Revenge on Akabane


"The object of the game here is for you to resist me. If you can resist me for the entire rest of the night, then you go free. If you lose, you'll have to become my servant for the rest of the year." Gakushū wants to put Karma in his place. First place is rightfully his and he's going to prove that he belongs on top. Even if he has to dominate the beloved red head.

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This is a sex fanfic, with a yaoi pairing. If you don't like, please leave and let others enjoy it. This will be a 3 chaptered fanfic. The second one will come up soon. Happy (late) Birthday Karma Akabane!

' - thoughts

" - speech

I don't own Assassination Classroom, all rights go to the original owner.


'What is this?'

'This can't be happening!'

'My body's not responding to my commands… no it feels too good…' Karma thought as he unwillingly allowed a moan to softly escape his throat through the gag over his mouth.

'No please no… don't touch there.. don't!' A surprised moan is heard from his throat as a hand touches further down his body. 'How again did it get to this?' The boy thought before letting his memories flash back to before all this happened.


The red head delinquent was walking home from school early today, only because he was bored after last period's test so he left after he completed it and turned the paper in. He took a longer path down the mountain, one that would end up in front of the school campus rather than the back like normal. While walking down, he thought over the last few attempts at the octopus's life during school today to see if any thing was a hint to use in the final assassination later on.

If not, then agreeing to save the crazy being was part of the promise he made with Nagisa after their little fight. 'It sure was one hell of a fight, I must admit it. And fun to despite all that went down.' He smiled at the thought as he reached the bottom of the mountain.

Once he was close to the school gates, the bell rang signaling that school was out for the weekend. At least he's able to beat most of the crowd to the streets.

He takes out an iPod and places the earbuds in and presses play on the device. It was left on shuffle when he was skipping Science today. He could say that he was bored if it wasn't for the Chemistry whiz Okuda sneaking glances at him whenever she was in his group in the last few days. According to Nakamura and Kayano, she has a crush on him but he didn't pay much mind to the chattering girls when he was walking home with them yesterday.

He will admit that Okuda was cute but when around him, she spoke too low for him to hear but when she was around the rest of the class, she spoke loudly. 'Must be because she's nervous. Heard that happens when someone likes another.' He stopped by a vending machine to grab a drink just as his cell buzzed. Placing in the coins and pressing a random button as he answered, he saw it was a text message from Nagisa.

Hey, you left pretty early. You want to hangout?

He punched in a few keys for a reply. Sorry, not feeling up for it much. How about tomorrow? We can go Karaoke or something, my treat. He opened up his drink and takes a sip before Nagisa replied back.

Sure. Sounds like fun. See you tomorrow then!

Yeah. Have a nice evening little buddy. He continued to head home. Opting to walk instead of take the train, he headed the long way home. As Karma walked past the park, a couple kids came running out and bumped into him. "Oops sorry mister." One of the kids said with a short bow to Karma.

Karma looked down and smiled. "It's okay. Either of you two hurt?" They shook their heads no.

"Haijime! Susumu! Get back over here, it's time to go home!" A loud female's voice called over. Karma looked up with the kids to see a girl, she looked as if she was in elementary school, with her hands on her hips.

"Yes Sakura-nii-san." The boys apologized again to the older boy before running over to the girl.

'That name sounds familiar.' Looking closely, he could see a stern girl with bubblegum pink hair, cut to her chin. She looked up at Karma and walked closer to him. "I'm sorry if these two were bothering you."

"It's fine. They weren't doing any harm." He assured the girl.

Once close enough, the girl stopped and gave him a proper apology and bow. "I must insist. I turn my eyes away for a second and the two were gone." She looked up with calm hazel eyes. "Tell me, do you go to that popular junior high school on the hill over there?"

"Why?" Sipping his drink, not really answering the question.

"You look familiar. Wait yeah, you were with Nagisa-onii-chan back at the orphanage!" Her eyes grew wide and glinted with excitement.

'Ah. Now the girl is familiar to me now. She's the one Nagisa was tutoring the entire time we were there.' "What about it?" He asked, not fazed by the excited young girl.

"Oh nothing in particular. Nagisa-onii-chan was going to take me to a water park next week when it was warm with a couple of his friends. He spoke highly of taking you with us."

Karma's expression went from bored looking to interested. "How can you be sure it was me he was talking about."

She giggled. "That's easy. He said that his best friend had the reddest hair ever and mischievous eyes that was always plotting the next prank from a mile away."

Karma chucked, "That's quite a description."

"Mhm," She nodded then tilted her head a little. "So you are coming to the water park with us next week right?"

"Well when you put it that way, I wouldn't miss it for the world."

Sakura smiled as her face lit up in happiness. "Great. I got to go now but I can't wait to see you and Nagisa-onii-chan there! Bye!" She waved before running off with the two boys to meet with an elderly man.

Karma waved back and turned to head home. But something didn't feel right. He felt as if he was being watched. Looking behind him, he saw nothing, just people walking by. From school or work, heading home for the day in the orange glow of the late afternoon. Scanning the area carefully, he noted a few hiding spots a person could hide in to avoid suspicion from people passing by while they watched the park. 'Hm. If someone was watching me, why and who? I should just be careful getting home.' He shrugged off the feeling and headed home. Dropping off his can in the trash, he placed his hands in his pockets, whistling to the tune currently playing on his iPod.

A few meters behind him, a figure cautiously stalked him. "Not much longer now Akabane." The stalker muttered quietly.

The red head took a short cut home through a few alleyways. His feeling of being watched was growing so he decided to see if he really was being followed by zigzagging through the different alleys. His stride was fast enough for him to quietly drop a few cans on the ground before turning the next corner. A few moments later, he heard one of the cans being kicked. 'I am being followed. Let's see who it is.' He ducked behind the nearest dumpster and waited.

One minute passed, then two, then three. Karma was confused. He was about a four yards from the cans lying on the ground and the stalker who was following closely should have passed by or he would have heard their footsteps leave. He waited for another couple of minutes before cautiously coming out of his hiding spot. He walked carefully towards the alley with the cans, defensive hand stance in place. He turned the corner before a long rod was thrusted out towards him.

It was a stun gun with high electricity aimed towards his stomach. He tried to dodge the attack but the rod hit him in the side. He backed up and fell to one knee, Karma tried to look up to his attacker before he was kicked in the jaw by his attacker's knee. He hit the ground and the assailant used the opportunity to use the stun gun on him once more so he would pass out.

"Damn you," Karma hissed as the darkness started to fog his senses. "You're dead when I wake up... I swear of it.. ugh..." He finally succumbed to the darkness from the pain.

His attacker put the stun gun away in a backpack before lifting him up and dragging him out of the alley. There was a car parked closely to the exit, his attacker placed Karma on the ground and made sure that the rope he was securing him with would keep him in place. Lifting the red head into the car, the assailant, motioned for the driver to take off. Karma stirred a little before the assailant placed a damp piece of cloth over his noise so he would fall back into a deep sleep. "Heh, famous Akabane was that easy to take down? Whatever. There's much in store for you later my pet. I promise."

What happened to Karma? Who's the kidnapper? Find out in the next chapter. Please review!

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