dismay was just a show for the public. The judge had already decided Harry had paid his debt to society with the large amount of money George had donated to the prison.

It was an irritating show for Harry’s father and I. It was only a parole hearing. Harry was supposed to atone for what he did. Not be retried for his alleged crime.

A case that should’ve only taken a half hour took three. With several interjections from the attorneys trying to keep my husband behind bars, it took another half hour. It was utterly pointless.

Of course we had several character witnesses testify on Harry’s behalf but the DA managed to find the one guard who didn’t want Harry to be released.

He wasn’t anything but a nuisance and a creep. My husband, clever as he was, had his attorney question the CO about his disreputable actions toward me and it sealed the deal. The CO’s testimony was thrown out and Harry received his release date.

“Why did they have to use that one?” I questioned aloud to George as we sat at the table having a small breakfast, “I look so pudgy in this one.”

My father-in-law chuckled heartily as we looked over the photo on the front page of the newspaper. Horrible angle, Harry looked fantastic since he was the one leaning down to kiss me. I however looked like Ms. Piggy.

“My dear it’s just the baby bump.” George said with a pat on the shoulder, “You are not pudgy you’re pregnant.”

Oh right. Pregnant. Morning sickness, fatigue, weight gain and oh yeah a tiny human that would be part me part Harry. How could I forget?

That definitely put my world on a tilt.

Don’t get me wrong I was happy but it had me thinking about some things I never really bothered with prior. Like how secure was our home really? Or how can we childproof the weaponry?

How do we keep the baby safe from enemies of the family?

More importantly, how do I broach the subject with my husband?

George reassured me his son would be thrilled but I had a nagging suspicion in my gut that while that could be true he was going to have some hang ups as well.

How domestic can a mafia heir be?

If I were to have a baby I always imagined that I would give that child what I never had from my parents. Two loving parents who adored them and each other.

Parents who went to every school recital and practice, who took their children to the park and little adventures on Holiday.

Harry wouldn’t be able to do that; he was gone every week for business before he got locked up for me. His father already began making his appointments for the week after his return home.

I had to beg George for a week’s time with my husband without any business to interrupt us. Poor man needed time to get acclimated again.

I didn’t want to interrupt his life when he already did so much for me. Almost two years in prison for me was enough.

I was at a loss. I wasn’t sure what to do. I should’ve told Harry to pull out. We could’ve used a condom if not I would’ve been on some form of birth control.

Too late now.

“Amelia?” My father-in-law asked in concern, “Are you alright?”

I nodded quickly, rubbing my clammy palms against the material of my leggings. “I’m alright just lost in thought.”

“Harry’s always wanted a child,” George said with a smile, “He’ll be over the moon dove I’m sure about it.”

“Thanks George I don’t know why I’m so nervous.”

“You haven’t properly been together in awhile; gotta learn each other’s quirks again. I’m sure that’s all it is.”

“Me too.” I conceded just wanting the conversation to be over.

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