Two Time Lovin'

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Hey all, I know you are all impatient for the next chapter(s). I’m putting this in to let you know they’re coming, just I’m working on both chapter two and three and will release them together to complete the story. Sorry for taking so long but I have other story projects I’m trying to complete at the same time. So yeah I’m pretty busy and trying out the idea to upload full chapter stories than one by one, just to see how that works. Now that takes up more waiting time so I hope you guys can be patient, pretty please?
And if any of you were wondering, yes Two Time Lovn’ is on AO3, Archive of Our Own, I placed some of my stories there incase some readers prefer AO3 over FFN. So yes that is my story.

Oh and just in case you were confused by my earlier statement, yes it’s only two chapters left til I say complete. The Blood Red Family series as I have planned would contain four stories revolving around three characters, with the stories being only three chapters long. I’m sorry if you expect more from that, but that’s my final say on the matter. But every story will contain smut, which that’s what the next two chapters of Two Time Lovn’ contains. So keep a reserve of tissues for nosebleeds and hold on a little while longer as I complete this story for you guys.

I promise you I haven’t forgotten about this story and never will, just busy with others. No I can’t stay on one fandom at a time, I have to switch out and work on something else. Oh and yea I’ll replace this note with the real chapter two when I upload. I’ll see ya’ll soon!

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