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Love and hate


I hate him. "Oh! Shit, look what a bitchy face to see in the morning?" he mocked her and chuckled with his gang. "Don't you dare to say that again with your awful mouth. I am feeling disgusted already by just seeing your face" She yelled at him. This will consistently happen when they meet each other. There can't be a single day without the insults, whenever they see each other. They simply hate each other. Until that one night. That one night when god decides to play with their life. That one night made a huge difference in her life. What will happen if she fell in love with her bully, the one who she used to hate. It is an Atharva fanfiction. This is the work of pure fiction. short love story

Action / Romance
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“Wake up rupa, It is 8:00 AM, You have college today. Hurry up!”

This is the first and foremost thing I hear practically every morning like an alarm. Yes, it is my mom shouting at me from our kitchen. Who needs an alarm when you got your mom who wakes you up fifteen minutes earlier every time. Soon, I got irritated by the constant yelling and attempted to get up but ended up rolling in my bed for another ten minutes. As you can see I am not a morning person.:)) Before my mom come and whoop my ass up, I got up from my heaven aka bed and started to get ready for my college. When I got out of my room, a sweet aroma filled my nose. Wow, mom is preparing dosa. I got overwhelmed and finished 4 dosas. After bidding goodbye to mom, I started walking towards the bus stop. It’s my second day of college. After about an hour of bus ride finally, I reached my college. As soon as I entered the gate, I saw my friend Anu waving and coming towards me. She has been my best friend and perfect secret keeper of mine for around 10 years. I won’t trust others so easily, she’s one of the people whom I trust other than my family. I am glad we ended up joining the same school and as well as the same college now. Sometimes she can be a little annoying, but I don’t mind it.

“Hey! rups, I am so hungry let’s go and eat something in Canteen.” She said to me while grabbing my hand and started walking towards the canteen.

" You didn’t have breakfast at home?” I asked.

“Nope, I fought with my mom this morning, so I pretended to starve before her, and also I am soooo hungry right now. Are you coming or not?” she frowned at me.

Before she goes insane we went to the canteen and ordered our food. I only ordered snacks, cuz I was already full from the breakfast. When we were receiving the order, we heard a squabble more like a fight outside the canteen. Since it is the second day of our college, we barely knew any of the others. When we showed up to the seat with food, every student in the canteen wind up to see what’s going on. I had no interest in seeing the fight, to be honest, I am lazy af to get up from my seat. So, I refused when anu called me to accompany her for watching the fight. After five minutes, I lost before her stubbornness and decided to check it out.

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