Revenge on Akabane

Gakushū Gains a New Pet

Here’s chapter 2, plenty of lemons for you guys. Me as the writer, is not responsible for any blood loss in this fic. Please hold on to the tissues and enjoy the read.

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“Mm…” Drowsy, Karma slowly woke up from his deep sleep. ‘Where am I?’ He looked around the small room he was in, about half the size of the classroom. A non-conspicuous room with walls of a creamy tan color, with a light shade of blue ceiling, a simple hanging fan with a light was in the middle of it, a small table seated with a chair in front of it, to the left side of Karma. The wall in front of him and the wall to the right of him were blank with no windows. There was a large and sturdy looking door behind him, closed and locked he guessed.

Yawning slightly, he stretched his arms above his head. No wait; his arms are tied tightly behind his back. Shaking his head to rid himself of his sleepiness, he took a better look at his surroundings. He was strapped to a leather chair and his arms tied behind the back of it. By the feel and sound, he guessed that he was chained up in handcuffs. To make sure he stayed in place, his legs were taped to the legs of the seat while his arms were also taped to the back of the chair and rope was around his waist to keep him planted. ‘Someone went to great lengths to make sure I was secure. But who?’ Thinking back, he remembers being attacked but he couldn’t remember his attacker’s face. ‘Hm.. my vision’s a little blurry. But I do remember the eyes, they were dark red or dark purple… which one?’

A loud slam of a door disrupted the red head’s thoughts. A few clicking sounds and a creak came after. He dropped his head down to pretend as if he was sleeping still once a soft sound of a heavy door was shut behind him. “So my pet has yet to awaken. Shouldn’t be much longer though, the chloroform is just wearing off.” A smooth, slick voice noted behind him.

‘That voice sounds awfully familiar but where have I heard it from?’ Karma listened carefully as the newcomer’s footsteps headed his way. They stopped just behind him and even though his heart was racing, he kept his breathing at a constant pace. Trying not to draw attention to his kidnapper.

With his dark purple eyes scanning his victim, he noticed that Karma was indeed awake by the way his chest rose up and down. Smirking, he leaned down close to Karma’s ear before whispering; “I know you’re awake, Akabane~.”

Karma’s eyes snapped open when he realized who was his kidnapper. “Interesting. So the dog noticed I was awake after studying me up close? What took you so long to figure it out Second Place?” He looked up with a smirk at the frowning face of Gakushū Asano.

“Big words coming from someone trapped like an animal.” He circled the chair to make sure all the bonds holding the red head were in place. He also checked to make sure they were still tightened enough that he couldn’t move.

Karma watched him with cautious eyes. He noted that the keys to the handcuffs weren’t on him that he could see. Nor was there any knife or sharp weapon he could use to break free. “So are you going to tell me why I’m here, trapped as you say?” He asked once Gakushū finally moved back in front.

Gakushū thought for a minute before replying. “How about tell me how you cheated on the finals and confess to why you did it? You’re an E class delinquent, only good you are for is blue-collar work, very low class. If not orange collared work with your history.” He smirked at the last part of his sentence.

“Very funny Second Place. I actually studied hard enough to earn the title of perfect score. There is a thing in the system saying that if an E class student makes it in the top fifty, they can go back to A, B, C, or D class. Whichever one they were ejected from. Me however, I’m enjoying E class. Less constricting rules and more fun. Besides, I might enjoy having such a fun rival to tease.” He grinned after explaining his answer. “Though, dogs that went from high class to second rate, might get a chance to work with me in the low paying jobs. Right Second Place-”

Gakushū smacked him before he finished. “One thing you’re going to learn here is to call me Master. Not dog, nor Second Place. Hear that E class scum?”

A bit surprised on that last physical attack, Karma remained cool and collected. His playful smile was still up as he looked up and the scowling strawberry roan. “That wasn’t very nice Second Place. You should let people finish talking first or they’ll think you’re rude.”

“Shut up! What do you know about manners?” He circled Karma once again.

“A lot more than a pitiful puppy does-” A punch in the gut caused the red head to cough and groan lowly. He was starting to get really pissed off as his attacker was. But before he could speak again, Gakushū had his hand on Karma’s chest from the back and quickly found a new target.

“Call me a puppy again, I dare you.” He whispered challengingly into Karma’s ear.

“Pitiful, lonely puppy- ow!” Gakushū twisted his nipple hard in return. Karma flinched; it really did hurt like hell. After a few seconds, Gakushū let go but kept his hand hovering over the spot. “Hurts doesn’t it? A lot more pain is to follow. I’ve got this night all planned out for us, Akabane. Tell me, are you a virgin?”

“Who wants to know?” He spat. ‘Damn this guy doesn’t beat around the bush but I’m not going to fall for any of his tricks.’

The student council president smiled as he circled back around to the front of his victim. Pulling on the shirt, he ripped Karma’s shirt open, buttons flying off in different directions, leaving his shirt open for Gakushū to play with. He looked at his rival’s chest and saw how fit the other boy actually was. He licked his lips as his eyes traced a line from the boy’s neck down to his waist. “Like what you see?” Karma’s voice broke his concentration as he looked back up to a smug face. Clicking his tongue, Gakushū walked over to the table in the room and pulled out a bag from one of its drawers.

Taking out a rod, Karma recognized it as the stun gun used on him earlier. He flinched as he remembered the pain. Gakushū smirked at him when he saw Karma’s eyes follow the rod with caution. “Recognize this? I’m sure you do. Don’t worry though, it’s not at max strength as it was earlier so it won’t knock you out.” He walked back over and stood in front. Fixing Karma’s shirt so it opened up all the way, he took the rod and used it to electrocute the nipple he twisted earlier.

Karma gasped in pain. “The hell you doing you bastard?”

The strawberry roan haired boy chuckled. “We’re going to play a little game. It involves with you telling me the truth. If I feel as if you’re lying, you will get shocked from this stun gun at medium power. That you just felt right there was nothing more than low power. Oh and I have enough battery life to give you electrical shocks for three whole days continuously if I wanted.” He made sure to include as he watched the red head’s face turn from glaring to somewhat scared.

“Alright, first question. Did you cheat on this semester’s mid terms?” Gakushū asked, starting off simple.

“No I did not.” Karma watched the stun gun more than he watched Gakushū.

“Next question, did you cheat on this semester’s final exams?”

“I told you already, no I did not.” He moved the stun gun over to the other nipple and gave it an electrical shock. Karma winced, it felt painful than the last.

“Tell me the truth.”

“I am! I studied for that one even after you asked us to beat you in finals! Che, I learned not to judge my opponent so lightly so I crammed and studied until my brain actually hurt.” Karma explain, gold meeting violet as he told the truth.

Gakushū scanned his face for any lies and concluded that he was telling the truth for now. “Alright, then what’s so special about E class this year?”

“We got a lot of good students that hid their talent up til now.” Karma lied and got a stab in the gut with the stun gun.

“Try again.”

“We got an excellent teacher who actually teaches us something, rather than those crappy boring ones from the main campus.” Gakushū rolled his eyes before giving both nipples another zap.

“That’s for the insult on the hard working staff. So is your teacher an octopus?”

Karma looked up in surprise. ‘Crap! I got to figure up a good lie, even if I die from all these shocks.’ Noticing the surprise on his face, the boy above smirked.

“Heh, what kind of stupid question is that puppy?” A zap in the ribs. “Of course octopuses can’t talk, you’re delusional.” Another zap in the gut, a bruise was starting to form in that area but neither seemed to care at the moment. “I knew you were stupid but I didn’t think you had the brain of a three year old too. Quiet an imagination.” Another six shocks in both nipples, which left Karma gasping for breath.

Gakushū turned off the stun gun and placed it back on the table. ‘Hm. I’m going to have to try a different method.’

“Very well then. Let’s start with taming you instead. To be my slave of course.” He stated, walking back over behind Karma.

Karma spat in response. “How about you let me go instead asshole?”

“Now that wouldn’t be any fun at all.” Pulling out a crimson collar with studs around it, out of his pocket, he reached around front to tie it around Karma’s neck. But Karma wasn’t having it; he bit down hard on Gakushū’s hand when it reached around. His sharp canines really came in handy this time around, digging deep into the other boy’s hand.

Gakushū cursed in pain before pinching and twisting a nipple with his free hand, very roughly. It was enough for Karma to lose his grip on the other’s hand. Gakushū decided to drop the collar for later uses. He used his now freed hand with a bite mark on it, to travel down to Karma’s crotch level and squeeze roughly. Karma gasped, “Dirty trick, really dirty you damn dog.” He growled.

To his surprise, Gakushū didn’t hit him. More like he took both hands off of him and headed back towards the table. Reaching into his book bag, he dug out a cell phone that was buzzing. He turned it on to look at the message. While Karma was catching his breath, Gakushū put the phone into his pocket and headed out. “Excuse me for a bit. There’s some business I need to take care of. Oh and while I do, there will be a maid to come in and give you a change of clothes. Please be nice to her and cooperate or I can bring in one of your friends in to torture right in front of you. That little bluenette who’s always clinging to you might be fun to break~.” He chuckled a little before exiting.

“You bastard! Leave Nagisa and the rest of class E out of this!” Karma yelled at him, hoping it would get through to him, somehow. Sighing, Karma waited on the maid to come in and he could probably steal a chance to break free. He didn’t have to wait long though, about a few minutes after Gakushū left, a maid walked into the room, holding a pair of keys as a necklace and a bag of clothes. ‘Damn, does professor Bitch have a twin or what?’ The maid had a huge bust, almost bigger than Irnia’s, with long black hair and a model’s body and face.

She walked over to Karma with a bag and sat in his lap. She reached behind him, smothering his face in her breasts while unlocking his cuffs and cutting the tape. Working quickly, she pressed her chest against his face again, allowing him to quickly lose consciousness for about a minute. She changed his blazer and shirt into another shirt before handcuffing him behind the back once more. Moving down, she cut the tape on his legs while leaving the rope around his waist. She removed both his pants and underwear and replaced them with panties and a short red, plaid skirt that almost reached to his knees. She also changed his shoes into little red heels that were a couple inches high.

Once done, she picked up his clothes and hurried out of the room as quiet as she came in.

Karma came to after she hooked on the skirt. Looking at his new clothes, a girl’s uniform, not from the Kunugigaoka Academy junior high school girl uniforms. “Just what is that son of a bitch planning to do with me now? Ow.” Looking up behind him, stood the person he wanted to kill more than Koro-sensei at this point.

“Behave. Now, let’s play another game.” He walked around to the front so he could observe the new attire Karma was currently wearing.

“No fucking way! I’m not playing another one of your games, now let me go now!” Karma yelled at him, pissed.

“Such language.” He tisked playfully at Karma with a smile. “Don’t worry, after this game, if you win, you get to go free. But if you lose, you’ll have to become my servant for the rest of the year. The object of the game here is for you to resist me. If you can resist me for the entire rest of the night, then you go free. If not,” His grin grew into a smirk, very confident of the outcome. “Well, let’s just get started shall we? No strings attached.”

He waited for Karma to think it over before allowing him to come closer. “Fine but on one condition. If I go free, you have to give half of A class’s funding’s to E class. No strings attached right?” Karma waited on Gakushū’s answer.

He nodded. “Fair enough, now let’s take you into another room so you can complete a task for me.” He untied the rope and pulled Karma to his feet. Letting Karma find his balance, he led him into another room through a narrow hallway, keeping the red head in front of him at all times and holding on to the cuffs.

“Kinda tight around here.” Karma noted. The room they left was at the end of the hall while in the middle, there was another door hidden in the wall. Gakushū opened it and pushed Karma inside. Inside there was a small queen sized bed with chocolate brown sheets and several pillows. There was a small closet, small fireplace, a door to a bathroom, and a window with a little sitting ledge. “Cozy I guess.”

Gakushū led Karma to the bed and forced him to stand in front of it. “Now, I’m sure you’ve seen this before right?” He dug into his pocket to fish out the key necklace the maid was wearing. Karma nodded. “These are the keys to free your hands and for you to gain access out of the house. Now if you want them, go fetch.” He tosses the necklace under the bed, making Karma go under to get them.

“Che. You’re joking right?” He looked at the strawberry roan haired companion who shook his head no.

“You either get a hold of those keys somehow and you can hold on to them for the rest of the night. Or I can call up the one who you call Nagisa and-”

“Alright fine! I’ll get the damn keys.” Karma grumbled before getting down on his knees then sliding under the bed. While his upper body was under the bed looking, his lower half was out where Gakushū could play.

Grinning, he walked over and smacked Karma’s ass. “Ow! The hell was that for?”

“Remember, this is part of the main game.” Gakushū reminded the red head by smacking his ass a few more times. Grumbling curses could be heard under the bed. “Get to work finding those keys or your punishment would be a lot worse.” He lifted up the skirt to admire a panty-covered ass before smacking it hard a few times.

A few more grumbles and ’ow’s were heard as Karma looked for the keys. He spotted them finally and before he got the chance to reach further for them, he felt cool air on his ass. ‘Don’t tell me..’ His eyes widened as he felt Gakushū pull down the panties finally and place something cold around his entrance. “Oi! Don’t you dare touch my ass bastard!”

Gakushū didn’t listen as he rubbed lube around the red head’s entrance before smacking his ass cheek. “Then just resist me.” He said before burying his cock deep within Karma’s ass. Having someone enter in his ass raw was painful, Karma yelled and cursed him before getting spanked some more. “Shut up and look for them keys.” He rubbed Karma’s cock gently, while waiting for Karma to calm down and for him to get adjusted. ‘Shit he’s fucking tight.’

Finally, once the red head calmed down enough, Gakushū pulled out and pushed back in. Started fucking him while the poor boy was suffering. ‘Damn him. He’ll pay, I swear of it.’ Karma stayed still, forgetting about finding the keys. Currently he was trying to hide his moans of being fucked by his rival. With each thrust, he was being pushed further and deeper under the bed, the grazing of the metal rail holding up the bed was beginning to hurt his back. Finally he felt something cold and metal hit his chin on the last thrust. He waited for when Gakushū thrusted into him again before feeling the metal again. ‘Found them!’ He raised his head as much as he could under the bed and lowered his head over the chain. He pulled the chain towards him, hearing the keys slide against the floor.

Hearing the slight sound of metal sliding across the floor, Gakushū gripped the red head’s cock. “What was that? Did you find them? I won’t stop until you do.” He continued at a harder pace, passing Karma’s sweet spot without realizing. Holding in a moan while freezing. ‘My stupid body’s betraying me. Damn he’s good- no! Don’t think like that!’ Pumping Karma’s cock, the boy grinned. “Are you actually enjoying being fucked like a dog? If so, I can continue my servant~.”

Wincing at the name servant, Karma snapped out of his thoughts. “No, I found them, I found them! Let me out now.”

Sighing, the boy reluctantly slips out of Karma and backs away. He placed his hard and stiff cock back inside his pants while watching Karma struggle to get out from under the bed, dragging the chain with the keys out as well. Well the show was nice, watching that ass go back and forth as Karma scooted out. Finally making it, he stood up and pulled the necklace with the keys out with his foot. He also stepped out of his panties, since his hands were behind his back, it be hard for him to pull them back up around his hips.

“Dammit. You found them. I guess you’re not that hopeless.” He stepped over to pick up the necklace and dropped it over Karma’s neck. “A deal’s a deal, ready for the next order?” Karma nods. Chuckling, Gakushū sits down on the bed and motioned for Karma to come and stand in front of him. He limped over to the president, standing in front of him. “What’s wrong Akabane? Are you hurt?”

He nodded while looking down at the ground. Noticing that a budge with a wet stain was visible against the skirt. ‘Damn my traitorous body, enjoying this too much.’ Gakushū noticed, “Looks like someone’s excited, come here and sit in my lap.” He patted his lap for Karma to sit on. Seeing no other choice, he did. Instantly regretting it as soon as he felt the hard-clothed member rub up against his sore asshole. He scooted down a little but was pulled back up to sit on the other boy’s crotch. “Where are you going?”

“Far away from you.” Karma muttered quietly.

“Tisk tisk, do you want your freedom or not?” Gakushū moved to suck on Karma’s exposed neck while moving one hand under his skirt to pump the already hard cock. Karma stiffened and closed his eyes. “Remember, if you moan once or hell, even cum, I win.”

Karma gritted his teeth as the situation suddenly became much harder than anticipated. His body was hard to control at the moment as the hand pumping his cock felt great. He swallowed a moan as he squirmed in his seat. The hand holding him in the boy’s lap, traveled under the shirt to play with his nipples again. Instead of rough and merciless twisting as last time, Gakushū rolled the nipple between his fingers. Pushing it in and tugging on the nipple while sucking on the collarbone, leaving small hickey marks. The red head whimpered slightly and squirmed some more. Traveling down, the strawberry roan, left sloppy kisses down and sucked on the other nipple through the fabric.

“Mm..” Was the low sound he heard before smiling. He didn’t even bother to point it out, instead, the younger pulled up the red head’s shirt before licking the nipple. “Ah.” Came the breathless sound. ‘He’s getting turned on, just a few more.’

“Hey, Akabane, open your eyes and look at me.” He ordered the boy while pausing all actions. Karma forced himself not to whimper as he opened his slightly lustful eyes to look down at the other. Licking his lips, Gakushū moved to suck and nip at the boy’s chest, drawing circles around the other’s nipples with his tongue. He pushed up the skirt so that he could stroke the boy’s cock more freely. Karma swallowed as he watched, it was all becoming too much. He bit down on his lip hard enough for it to bleed, still not giving in.

After a few more minutes, Gakushū pulled away and leaned against the palm of his hands on the mattress. “Alright then, I guess you can get up. Just go stretch or something.”

Karma hurried to hop up and put as much distance between him and the other. He walked over to the window ledge to sit on, sighing. Gakushū stretched a little on the bed before getting back up and walking over to play with his prey.

Karma noticed and got up. “O-oi, wasn’t that enough?” He backed up a bit while the other came closer. Karma was certain that those violet eyes were gleaming like a lustful incubus was in front of him and not the principle’s son. ‘Well neither seemed human in the first place.’ He thought to himself. Just right when he saw an opening, he rushed right past the other, heading for the door.

“Not so fast my pet.” Grabbing the chain of his handcuffs, Gakushū pulled him back enough to slip two fingers up his ass. The action was enough for Karma to freeze. He wanted so bad to moan but he didn’t.

Pulling him back enough to push him up against the bed again, the strawberry roan rubbed around inside to try and find that special spot. ‘My last chance, he’s ready to break anyway.’ While he searched, Karma squirmed against him. “Come on bastard, take them out! Please stop~!”

“Oh are you giving in? You submit to me?” He smirked.

“Hell no I don’t. Just stop- ah!” Fully flushed now as he felt one finger rub up against his prostate.

“Here? Is it here?” Gakushū rubbed around until he found it again. Karma decided to bite into the comforter instead of answering. “Suit yourself.” He started rubbing furiously against the one spot until a few second later, the boy beneath him let go of the comforter and moaned lowly as he came. Cum shot out of Karma’s cock and dripped on the floor.

Licking his fingers, he looked down at the mess. “Tisk, you’re cleaning that up later. Now come on pet, let’s finish this.” He picked up Karma and tossed him on the bed. He stripped him of his clothes and heels quickly before reaching under a pillow for a large, bright red vibrator.

Spreading Karma’s legs wide, he slipped in the large toy. Karma whined as the toy slipped in. Once it was in all the way, he turned it on to medium speed. ‘Finally he submits. For now anyway.’ Leaning over he gave the panting red head a sloppy kiss. Karma was surprised by this action, which led Gakushū to slip his tongue in. They allowed their tongues to battle for dominance with Gakushū easily winning this round. Gakushū pulled back, kissing him on his neck down. “Does someone want to be fucked?” He asked while nibbling on his neck.

“F-fuck you.” Karma sputtered out. Sighing, he pulled out the toy. Karma whined once it left, thrusting his hip up to feel more.

Gakushū chuckled at the horny red head. “No, you can’t have this.” He traced the still vibrating toy on Karma’s cock. “Unless you tell me what you want, you can just lie here all hot and ready to release. All night~.”

“Damn you.” He clenched his teeth before closing his eyes. ‘One of these days, I’ll get him back. I swear of it.’ “F-fuck me..” He muttered quietly.

“Hm? What was that?”

“Fuck me you damn bastard.” He said louder.

“You’re going to have to beg for it more than that I’m afraid.” Gakushū was loving this, he placed the toy back near the entrance, circling the used hole.

He whined, wanting to feel more. He quickly sat up as much as he could and glared at the other. “Fuck me you bastard, fuck me hard with that big fucking cock of yours! Fuck me til I can’t walk in the morning.”

“Good boy.” He shoved the vibrator back in before leaning back to release his dripping wet, hard cock.

Karma swallowed at the size of it. ‘That’s what was in me earlier?! Shit.’ Gakushū chuckled at Karma while he paled from the sight of his large member. Leaning over to whisper in his ear, “So who’s ‘second place’ again my pet?” Instinctively, Karma tried to back up before Gakushū grabbed his hips firmly, holding them in place. “Oh no you don’t. You’re not going anywhere. Hope you enjoy being double penetrated.” He warned before thrusting in as well.

Karma never before felt so full down there before, he squeezed his eyes shut as a few tears escaped. “I-it’s so painful...” The strawberry roan leaned over to lick away the tears, the red head opened his watery eyes in shock. Smiling in return, he decided that Karma wasn’t ready for this yet. “Hey, if you want, maybe next time we could try this.” Swallowing, he nodded before the council present pulled out the vibrator and tossed it to the side. “Sorry for going overboard.”

“It’s okay.” He rasped, “You can move now.”

“Right.” Slowly moving, he soon picked up his pace from before. Thrusting in fast and hard, this time making sure to rub up against Karma’s sweet spot every few thrusts. Soon both boys were panting and moaning each other’s names as they started to come close to their climaxes. Karma was the first to cum then after a few thrusts, Gakushū filled him up with his sperm. Leaning over the other, he leaned down to kiss the red head, who accepted the kiss. Panting and tangling their tongues together.

“Feel like going another round Akabane?”

“Ha? Only you would ask that.”

“Fine then.” He pulled out from Karma, letting some of the cum drip out onto the bed. He leaned back and crossed his legs, watching his companion catch his breath. “Well, you lost and now you’re my servant for the remainder of the year. This will be fun my pet- hey!” Gakushū narrowed his eyes at the other. He didn’t like being interrupted.

Karma didn’t care, he currently was climbing into his master’s lap, rubbing cocks together. “I can go another round, if you want.” He blushed deeply while adverting his eyes.

Watching in surprise, Gakushū gave in. “Why not? This time though, ride me Akabane.”

“Yes Master.” He grumbled bitterly. Moving until he was able to sit properly in the strawberry roan’s lap, he moaned deeply as he sat down with the cock deep in his ass.

“Good boy. You know what to do.”

A couple hours later, the couple had moved from the bed to the bathroom to clean up. Then Gakushū carried Karma bridle style out the door to the small hallway. On the right, would lead to the first room Karma woke up in, but he headed to the left. “Would my pet please push the door? It’s kind of heavy so be careful.”

“Wait, where? It’s just a wall.” He looked for some indication for a door on the wall but found none.

Gakushū sighed. “Just push hard in front of you, you’ll see it.”

Shrugging, Karma pushed at the wall until it moved. A whole block of the wall started to spin counterclockwise. While Karma gaped at it wall, Gakushū slipped in through the crack. It lead to a bedroom with at least ten bookshelves around the room. Five were on the right side of a large king sized bed with five on the left. A large window to the left of the room with a desk in front of it. The desk held several books on top and beside the chair. In front of the bed, was a large walk-in closet with a bathroom on the other side. A door was centered in the wall, opposite of the window. “Stupid rich bastard.” Karma muttered. There were a few posters here and there, but nothing too interesting.

“Now now, is that any way to talk to your Master?” Gakushū chided while carrying the red head to the bed and laying him down on it. He went back over to close the bookshelf door, the first one next to the bed on the right. Then he went around the room, turning off all the lights before coming to the other side of the bed and slipping in under the covers with Karma. Turning off the beside lamp, he pulled Karma close to him.

Karma allowed it, as tired as he was after so many rounds of fucking. He finally got to take off the cuffs before entering the bath by himself. Gakushū had allowed him to wash himself while he took a shower. Too bad he had to wear the collar if the cuffs came off. While taking a bath, Karma found that he sort of liked the collar. It looked pretty cool on him. ‘I guess he had some good tastes after all.’ But of course, he would never admit to his master that he liked the collar.

Yawning, he snuggled up closer to his master and drifted off to sleep. Gakushū smiled as he played with the brilliant red hair softly. “Goodnight Karma.” He closed his eyes as he was starting to drift off to sleep as well, not before he heard the last words from his sleepy companion.

“Good night to you too Master Gakushū.”

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