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Diamond Waterfall

Chapter 2

After I had gotten trained B had sold me. I was so sad, but B was just a horse trainer so she sold me to a girl named Lizzy. Lizzy started to compete on me.
We were jumping in classes that were 1 meter tall. It was so much fun. But one day I was put in a paddock with a stallion, he tried to attack me, I fell and hurt my leg really badly. The stallion reared up but then gently landed onto the ground.
“Hello, I am so sorry, I kind of get like this around new horses, my name is Lightning streak, what’s yours?”
“My,my,my, my name is... Dia, Dia..mond. Mg name is Diamond”
From that instance we fell in love. Lizzy came rushing into the paddock and helped me up, she ran her hand down my leg and lifted it up. Lizzy put the halter that she had in her hands onto me then she led me around.
“Oh no! You have gone lame!” Lizzy cried.
I got led into the barn and the vet did a bunch of tests on me.

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