Turn Red

Chapter 2

Gon and I help the other crew members pulling a rope of some kind that's supposed to do something to help us survive the MASSIVE FREAKING STORM COMING RIGHT AT US! I wasn't really paying attention to the explanation, just the instructions to PULL LIKE HELL!

While Kurapika and Leorio are staring at each other and doing nothing to help at all.

"Take back what you said! Take back your words and I'll forgive you Leorio!" Kurapika shouts over the storm.

"How many times must I repeat myself? You should show me some respect. I won't back down." Leorio draws a knife in the middle of his response.

"Then I have no choice..." I barely manage to hear Kurapika say as he pulls out a pair of wooden sticks.

Suddenly, all of the people pulling the rope opposite the rope Gon and I are pulling fall and the one scrawny guy who was getting bullied earlier happens to still be attached.


Gon shouts after him as he flies between Kurapika and Leorio and right over the side of the boat. Both of them make an attempt to grab him, but don't make it to the side of the boat in time. And Gon goes flying between the two of them right over the side of the boat to save a guy we only met today. That's when I finally release the rope and try to run to the side of the boat. A true goddamn hero Gon is.

He grabs the guy while Kurapika and Leorio grab Gon and pull them back over the side of the boat.

Damn idiot. I'm gonna kill 'im.

"YOU IDIOT!" Leorio is shouting when I finish my now casual walk over to them.

If we hadn't grabbed your legs, you'd be shark bait now!"

I walk around Gon as to be level with Kurapika and Leorio.

"I agree with Leorio-san. WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING!" I shout at the little green-clad dumbass before me.

"But they grabbed my legs, and I'm fine. So what's the big deal?" He asks, smiling innocently.

"Wha-What's the big deal? WHAT'S THE BIG DEAL? Are you serious? What the HELL would I have done if you had died! You are literally the only friend I have! I don't REMEMBER WHO I AM! If you had died... I wouldn't... Have anything. I'd have just gone right back to Whale Island, stayed with Mito-san. I'd have no chance of ever remembering me. HOW WOULD YOU HAVE FELT THEN!?"

His smile drops almost immediately.

"I-I... Sorry." He says.

I breath deeply. Trying to keep myself from busting again.

"It's okay. They did catch you. And you're fine. So I guess I can let this reckless act go. But the next one, I'm gonna kick your ass!" This is about the millionth time I've said this to him.

"Gon!" The guy Gon saved shouts as he comes running towards us.


"Thank you for saving me Gon!"

Then he looks over to Kurapika and Leorio.

"Thank you as well." He bows to them.

"No, you don't need to thank me." Kurapika replies.

"Well.. I'm glad you're okay." I guess Leorio isn't just a greedy bastard.

"Yeah, I'll be returning to my station." The guy says before running off again.

Kurapika's face goes from a grim one to a smile instantly.

And I know that smile.

I know that smile like I know my own damn scars.

"What?" Leorio asks.

"I apologize for my rude behavior. My apologies, Leorio-san." I barely hear what he says, I'm so focussed on trying to pull at this string I have based on Kurapika's smile.

"Wh-What's with the sudden change? We sound like strangers... Just call me Leorio... Leorio works."

We seem like strangers.

Implying they know each other better.

"I'm also sorry. I take back everything I said. I was wrong."

"No, it's alright."

The captain's loud booming laughter comes from the doorway, effectively bringing a pair of scissors to my thread and losing what I had of it.

A smile.

A blond-haired boy older than me.

A brown-haired one shorter than the blond.

And that's all I got.

"I like you guys! I'll take personal responsibility for you four to the port closest to the exam site." He continues.

"WHAT THE HELL!" I shout at him.

"Huh?" Basically all of them say in unison.

"DAMMIT! I WAS SO CLOSE!" I shout, slapping my hands to my temples and staring down at the wood.

"What are you talking about Yuno?" Leorio asks.

"Remembering something! I had almost remembered something! And I lost it! DAMN IT ALL!" I shout.

"Did you get anything? Anything at all?" Gon asks.

"No. Nothing helpful." I reply.

His face sinks.

"I'm sure it'll come back soon!" He brightens again.

"Yeah, I'm sure."

The captain begins his walk back into the ship Gon, Leorio, and Kurapika begin to follow him, but I grab Kurapika's sleeve and hold him back.

"I want to talk to you for a second." I whisper, "Privately."

We wait for the others to go back inside the ship before he turns to face me.

"What is it?" He demands.

"This may sound like a weird question... but... do you... do you... know me?" I ask.

He seems surprised. Surprised but not in a bad way.

He hesitates to answer.

"No. I don't know you." He replies.

"Then why were you staring at me earlier? Like you were surprised?" I question.

"Because you look remarkably similar to someone I did know." He states.

"And why can't I be her?"

"Because she died five years ago."

Then he turns away from me, and walks into the ship.

"How old are you?" The kid riding the skateboard asks Gon.

"I'm 12!" Gon states.

Then the kid almost immediately jumps off his skateboard.

"If you're running I guess I'll run too." The kid says.

Gon smiles at him, his signature happy 'I won' smile.

"What's your name?" Gon asks the kid.

"Killua. What's yours?" Killua, what an odd name.

"I'm Gon! And these are my friends." He gestures to me, Kurapika, and Leorio.

"I'm Yuno." I introduce myself, smiling kindly.

"I'm Kurapika."

"And I'm Leorio."

But Killua seems to ignore us. Focussing on a conversation with Gon.

I don't blame him. I'd rather talk to bright bubbly Gon than me, blond emo, and old man any day.

Though Leorio claims to be a teenager, 19 in fact, I don't believe it. There's no WAY he's only 19.

If he's 19, I'm 8.

After about another half hour of running in silence, Killua looks at Gon with a playful fire in his deep blue eyes.

"Hey Gon, you wanna race?" Killua asks.


And then they take off down the tunnel at about three times my top speed.

They're fast.

"DAMMIT! I won't fail!" Leorio shouts. "Screw it! I don't care if I look ridiculous! I will not fail!"

"Why don't you just give up Leorio?" I ask the clearly exhausted 30-something-year-old.

"Because I need to pass! I need to get the money for medical school!" He shouts with determination in his voice.

"Med School?" I ask.

"YEAH! My best friend died of a curable disease! All because the procedure was too DAMN EXPENSIVE!" He shouts.

That's why he's here then. Not just because he wants to be rich. Because he wants to help people.

That's a more noble goal than mine. I know that for damn sure.

"I want to be able to talk to kids with the disease, and tell them I'll save them. Completely free of charge. Save people like Pietro."

I stop prying. If Leorio doesn't want to talk anymore. I won't make him talk anymore.

I stand next to Kurapika on the sidelines of the match about to start between Leorio and some old samurai dude I don't know the name of. Gon is still unconscious from the Hanzo fight, during which I got some weird looks from Kurapika, and Killua is taking a breather from his fight with... um... his name... was... Illumi. Yeah. Illumi.

Leorio seems tense. Like he's not sure he'll be able to win.

But, he doesn't even have to find out.

Because Killua walks up right behind the old guy, pulls his claws out, and runs them through the old man's flesh. Leaving a pile of blood, flesh, and bones where a living breathing human used to be.

The entire human contents of the room is shocked at Killua's actions. But that's not the only detail I notice in the sea of panic.

Killua's eyes are hollow. Missing the fun gleam that he's had for the rest of the hunter exam. Which means one of two things, either Killua's been faking this whole time in an attempt to get closer to us, or that's not Killua.

Killua throws open the large metal doors and walks out, still spattered in blood.

What's Gon gonna say when he wakes up? What's Gon gonna DO when he wakes up?

Probably something stupid and irresponsible.

Dammit Gon.

"Master Killua doesn't have any friends." The butler says over the phone before hanging up.

Rookie mistake.

Gon quickly sets the phone down on the table, redials and picks it back up.


"I'm afraid Master Killua is busy at the moment. Please leave." The butler replies.

"Hey Gon, can I have the phone for a second?" I whisper.

He nods and hands it to me.

"Alright. Listen up. Either you let us in to see Killua, or we bust through that wall and find him ourselves. We are not leaving without at least talking to Killua. And there is no goddamn way you are convincing us to turn around." I state.

"Please leave." He replies before hanging up again.

Well, that didn't work.

Gon turns the the old buff guy.

"We're not leaving. Not until we see Killua."

Gon's nothing if not stubborn.

And caring.

And a damn good friend.

"We'll meet in Yorknew City on September 1st!" We all declare.

Kurapika and Leorio walk away, Gon waves after them.

Kurapika's walking away.

He's leaving me again.

Kurapika, come back.





"Yuno? Yuno? Are you okay?" Gon asks.

"Uh-Un yeah. Yeah, I'm fine."

I'm not fine.


Who's Pairo?


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