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This is a prequal to 'His Secret Sister' --- What if Lily and Snape had an affair? --- I do not own the harry potter story nor the characters within. This is merely just a fanfiction. It is a story I have written based on the harry potter series, including my own characters. --- Writing Start date - 18/10/2020 End date - 26/10/2020

Romance / Fantasy
Jordan Leigh
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Chapter 1

Lily Evans and Severus Snape were friends when they were in school together at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. That was until she started to date the class bully, James Potter and they soon lost contact. The only kind was brief 'Hellos' and quick glances.

Deep down Lily always felt some kind of love and connection to Severus but never admitted it. Severus felt the same way.

It wasn't until a few years after they graduated school together that they became friends again.

One day they were passing in the street in Diagon alley. They'd been there before together when they were younger to shop for school supplies.

The two started to catch up and slowly become in friends again. They would send letters and meet up every so often. Their friendship made the two very happy but they still had feelings for each other that the other knew nothing about.

One day they had planned to meet up in a small cafe in London. They talked for hours on end. Laughing and slowly feeling those feelings bubbling up again. Lily didn't dare say anything to Severus. She was 7 months Pregnant with her Son after all.

They began seeing each other ever more frequently. This was fine until James became suspicious one Saturday afternoon.

"Lily I don't understand where you're off to all the time. You should be more careful with Voldermort at large." James said to Lily whilst they were eating breakfast. "How many times do I need to say, I am just meeting up with some friends from Hogwarts. There's nothing to worry about." Lily replied coldly.

This wasn't the first time James had become suspicious and asked Lily where she often was and it wouldn't be the last either. He was just genuinely worried about her and his son.

2 months had past and Lily and Severus grew closer and closer again. It was now time for Lily to have her Baby. July 31st Lily Potter had her first child. Supposed only child to some.

A week after Harry's birth Lily began to feel guilty about what she was doing. She was stringing along two guys and not cutting ties with either. She was deeply in love with Severus but she loved James too and had just had his child. What was she going to do?

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