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Winter Fun


What happens when it snows hard enough to prevent 5 class E students & 1 class A student from going home a week before winter holidays? Everyone arrives at Karma's for a meal, party, fun, & sleepover.

Blackstar Dragonlover
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Chapter 1

Just trying something new. While I'm updating three other stories and writing up two more request stories, I came across another request so I took it and here's some Assassination Classroom fun.

I don't own Assassination Classroom or it's characters. All rights go to the manga artist.

Karma, Nagisa, and Kayano were walking home together. It was a week before winter break and it was already starting to snow. The three students took a few detours while avoiding most of the snow. Kayano had begged that Nagisa and Karma to have some winter sweets with her at one of her favorite sweet shops before it closed for the night.

"Come on you two. I want you to see if it could be closed down and used for a spot to possibly kill Koro-sensei. Please? The pudding there is just absolute heaven!"

"Uh I think you just want to satisfy your own sweet tooth. But hey if it will help us get closer to killing him, then I'm in. What about you Karma?" Nagisa looked to his redheaded friend.

"I have no reason to hurry home. So sure, why not?" He replied.

"Yay!" She pumped her fist in the air happily. "Let's go then."

The two followed the enthusiastic green haired female while talking comfortably between themselves. The trio left the sweet shop two hours later with some leftovers in bags. Once they headed outside they realized that it had started to snow harder and more snow was packed on the roads than before.

"Hm. Going to be hard for you to get home now, won't it Nagisa?" Karma turns to the shorter male.

"Yeah. I'm going to call my mom and ask her to try and pick me up." He pulled out his cell and walked a couple feet away from the others.

"I'm going to do the same." Kayano copied Nagisa while Karma waited.

He wasn't about to leave the two alone without confirmation about whether or not they'll get to go home safely. After a few minutes Kayano walked back over to where Karma was standing.

"Everything alright?" Kayano shook her head no and opened her mouth to reply just as Nagisa started to walk back over. "My parents said that they were over at my grandparents house. The snow has them trapped til morning."

"Yeah same here with my mom. She can't come to get me with all the snow on the road right now."

"So what now?" Kayano asked out loud.

Karma thought for a minute then replied, "Well you two can come over to my place for the night if you wish. My parents are too busy on a cruise to Ishigaki Island so they won't be back for a while."

"Seriously? That's far away. Are you sure we can come over for the night?" Nagisa asks, concerned.

"Yeah it's cool. No biggy."

"I'm up for it. Just let me call back my parents and tell them I'm sleeping over with a friend." Kayano said before clicking send on her cell to call her parents once more.

"Mm alright. If you say so. Let me tell my mom as well."

"Take your time. But can you two do that and walk? Its getting cold just standing here and we're making snow pyramids on our heads." Karma pointed out by shaking his head side to side to shake some of the snow off.

Nagisa laughed. "You're right. Let's go then." The two earned their parents permission to go off and followed Karma to his place for the night. Halfway there the trio ran into a couple of their classmates.

"Hey! Kanzaki! Nakamura! What are you two doing out this late?" Kayano called and trotted over to them as best as she could through the ankle deep snow.

"Oh hey Kayano. We had stopped by a coffee shop outside the school grounds to have a drink and chat with a few others, remember? We asked you to come with and you three said no." Rio answered after giving her a hug in greeting.

"Oh yeah. I remember. Sorry for turning you down though, I wanted to show Nagisa and Karma a place that could probably help kill our teacher." Kayano answered back apologetic.

Rio waved her hand in front of her face. "No worries girl, we're all friends here. But you have to show us the site next time as well. We want to get in on the prize money too." Yukiko nodded her head in agreement.

"Don't worry, we'll give you girls and the whole class the details later." Nagisa told them. "But what are you two doing out in this weather?"

Yukiko answered with a slight blush, "Well me and Nakamura were on a bus headed home until all the snow started to fall harder. The road piled up and we had no choice but to sit in the road to wait. Some of the others decided to get out of the bus and walk home and we decided to do it too."

"But it'll take a while for us to reach our homes so we were going to head back to the school to ask for Koro-sensei's help but we ran into you guys instead." Rio finished up. "So why are you guys traveling together? Isn't Nagisa's home a little farther out than yours or Karma's?" She asked Kayano.

"Oh that. Well we had decided to spend the night at Karma's place until the roads cleared."

"Really? So your place is not far away from here?" Yukiko looks at Karma hopefully.

"Yeah. We're actually just a few blocks from it." Karma answered.

"Can we, um, tag along too? If it's not too much trouble." She asked the redhead bashfully.

Karma swallowed, not used to getting this kind of attention from a fellow classmate. But he kept his cool. "Yeah sure. My place's kinda big so it's no big deal." He told her.

"Yeah! Alright now that's what I'm talking about." Rio cheered. "Party time at Karma's!"

"N-now wait. H-hold on, Karma didn't say anything about tha-" Nagisa tried to explain before getting interrupted by Kayano.

"Uh-huh. Slumber party time with lots of sugar!" Kayano chimed in giggling. Karma and Yukiko laughed at the two overexcited females.

"Ok ok girls, we can have a small slumber party. But just this once."

"Wait Karma you sure?" Nagisa looks at Karma concerned.

"Hell yeah. Now let's go and get out of this snow. I mean we can't kill Koro-sensei if we're all frozen."

Everyone murmured in agreement and headed over once more to Karma's place without another interruption down the road. Once they arrived, Karma unlocked the door and they all rushed inside to get warm. The girls helped each other take off their heavy jackets and hang up anything that may have gotten wet from the freezing ice. After borrowing some slippers from Karma, everyone gathered to think of what to do next.

"Mmm it's so toasty in here." Rio sighed happily once she had taken off her winter jacket, scarf, and snow boots.

The rest agreed with her. "So let's get ready for party time!" Kayano pumped her fist in the air while everyone else laughed and agreed.


"What is it Kanzaki?" Nagisa asked the shy girl.

"Its nothing. Just still a little chilled." She replied rubbing her arms.

"Well why not you girls wash up, hot water could warm you three up some more." Karma commented. "Me and Nagisa can clean up and get supper ready."

"You know how to cook?" Rio asked with her eyebrow raised.

"Yeah. I'm the only one here mostly so I had to learn how." He replied.

"Okay so we got a plan. You girls go warm up some more and we'll clean then the slumber party can get started." Nagisa agreed with his best friend.

"Bathroom's down the hall to the right," Karma pointed out. "Then the dinning room is just a couple doors down this way."

"Alright. We'll be back in a little bit. Come on Nagisa." Rio attempts to drag Nagisa to the bathroom with her.

"N-Nakamura, I'm not a girl!" The bluenette whined at the blond as he was dragged by his collar to the bathroom while the rest laughed.

After a few minutes of convincing Rio to let Nagisa go and that she could have fun with him later, much to Nagisa's dismay, the girls started on their bath together while the two boys started cleaning up the house. "Hey Nagisa, you can clean the bedrooms and I'll clean up the dinning room."

Nagisa nods, "Okay Karma. Do you have some cleaning supplies?"

"Yeah." Karma opens up the closet next to the kitchen and pulls out a couple of buckets and washing cloths. The two got started cleaning their designated rooms. Karma finished up both the dinning room and the kitchen before Nagisa came back for a fresh bucket of water.

"Almost done?" Karma asked as he got ready for cooking supper.

"Almost. I just need some more water on the second bedroom." The boy replied as he filled his bucket with warm water.

"If you need another bucket, take mine. I'm finished cleaning."

"Yeah sure." He tried to pick up both buckets after filling them with water and almost spilled them. "Whoops!"

"Hey, let me bring over the second Nagisa."

"You sure?"

"You've been doubting me for a while now little buddy." Raising his eyebrow in concern.

"Sorry." Nagisa looked away with a slight blush.

Karma walks over and pats his head. "Its fine. And is curry okay or hot pot?"

Nagisa thinks before saying, "Hot pot sounds nice. What about the girls?"

"I'll ask them before cooking. I'll be back with your bucket after." Karma said as he headed to the bathroom.

"Alright." Nagisa said before heading back to the bedroom.

Karma knocked on the bathroom door. "Hey! What do you guys want to eat? Hot pot or curry?" He called through the door. Some chattering was heard as Rio, Yukiko, and Kayano decided between themselves.

"Hot pot!" Rio called. Karma taps on the door telling them he heard before going back to fetch Nagisa's bucket. As he walked to the bedroom, the red haired boy heard the doorbell rang.

Opening the door his eyes widened for a second before a grin broke out on his face. "Well well, what are you doing here Second Place?"

The strawberry roan haired boy on the other side of the door narrowed his eyes at the crimson haired before sighing deeply. Karma could see that he was battling with his pride to say what was needed.

"I need somewhere to warm up. Your place just happened to be the closest." Gakushū answered gritting his teeth.

"So you just need to warm up and you'll be on your way right?" Karma asked to try and understand the situation.

Taking a few moments to answer, Gakushū nodded before feeling something warm and wet hit him in the face. Blinking, he looked up in surprise at Karma and saw a bucket turned upside down. Karma had tossed the warm water he had in the bucket at Gakushū.

"There. Now you're all warmed up. You can be on your way now." Grinned the little devil.

"You.. You little.. I'm going to kill you for this!"

"What's going on out there Karma?" Nagisa pokes his head around the corner. "Is someone out there?"

"No one of importance little buddy," Replies Karma as he tried to shut the door on the other.

"Let me in or you'll regret it Akabane!" Nagisa traveled to the front of the house and pulled the door handle from his friend's hands. He opened the door and saw the shaking Gakushū.

"Oh. It's the student council president. Come in and get dry." He welcomed the other in. Gakushū tisked and came in.

"So um, what brings you here Asano?" Nagisa asks as the boy takes off his shoes and steps up on the floor.

"Father's making renovations in the house's heating systems so he's gone off to one of the family homes for the week." He mutters loud enough to hear.

"And why haven't you gone with him Second Place?" Karma comes up behind the boy who slides to the side, getting as far away from the other as possible. Gakushū thinks for a minute on how he wanted to explain his situation.

"I needed some time alone from him. I would have gone to one of my other friend's houses but most of the Virtuous live a little further than I do. It would be hard to get there in this weather. Ren's the only one who lives close by but he's out of town for a few days to visit some relatives a few towns away. Something about a death or two in the family. So he's excused." He replies while looking at Nagisa. "I didn't want to come here but what the hell? I'm only staying for a night though, until I have another place to stay."

Nagisa nodded. "That's understandable. Yeah we got trapped on this side of town in this weather as well. Me and a few others are staying here with Karma for the night. You can join us if you want. Karma's cooking."

"Don't worry, I'll make sure there's plenty of poison in your portion." Karma promises as he pats the roan haired on the shoulder. Gakushū pried Karma's hand off before twisting it.

"Like hell you do such thing. Don't kid yourself." The violet-eyed boy glares at the melting gold irises. Keeping a tight grip on the other's wrist.

Nagisa tries to intervene with his hands raised. "Um guys, can we not fight? If you want, I can serve you your portion myself Asano."

"Hm fine. I'll let you handle that." Nagisa nods, "Okay then. Let me show you to the dinning room and get you a towel to dry off." Gakushū follows in approval, appreciating the bluenette's offer to help. The three walked into the kitchen, Karma walked over to the counter and started gathering ingredients for dinner while Nagisa handed Gakushū a towel to dry off with. "Thanks." He mutters to the shorter boy. Nagisa nods before finishing up in the second bedroom. Gakushū leans against the counter while drying off. Karma pays him no mind as he cooks.

The girls come in a little later with Rio leading. "Mm smells good. Everything ready yet?"

The red head nods. "It'll be ready in just a few more minutes. You girls can set up the table if you want."

Yukiko and Kayano head over to the pantry and pull out the plates and bowls as Rio heated up the rice. She noticed Gakushū behind her. "What are you doing here?"

He opened his mouth to answer before Karma stated. "Oh him? He's just here to annoy us."

"Very funny Akabane. I'm here because-" "Because he got kicked out from his home by the Chairman himself." Karma interrupted him as he picked up the pot and headed into the dinning room.

"Karma be careful! At least let Asano help you out in carrying that." Nagisa appears behind him as he watches the red head struggle slightly with the weight of the pot.

"Heh don't worry little buddy. I got it."

"Che." Gakushū moves over to Karma's front and grabs the other side of the pot to hold it up. "Can't let good food be wasted by the likes of you. Now hurry up and move, this is heavy."

Karma smirks and moves forward as Gakushū walks backwards carefully with Yukiko and Nagisa telling them to be careful. They set the pot down gently in the center of the table and Karma tossed in any remaining ingredients. After a few more minutes, the food was ready.

"Thank you for the food!" They all chimed before reaching for their portions of the food. Just as Nagisa promised, he filled up Gakushū's portion and he took it graciously.

"Wow! This is pretty good Karma!" Rio exclaimed, Kayano and Yukiko nodded in agreement.

"Heh, thanks girls. What do you think Nagisa?" He turned to ask.

"Mmhm. This is good stuff. Though I kinda like your sushi better." He admitted with a blush. Karma moved his hand to rub his friend's head. "Maybe next time buddy."

"Well Second Place?" Gakushū glared at the red head before looking at his food. He took a cautious bite before swallowing. "It's somewhat edible." He said before continuing to eat. The six students ate in peace and chatted between themselves as the snow outside fell more heavily, locking them in. No one noticed a yellow octopus flying by wearing a Santa costume.

This is the first chapter. Please review.

I'm not going to make this long. Maybe just one more chapter or two, that's all.

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