Lightning Streak


Lightning has always dreamt of being a world champion show jumper but life gets in the way with a huge injury and a love story.

Drama / Romance
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

My name is Lightning Streak but you can just call be Lightning. My story is pretty boring but I figured that I would share it.
There is nothing special about my life as a foal. Except for that my father was a world championship show jumper and I wanted to be one day as well.
I soon grew up to be a beautiful stallion I was owned by Lizzy. She was starting to train me to jump. It was so much fun to jump.
Feeling the breeze in my mane and having Lizzy gently land on my back after a jump and getting phrases for clearing a jump.
It was all fun until one day something happened. Lizzy had gotten really hurt from a car crash. I was devastated, a man named Victer Slav took care of me, it wasn’t the same as gentle Lizzy.
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