Spirit of the west


Strider’s father is the leader of the herd, but Strider has a brother-Kabooki. Strider and Kabooki have a fight over who will be leader but Strider looses and is kicked out of the herd, Strider meets a rogue mare named Esperanza, they fall in love. Strider is caught by humans and misses the birth of his own son. Trained to be a pet horse Strider has given up on life till he sees a buckskin stallion defeat the master. Strider is determined to find his family. When he returns Kabooki has completely token over Strider’s herd, Spirit and Kabooki fight but Kabooki is too powerful, Strider must save his heard but how? Ps.This story is not based off of anything I made it up from imangination.

Action / Mystery
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Chapter 1

It was a dark and stormy day, the wind was rustling the trees, the rain was coming down hard, streaks of lightning came crashing down, claps of thunder boomed and pitch black clouds surrounded the sky. The perfect day to figure out who will take over Storm’s leader ship of the herd.
Strider and his brother Kabooki would be battling to see who would be the new leader. The loser would have to leave the herd forever. Strider has been training with his step father. Kabooki has been training with their father. Strider thought that was unfair but Strider always knew Kabooki as the weak one.
Strider and Kabooki started to fight, Kabooki was so strong. Strider turned around and kicked his back legs at Kabooki but he missed. Kabooki pushes Strider down to the ground. Strider went to get up but then Kabooki put his hoof on Strider’s neck. Strider was having a hard time breathing because of Kabooki’s hoof on his neck.
“Our winner! Kabooki has won the fight and now I hate to say it but Strider is kicked out of the herd forever”Storm cheered.
Once Kabooki took his hoof off of Strider’s neck, Strider started to cough really hard. Strider got up embarrassed by his defeat, he limped away. Strider would need to find a new home, even a new herd. Strider just had to stay away from those humans.
Strider found a nice valley to relax in, there was a big river in the back, a small hill and beautiful mountains at the back. This would be the perfect place to start a herd, start a family, or a good new home for a weak rogue.

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