Revenge on Akabane

Karma's Revenge - Is it over?

Here’s the third and final chapter from Revenge on Akabane. Karma thinks it’s time to get his revenge, even if it’s just for a short period of time. Though it seems like their master/slave relationship has gotten a little rocky, hopefully it’ll be resolved. I know some of you wanted this to be longer but this was planned to be a three chapter story, sorry but that’s what I intended to keep it as.

Again, I’m not responsible for any blood loss in this fic, please hold on to your tissues. (For more than one reason.) I know it’s long but the read will be all worth it, I promise. And many thanks to those that helped me with the climax of the chapter.

Hope you all enjoy! Happy Birthday Karma and Happy Early Birthday Gakushū. Happy Holidays everyone!

Gakushū struggled against his restraints. “Akabane, you little shit! Get back over here! I require you here so we can talk!” He yelled at his retreating servant.


It has been several weeks since Karma was made Gakushū’s personal sex slave and possible love interest. His father didn’t seem to notice or if he did, he didn’t say anything to Gakushū about it and that was fine with the roan haired boy. He didn’t need anyone interfering in his fun. Karma seemed content with the position as long as the rest of the school didn’t find out, he did have a reputation to uphold. Normally he came over whenever Gakushū called for him but sometimes he’d sneak in and sleep in the room his master broke him in; the cozy room that was once Gakushū’s playroom before remodeled into a separate bedroom, his master had explained once. He slept in the room mostly because it was comfortable and it felt nice to know someone who cared about him was just down the hall, other than his home which was always so dark and empty.

Today was one of those rare days that the Chairman left the town for important meetings with national school boards, he would be gone for the whole weekend. Plus the servants of the Asano household, the paid ones, were given a day off by the young master. Everyone else was told to not come in until the next day. Gakushū had the whole house to himself and a favorite servant of his was sleeping in the next room. The strawberry roan haired boy had decided to finish up all his homework and assignments last night, he didn’t finish everything until dawn. He didn’t notice Karma slipping into his bedroom a few hours before the sun came up until a pair of arms wrapped around his neck lazily.

“Did you want something this late my pet?” He asked while writing out his report for science.

His servant leaned against him while resting his head on the boy’s shoulders. “Mm nothing in particular Master. I just wanted to know what your plans for tomorrow are.”

“Easy, you’re cleaning the house and making breakfast for me in the morning wearing nothing but an apron.” Without looking up, Gakushū pointed to a clean and neatly folded apron sitting on the end of his bed. “And if you try to poison me, you’ll be going to school wearing a cock ring and a vibrator up your ass for a week.” He threatened without hesitation.

Karma shivered, he already was punished for filling his master’s room with laughing gas for a full two hours a couple weeks ago. Later, when the gas wore off, Gakushū forced him to sit in an ice cold bath tub for twice the amount of time with a cock ring on a very hard cock. Then after, he fucked Karma roughly on the bathroom floor before softly scolding him in warm, bathing water with the red head. Even now, he still didn’t find out where Karma got the gas.

“Yes Master. I’m going back to sleep, don’t stay up too late.” He pulled away, starting to walk to the hidden room before his wrist was grabbed, pulling him into his Master’s lap. He looked up at Gakushū’s stoic face. “Yes Master?”

Gakushu looked over Karma carefully, with a few thoughts crossing his mind. He shook his head, “No. Nevermind, just go and rest up. I’ll see you in the morning my pet.”

He let Karma get up, who was unsure of what had happened. After a few minutes of watching his Master finish up his essay, Karma walked into the other room to sleep. He slipped into the chocolate velvet sheets before looking towards the door. “Nah, you and I both know you’ll be sleeping like a baby until noon Asano.” He grinned at the thought before reaching over and turning off the lamp on the bedside table. Pulling the covers up, he soon fell fast asleep, awaiting tomorrow’s fun.

True to what Karma predicted, Gakushū had worked himself til morning. Stretching, the boy put away his books and went over to his bed to take a couple hours to nap. He dozed off to sleep, very tired of pulling an all nighter not only last night, but the past three days as well. He barely got enough sleep this week and after he had fun with his favorite pet later today, he was going to sleep as long as he wanted. But Karma had other plans. It only took a couple minutes and the younger boy was sleeping soundly, not noticing the bookcase moving. Karma walked out with a duffel bag and went to check on his master. Making sure that he was deeply sleeping, the older boy smirked.

“Time to get started then. I told you I would find the time to get my revenge on you. For making me into a pet." He spat lightly before setting the duffle bag down and opening it.


‘Hm..? What’s that smell?’ Gakushū stirred from his sleep. ‘Breakfast already?’ He slowly woke from his nap. First thing he saw was a long, black bug in front of his face. More specifically a centipede called *Mukade. Violet eyes went wide when he recognized the creature and yelped loudly. Trying to scoot away from the insect as far away as possible, though he found himself stuck in a sitting position. Chuckling was heard behind him as he turned his head to look. Karma was standing behind with a stick and string. He lifted the stick to show that the centipede was on the end of it.

“So you’re scared of a little toy?” He asked, catching the bug and proving it was plastic.

Gakushū breathes a sigh in relief. “No, I thought it was real. Father keeps Mukades in his office here at home. Creepy collection of both live and dead ones.” He shivers in disgust. “By the way, I smelled something. Is breakfast ready?”

Karma blinks before laughing. “Breakfast? It’s already one in the afternoon. It’s time for lunch sleepy head.”

Gakushū just yawns in response. “Fine. Hope it’s good.” He attempts to get up but remembering he was stuck. He narrowed his eyes at his servant before taking a better look at himself. He was handcuffed in the back with furry handcuffs that held him to the head board. ‘This is so stupid.’ Gakushū thought, not liking his position. “What the hell?” He looked over to his smirking servant. “Very funny. Now release me.”

“Nope~.” Karma chuckled before climbing on the bed and sitting on his master’s crotch. “Master wants me to release him? But that be no fun.”

He growls at the servant. “Release me now or you’ll pay.”

“But can’t you at least let me have some fun?” Karma whined.


The red head pouted. He nuzzled his master’s neck before whispering, “Let me have fun just this once. You can pay me back later. Please Master Gakushū~?” He purrs before nibbling on his ear.

Gakushū groaned as he was enjoying the affection. “Fine. But just this once.” He sighed, ‘As long as he does as I order him to, we’ll be okay.’

Karma grinned before giving his master a passionate kiss to start the day. “Let the payback begin!” Before Gakushū had the chance to register what he had said, Karma reaches over the bed for the duffel bag and places it on the mattress. He digs around until he pulls out a pair of scissors. He snipped at Gakushū’s shirt, cutting it off instead of pulling it up, while the other was complaining about the cost of the designer wear. Once he threw away the scraps, he then pulled down his master’s pants, leaving on his boxers. Karma started kissing down his master’s chest, nipping and licking at the skin, leaving hickeys all over. The roan haired moaned softly in response, enjoying the attention as his pet grind against his crotch ever so slightly.

After a few minutes, Karma paused in his actions causing the roan haired boy to glare at him. The red head just grinned, “Hey Master, wanna play a little game?”

“This better involve you getting back to work in pleasing me.” He replied, watching the servant carefully, in case of tricks.

Karma nodded. “Of course. Here’s the idea, first one to cum loses. They have to do whatever the winner says for an hour. Sound simple?”

Gakushū thought over the idea and decided that it was way too simple. “Alright, let’s play.” He grinned, ‘Heh, this is child’s play, I got plenty of stamina compared to him. More chances for me to teach this boy a lesson.’ Already planning out ideas of what he wanted his pet to do once he won.

Karma smirked, ‘Seems like he’s already overconfident. Perfect, now on to phase two.’ He crawled out of his master’s lap and slid off the bed. He headed over to where his master kept a large, flat screen T.V. on top of a stand. He crouched down to mess with the DVD box that had a wire, hooked up to a laptop.

“What are you doing over there?” The strawberry roan haired boy called out to his pet, curious to why he wasn’t paying him any attention.

“You’ll see.” His pet promised him after turning on the T.V. He pressed play on the computer and a small video popped up on the large screen.

It was at first blank until Gakushū heard the faintest of moans. The blank screen changed to a room, the student council room in the main building, to be more specific. ‘What is this?’ Listening as the volume grew and the camera came into focus, he could see someone sitting in his desk. More specifically, a certain red headed servant playing with himself in broad daylight. “The hell was this?!” He gaped at the screen in shock.

Karma shrugged as if it was no big deal before answering, “Just a few days ago. When everyone was at assembly, I skipped it and spent my time in the student council room doing.. uh.. what you see now.”

Gakushū continued to stare at the screen, blushing and stuttering at the vulgar acts on his desk of all places! Watching, he saw Karma do a little striptease before sitting on the desk.

Karma moaned slightly, giving the camera a chance to see everything he had to offer; a rock hard cock, dripping with precum and a wet entrance with his fingers moving in and out at a slow pace. After a couple minutes of this, the red head moved back and pulled out a large violet dildo from behind him. Assuming the toy was hidden in his school bag sitting behind him, the roan haired watched as his kinky companion placed the toy in his mouth and started sucking on it. Licking the sides and pushing it in and out of his throat like he was sucking on an actual cock, watching the camera with lust filled golden eyes.

“Mmm Master~, want me to suck on this like it was you? I can but it probably can’t smear my face with your delicious cum.” He smirks before sucking on it again, deep throating the toy until he gagged a bit. Spitting on the toy, he moved his position to all fours on the desk. With his ass pointing to the camera, he pushed the dildo inside his entrance with a deep moan. “Like the show so far Master?” He asked before pulling the toy out and slowly thrusting in and out. After a few minutes, he pulled over another desk so he could lean against it and show his face to the camera, the face that was moaning and making pleasurable faces throughout the show. Moving his free hand to stroke his cock, rubbing the tip and squeezing the shaft.

“Ah ah Master I’m cumming soon. Do you want to see me cum? Do you want to see me cum all over your precious desk Master?” He asked before moving the toy to thrust in harder, knowing where his sweet spot was, he aimed there. “Ah Master Gakushū~!” With a grunt he came right on the desk, his cock squirting the gooey white liquid all over the hard wooden surface. He stayed in his spot for a minute panting before hoping down, with the toy still up his ass. Looking towards the camera, he smirked. “Hope you enjoyed the show Master. By the way, with the erection you have right now, are you sure you’re going to last much longer before being touched?” The screen went off after the comment.

Gakushū’s face felt so hot after watching the little amateur sex show. He looked down and instantly felt the strain of his erection trying to break free of the fabric of his boxers on his skin. He was pretty damn hard, he couldn’t deny that. ‘That’s why my desk that day seemed wet. That idiot!’ “Karma you idiot! If someone had caught you, no that whole thing was too risky!”

“I know. To be honest, it was also turning me on, being in a public spot like that.” He shrugged it off once again like it was nothing.

Violet eyes shifted over to the red head before asking, “Oh so if I wanted to fuck you behind stage in the next school assembly, you would do it?” Watching the red head flinch and shift a little on his feet with a faint blush on his face, gave the roan haired the answer he needed. Shifting in his seat, he looked over at the other boy. “Well? Is that it or are you coming over here to finish me off?”

“Finish you off? Did you forget the game already? If I finish you off, I get to have you as a pet for an hour.” The red head smirks before coming over to the roan haired.

“Yes yes, excuse me for momentarily forgetting that fact. I was.. preoccupied.” He replied as an excuse for forgetting. Clearing his throat, the boy turned to Karma with challenging eyes. “Sorry my pet but that wasn’t enough to make me cum yet. Try harder.”

At the challenge request, Karma’s eyes lit up in excitement before slowly making his way to his master. “Of course sir.” He slipped onto the bed and crawled over to the other boy. Leaning over, he kissed him passionately and sloppy before lowering down to take off his master’s boxers. Slowly and teasingly, with Gakushū growling at him to hurry up and get the fabric off, Karma tossed the clothing away before gripping the member tightly. Gakushū gasped in pleasure as his shinning violet eyes became clouded by lust. He watched as his pet sucked and kissed around the shaft before sucking on his own fingers.

‘What’s he doing?’ The roan haired boy wondered. After wetting his fingers, Karma looked back up at Gakushū with a smirk. Mischievous golden irises meets lustful violet. Before the roan could speak, Karma slipped a finger through the tight ring of muscles in the other’s ass. “Oi, remove your finger in me at once!” He scolded the red head. Ignoring him, Karma placed a second inside before starting to finger his master. Gently at first before picking up the pace and thrusting in a little rougher.

Gakushū fought to suppress a moan while glaring at Karma. He bit his lip until a small line of crimson liquid traced down his chin. He ignored the small throb of pain as his ass was being scissored by his own pet. “Stop this right now, I mean it Karma!”

“Does that mean you give in defeat Master?” He started to suck on Gakushu’s cock while rubbing a third finger around the entrance, prepping to place it in. The next step he was going to try to find his master’s sweet spot and force him to cum that way. ‘Same trick he used on me the first time.’

“Karma..” Gakushū growled, noting what he was doing. He shifted his hips away from the boy’s reach so that he was sitting on his ass instead. Karma whines slightly.

“Aw but why? You did it to me.”

“Hmph. Do something else then pet.” The younger ordered. Inside Karma scowled, ever since the submission, he’s hated the way Gakushū talks to him. Like his superior with some blackmail on him. Okay yeah he does have blackmail on him, so what? It still didn’t give him the right to call Karma degrading names during sex. Or order him around when something wasn’t going the other’s way. ‘Keep it together, you can worry about your feelings later, just keep it together.’ He repeated in his head before going in to give attention to his master’s member instead. Rubbing it vigorously up and down, squeezing and stroking, just how his master likes it.

“Ooo yes...” Gakushū momentarily forgot about the game as pleasure started to flow through his body. “Hey, come here pet...” He leans out as much as he could without straining, Karma understood and accepted his tongue play. “Hah hah... whip it out pet. It’s no fun if I’m the only one exposed.”

Karma nods and unzips his pants to release his hard on, dripping with precum. Not as much as his Master’s but he was horny enough. “Now what Master?” He asked in a lusty voice.

“Come over here and rub it with mine. Then we’ll see who really can cum first.”

Karma obeys, intrigued at the thought and moves to straddle Gakushū. Once they touched, the two boys felt a slight wave of pleasure making them both moan out loud. Karma starts to move his hips first and Gakushū follows.

“Mm.. damn.. what gave you this crazy game idea anyway my pet?” The roan leaned his head back as he tried not to moan too much at the pleasure given.

“It just came to me Master.. hah ha.. feeling ready to cum yet?” He continued his ministrations while panting.

Gakushū smirked, “No way, I’m going to win this one.” Humping his hips back to meet Karma’s, he closes his eyes while picking up speed. “Mm you got to try harder than this to get me to cum~. Come on, show me my little inbreed of a pet, do your worst.” Karma halted all movement at the request. He had reached his breaking point.

“Wha-? Come on you idiot, move! This is your stupid game isn’t?” He tried to force Karma to respond by moving his hips to meet the red head’s. Karma moved before he could, getting up from his position on his master’s lap, he slid off the bed, zipped up his pants, and headed for the door. “Oi! Get back here and let’s finish this! Don’t even dare walk away from me Akabane!”

Karma stopped walking, “Shut the hell up.”

Gakushū just barely heard it, he raised his eyebrow in confusion. “Huh? Say that a little louder pet.”

“Don’t walk away? Seriously? Do you realize the position you’re in right now? What gives you the right to tell me what to do when you’re the one in a helpless position?” Karma looked over his shoulder at the boy on the bed with a glare.

The roan gritted his teeth before replying, “Because I’m your master, I own you-”

“The hell you do!” Karma spun around, melting golden irises shined flaring anger. “Why should I listen to some egocentric rich kid, bastard who thinks he can get everything he wants? Like a spoiled brat! Because that’s what you are. You don’t own me. You fucking raped me, trying to break me, you.. you think you’re different from your father but you’re not. You just use people, you’re just using me until you tire of me.”

“Karma that’s not true! I gave you a place to stay when you felt lonely, I never did anything wrong while we were together.” Gakushū argued back.

“Just because you say that doesn’t mean nothing would happen in the future. And what do you mean by ‘were’ together? Are you dumping me now?”

“No I’m not! Stupid get over here and free me so we can have a normal conversation.”

“Hell no. You think I’m moronic? If I free you, you’re going to do something to me like hurt me even more than our first night together tonight. I’m not letting you go right now, you can just suffer!”

Gakushū grits his teeth, “Then tell me what I should do to make you calm down.”

Karma glares at him before replying a single syllable. “Die.”

“Excuse me? Akabane you did not just tell me to go die.”

“Oh so we’re back to last names again? Yes I told you to go kill yourself Asano. That way I don’t have to see your ugly face again. You don’t care for my feelings in this mess as well. Fine then, I quit! Go find someone else to satisfy you, I’m out of here. Goodbye!” With that, Karma turned on his heel and headed out of the bedroom. Slam! The door was slammed with so much force, Gakushū was concerned if it would fall off its hinges. If so, he’d make the delinquent pay for the repairs.

Gakushū struggled against his restraints. “Akabane, you little shit! Get back over here! I require you here so we can talk!” He yelled at his retreating servant.

It’s been an hour and a half since Karma left Gakushū alone, still tied to the bed. And still hard unfortunately. Sure he could get rid of it, if he wasn’t.. well.. tied up as mentioned before. He tried all sorts of ways to get his cock to go down. Thinking of old grannies nude, some of the ugly and popular girls in his class (no all the girls in his class were ugly, only cute ones were in E class, sad to admit), he even tried to think of some of the teachers, nope. Heck, he tried to think about his father and how he’d react if the man came walking into his room unannounced while he was restraint. Bad idea, the thought made him even hornier and thinking of that disgusting man touching him, Gakushū shivered in disgust while his member stayed up and proud. “Damn it, I hate you.” He told the cock with a glare.

He sighed, wondering where his pet ran off to. “Hurry up and get back in here Karma seriously. This game of yours isn’t going to finish if you’re not here with me.” He spoke out loud. Looking around, he spotted his cell sitting on the bedside table. ‘Yes! If I can reach that, then I might be able to cal him and force him back here!’ He shifted around until he was able to stretch his leg over to reach the cell phone. ‘Don’t fall... don’t fall... come on please don’t fall...’ He chanted in his head as he moved the cell with his foot over to the bed. “Almost.. almost there my pet, almost- oi!”


Karma sighed. He was currently sitting outside in the gardens. After roaming around the house for awhile, he settled on sitting outside to cool his temper and think more clearly. “Can’t believe I forgot how narrow-minded the A class prez always been. Only cares for himself, not others.” He laid his head on his arms and knees. “Yet he can be nice when he wants to be.. letting me stay when I was lonely without teasing me for it. But he can still be a jerk when he wants to be, so ignorant of others.”

He sat there pondering, thinking of the good and yet bad things the other boy has done in the past and present. Little by little he soon realized one thing. ‘Why do I like to be cared for by him though. It’s like I… no… it’s not possible. I can’t. I can’t lov- lo- li-… ugh!’ Karma moved his fist to hit the cement ground. “It’s not right, I can’t have fallen for him. That little two faced, yellow bellied, careless, son of a bastard, attractive, sexy, considerate… crap. I am a moron for ignoring my feelings. I let things get so out of control over some nickname. Oh man.. how do I get myself out of this denial of liking him.”

Karma decided to head back inside, not because he wanted to face Gakushū, rather he was starving since breakfast. He headed into the kitchens to find something to eat, browsing the fridge for some strawberry milk. As he looked, his cell phone buzzed in his pocket. Karma wanted to ignore it due to his mood and it might be him calling. Finding his drink, he took it and opened the bottle. His phone buzzed again and again for a few minutes until he finally took it out to look at his messages. They were from Nagisa instead.

He felt a little guilty for ignoring his best friend so when the phone rang, he went ahead to answer it. “Finally! Damn Karma how long were you going to keep me waiting?!” Nagisa asked annoyed.

Karma smiled. “Heh, sorry little buddy. I just wasn’t in the mood for talking for a while.” He didn’t want to say he was ignoring the phone for someone else he didn’t want to hear from could call. “So what’s the important news?”

“Well a few of us were going to the hot springs this weekend. Wanted to know if you wanted to come. Unless you’re busy.”

“The hot springs huh? Sounds nice.”

“So you’re coming with us?” Nagisa happily asked. Karma thought about it, the warm water and tired muscles. Playing some games with his friends, telling stories and having fun. He was very tempted to go until he remembered Gakushū. The boy was still restrained and it would be bad if news got out about the two of them or worse if the chairman found out that Karma had left him restrained in such a position. As much as it would be to leave and go have fun, Karma just couldn’t leave Gakushū humiliated like so. ‘I mean, he never left me, no matter what crap I pulled..’

“Karma? Karma? Hello? I’ll tell Koro-sensei you need a new manicure. Karma!”

Karma jolted from his thoughts. “What? Oh no, hell no. Once was enough Nagisa-chan.”

“Well you wouldn’t answer otherwise. What’s wrong? You seem distracted.”

“It’s nothing, don’t worry about it.”

“I can’t help but be concerned for a friend. Okay, how about this, you can tell me without details, and I’ll try to help as we head to the hot springs.”

Karma replied short. “I’m not going.”


“Because…” He hesitated before answering. “Because I have to stay behind to take care of a friend.” Friend seemed to stretch the truth, it felt vile in his mouth.

“Oh. Okay. I hope they get better then.” Nagisa starts to hang up.


“Yes? What is it Karma?”

“… Hypothetically speaking here. If someone you know had a relationship where their partner was rude to them. Well rude for most of the time and kind and caring for the rest, what would you say to them? I mean my friend, who I’m taking care of is in this difficult relationship. They hate when the person uses such awful nicknames to tease and get a reaction out of them. And enjoys playing the punishment game like some evil, heartless demon, they love to humiliate my friend in any way possible. … Though, in spite of all that, their partner is caring, and always there when they need comfort or they’re lonely. And they’re warm, so warm smiles and hugs, they make my friend smile even on the worst days. I just.. I don’t know what to do to make them feel better..” Karma explained vaguely to Nagisa, feeling his heart ache with each word.

Silence filled the other end of the phone. Karma started to worry if the blue boy had figured out who he was talking about and if it was himself with this person. “Ah nevermind. Sorry for making your day gloomy. Go and enjoy the hot springs.” He said quickly, but Nagisa finally responded.

“Hang on, I haven’t answered your question yet.”

“You don’t need to worry, it’ll be fine. I-I’ll figure something out.”

Nagisa interjected, “But I want to tell you my thoughts on the matter. Please just listen.”

Karma stayed silent for a minute before agreeing to listen. “Okay, your friend sounds like they’re in a mess. But isn’t that true for most young relationships? Still in my opinion, you can’t hate someone forever, even if you find that truly love them, or that you will want to eventually go back to them. Even if they are a bit strict or careless, you’d still want to go back and be with them, because you love them. You probably wouldn’t know how to maybe survive without at least them by your side if they can make you laugh or be a good shoulder to lean on. Most of all, Karma, I know you can have your stubborn streak but deep inside, you’re truly a wonderful person and your friend must see that too if they like you so much to care and tease you. I don’t think it’s being mean, it’s just their way of having fun, they don’t mean it. This person would probably be grateful if you told them how you felt. I know I would. Go tell him your feelings Karma, then you can be a peace with yourself.”

Karma was shocked at his bluenette friend. “Wait! How did you know-”

“Bye Karma, I gotta go. Nakamura and the rest are here. Hope your make up goes well.” Nagisa hung up on the speechless redhead and left for his trip.

Karma stood there, still surprised in Nagisa’s reply to his troubles. He put he phone back up and slowly drank some of the lukewarm milk to think. For once he didn’t have the appetite to drink strawberry milk, which was strange for him. Looking at the liquid in the bottle for a spell before deciding on his next move.


“Crap! Of all the times, this damn thing is nearly dead!” Gakushū exclaimed in frustration. After taking so long to reach the damn phone, he was irked to find it on low battery. “Damn, better try and do this fast. I’m getting cramped here.” He moved the phone so he could voice his password and ask the phone to go to contacts. “Call Karma.” He told the phone, the contact started ringing for a few seconds before the screen went blank. The battery was dead this time. “Fuck!” He kicked the cell off the bed, not caring where it landed. “Out of all the days, this is when that sorry weasel decides to walk out on me? Damn him!” Oh he was so pissed things wasn’t going according to plan, like it never does with Karma around.

“You know, you should try out for some anger management classes. You’ll never get a girl with that type of attitude.”

“What?” Gakushū turned around to look at who was talking. “Like you’re one to talk, storming out here without explaining a damn thing.”

“I can leave again if that’s what you desire.” Karma turned to head back out of the room.

“Wait!” The red head stopped, sighing how many times has he heard that word today?

“Look, I need you to be silent for a bit Asano.”

Gakushū raised his eyebrow in concern, “And why should I?”

“Just shut up okay!” He clinched his fists at his side before relaxing. “Just listen, don’t talk listen.” Gakushū wondered what he was up to before going silent. “I just.. I don’t know what’s wrong with me except I’m sick of the degrading names you give me during sex. It might be fun for you to tease me but I don’t like it. I should have voiced this in the beginning but I didn’t. I don’t know why I thought you would stop.” He moved from his spot and entered the room, heading for the foot of the bed. Not looking at the other in the eye. “Another thing, I’m my own person. I’m not owned by anyone. I hated feeling like I was only here for your amusement and stress relief. I guess I got carried away earlier.”

Lifting his head, he took one look at Gakushū’s surprised face before turning away. “And I’m.. sorry.” Silence followed. Karma was beginning to hate silence, it was painful. “I’ll just go.” He starts to leave.

“Just take the cuffs off before you go. I’m seriously cramping here and I promise I won’t do anything.” Karma turns to look at him with shock in his eyes. “I’ll let you decide what to do, just release me please.” Taking a minute, Karma went over and unlatched the cuffs so Gakushū could rub his sore wrists.

“I’m sorry.” Was Karma’s reply before attempting to turn around and leave again. Gakushū stopped him by hugging the red head from behind. “Wha- I thought you said I could decide to leave?”

“I did.” The roan gently laid his head on the other’s shoulder. “But I do feel some blame for making you cause a ruckus like this.” He moved his arms to hold Karma close. “I guess I felt lonely. I know it’s hard to believe but with a suffocating father and barely any freedom, I just felt so alone. I don’t have any real friends, those who hang around me are just there for my reputation and future that is planned out for me. I’m sorry I took away your freedom and made you suffer so much.”

Karma didn’t say anything, he was on the verge of tears though. He just stood there as he was held close. Gakushū decided he held on long enough and let go. “You can leave if you want. I’m not going to stop you, nor will I reveal our secret to anyone for as long as I live. Please, do as you will.” He turned Karma around gently, eyes widened slightly when he noticed the tears running down his partner’s face. The boy raised his hand to cup his cheek gently, wiping away some of the tears. “I am truly sorry for hurting you.” Pressing their foreheads together. “My friend and first lover.”

Karma froze, he couldn’t believe what he heard. Gakushū Asano, the ruthless student council president and handsome bachelor of the school had called him his friend. And lover. He couldn’t stop the tears from flowing now, mostly with happiness to hear that he was accepted. He quickly kissed Gakushū as a way to apologize, Gakushū accepted and together they made the hard kiss into a gentle and passionate one. “I’m sorry, I really am. I didn’t mean those things I said back there.”

“Hush,” Gakushū gently rubbed his head, “It’s fine. I understand and accept. I’ll do whatever I can to help you feel better from now and in the future.”

Hugging his partner close, he asked for a favor. “Then can I ask for something? Just to help me feel better.”

“Hm? What is it love?”

Karma’s heart skipped a beat at the new pet name. “Can I top just this once?”

This time Gakushū froze in shock. He grimaced at the idea of being topped but when looking in his lover’s tearful yet hopeful eyes, he sighed. “Fine. Just this once. Actually you can have the whole hour to do as you wish.”


“Yes now first things first, get rid of my erection before you do anything else. It’s so painful!”

Karma chuckled before a chuckle became laughter. “Whatever you say, Shū-chan~.” Gakushū groaned at the nickname.

For the next hour, moans of passion and love flooded the entire bedroom. But even as an hour passed, Gakushū had reluctantly allowed Karma to continue for as long as he wanted. He wasn’t going to admit it but sex with Karma being on top was blissful in it’s own way. Being spooned while Karma roughly pounded him, stroking his hard cock, laying on his back while Karma was over him, nipping and leaving hickies all over his skin, he can’t say it was all bad. Though he couldn’t really move to go shower it all off. He just laid there in his bed, panting from the multiple rounds of sex they just had. “Hah hah I take it back.. I guess he does have enough stamina to go long term…”

“You’re right about that.. what made ya doubt me?” Karma chuckled while catching his breath.

Gakushū scowled. “Didn’t realize I said that out loud.” Karma gave another chuckle and moved to lay on his exhausted partner. “Oi! Get off me, you’re heavy!”

“Shhh I’m trying to sleep.” The red head replied in a tired voice.

The roan haired boy groaned. “Don’t care. Take me to the showers so I can clean off. I’m not sleeping in this sticky mess.” Karma groaned and whined but eventually helped his boyfriend up and into the tub. He turned on the water to make sure it was nice and hot, then got in himself. “You sure are a lot of trouble.” Gakushū said, scolding him softly.

“Yeah but you love it.” Karma grinned, pulling him over so they could take turns washing each other off.

Gakushū hummed in agreement as he let his lover wash him. “Indeed, Karma.” After the bath, neither wanted to sleep on the sticky bed but they also didn’t want to change the sheets, so they curled up in each other’s arms in the spare bedroom to sleep the rest of the day away.


The two stayed together from then on, not as master and pet but as in a real relationship from then on. And after graduation, the two came out to their friends at the graduation party that they were dating. Most of their friends knew something was going on between the two of them and this conformation didn’t change a thing between the groups of friends. Everyone wished the happy couple happiness for the rest of their lives. Karma and Gakushū stayed together, happy with their newfound freedom with each other. Revenge be damned, this was the best thing to every happen, Gakushū always thought.

Thank you for following this story and waiting til the end. Hope you enjoyed the story, please review and favorite if you did. If you want more of this couple, leave me a story request(s) and I might just make it happen, on the AsaKaru One Shots. Again, thanks for reading!

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