Winter Fun

Chapter 2

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I thank my friends from g+ for giving me wonderful ideas and to dedicate the chapter to one of my good friends, Nαgιѕα "HᎥᏴᎥYA-KᏌN" Shισтα/Chris's birthday. Happy birthday! And a Happy (late) Birthday to Karma Akabane!

The group chatted and finished eating their meal. During the time, Gakushū ate quietly, trying to stay out of the way while the other five made fools of themselves. At least, that's what Gakushū could see while he slurped his soup quietly. Karma fooling around and making Nagisa blush and scold at him, Kayano giggling and commenting how great her favorite sweet shop was with her friends, Rio trying to help Karma humiliate Nagisa at the dinner table, Yukiko giggling and trying to calm everyone down.

The excitement between the group calm down as everyone was becoming full from the meal. "Ah that was some good food." Rio leaned back against the palm of her hands. The others murmured in agreement.

"Hang on, there's one last piece of leek left. Hey Second Place, since you barely ate two bowls, this is for you." Grabbing the leek with his chopsticks, Karma practically shoved the leek into Gakushū's mouth with a mischievous glint in his eye.

Poor Gakushū was currently trying to breath and not pass out at the same time from the forcefulness of the red head shoving the leek into his mouth. He choked on the leek as it slipped down his throat. "Here Asano, drink some tea." Nagisa handed Gakushū some tea to help wash it down. Coughing, Gakushū made a move to take the cup from Nagisa's hand until it was snatched.

"Here, let me." Karma said as he stood up and over Gakushū. "Drink up." Smirking, he lifted up Gakushū's chin and poured the tea down his throat. The poor roan haired was choking and gagging so much that Nagisa pulled his friend away from the other as Kayano and Yukiko lifted up Gakushū and led him to the sink so he could cough everything up.

"There now, feeling a little better now?" Yukiko handed him a glass of water while rubbing circles on his back in comfort. Heaving and gasping for air, he managed a nod and took the glass. Slowly drinking, he heard laughter from the other room. Looking up, Gakushū could see Karma literally rolling on the floor in laughter.

"Pathetic." He poured himself another glass of water from the sink and slowly drank.

"Thanks," He nods to Yukiko.

"Of course," She smiled at him. "If there's anything else I can assist you with, please let me know."

"I sure will. Thank you, um... My apologies, I don't know your name." A slight blush on his cheeks was visible for a second as the student council president searched through his memory for the list of this year's E class names. Trying to place a name with a face in a short amount of time was a bit difficult.

"It's Kanzaki, Yukiko." She replied softly to him.

"Oh then thank you for your generosity Kanzaki." He gave a curtsied bow before he was hit in the head with a pillow.

"Oi! That's someone else's girlfriend you're trying to steal." Karma called out with another pillow in hand.

Clenching his teeth, Gakushū grabbed the pillow thrown at him after placed the cup in the sink. "Looks like someone survived his laughing fit. Think snuffing out your air supply is needed." He throws the pillow but his target ducks before throwing another pillow back at him.

"Uh guys.." Nagisa starts to say before the two starts up a rough pillow fight. The two kept throwing, catching and dodging the pillows thrown. One hit Kayano in the shoulder and another hit Rio on the chest. The two laughed before grabbing a pillow to throw at each other while dodging the boy's throws.

"Come on Kanzaki! Join the fun!" Rio called out before throwing a pillow at the nervous girl before she could utter out a word.

"Guys come on, we'll damage something and- oomf!" As the pillow on his face dropped to the floor, Nagisa scowled at the one who threw it, Kayano, before picking it up and throwing it right back at her. She shrieked as she dodged but threw another right back at him.

The six of them continued the pillow fight for another fifteen minutes before the girls and Nagisa were passed out on the floor from laughing so much. But the two who started the mess were still at it, the throws becoming a bit more forceful each time.

Sighing, Nagisa looked over at his female companions. "So any idea on how to stop them? Or to at least cool them down?"

Rio raised her hand. "I think I got an idea to try out." Kayano and the other two looked at each other before nodding for Rio to try her idea out. "Alright then. Okay you two, I think you've overkilled the pillows enough! Time to put your lover's spat aside and rest with us." Rio called out.

At the words 'lover's spat', the two paused and shouted, "We're not lovers!" The two added at the same time, "Like I'd date this mutt!" "Like I'd date this rat!" Hearing each other's insult, the couple glared at each other, raised to throw the pillows as hard as they could at each other again. This time, Kayano and Nagisa were quick to stop them by standing in front and taking the blows.

"That's enough you two! We're all here to have fun while taking refuge from the piling snow. Please behave a little." Yukiko sternly ordered.

"Yes ma'am." Gakushū was the first to give in to Yukiko's demands, being a gentleman of course. He sat back down in his seat at the table. "And you know the word 'overkilled' is not a real word right?" He looks at Rio bored and informally. "You scored the top English spot and your vocabulary outside of school is nearly nonexistent isn't it?"

"Shoot." She snapped her fingers together. "I was sure it was for real. Guess I forgot." She shrugged it off like it was no big deal. Gakushū wanted to roll his eyes at her incompetence but surprisingly he didn't.

Nagisa looked up and saw Karma still standing. "Hey come on Karma, sit down already." He patted the area beside him at the table.

Karma sighed before nodding and following suit, sitting down in his seat. "So now that's ended, what do you guys want to do now? Minus you of course Second Place."

Gakushū scowled as was about to open his mouth when Nagisa spoke first. "That's so mean of you Karma. Can't you just try to get along just once? Nobody liked Itona at first but then after he moved to the class, we all got along just fine. I'm not saying Asano should move to the class but can we all at least try to get along tonight?"

Kayano nodded at Nagisa's statement, "It might help us all out somehow. Let's give it a try."

Karma glared at Nagisa and Kayano before giving a loud sigh. "Ah fine then. Are we going to figure out what to do now or not? The night's still young as they say." He motioned to the window at the deep, dark blue sky turning black. Everyone grew quiet as they thought up ideas.

"How about a quick game of Truth or Dare?" Kayano asked, breaking the silence.

"Hm? Why quick?" Karma wondered. "There's tons of stuff I could dare Nagisa and Second Place here to do."

"Exactly. Don't want to spend all night stressing out Asano and Nagisa-"

"You said Asano first. Does that mean you've taken a liking to him?" Karma smirks as he pointed it out.

Kayano blushed before answering. "No it does not you baka! I'm just saying you don't want to hurt either of their feelings and get us in trouble with the Chairman by doing something horrible to his son."

"I thank you for the concern but as long as I'm following my father's commands, he doesn't care what I do or what happens to me." Gakushū admitted quietly.

"I think I got an idea." Yukiko spoke up. "We play Truth or Dare but if someone refuses a dare or to tell the truth, hm.."

"Has to stand out in the back yard snow without a coat on and shoes for fifteen minutes!" Rio answered. A loud commotion followed as Yukiko, Kayano, and Nagisa were in disagreement about the idea.

"Perfect! I'll go first! Nagisa, truth or dare?" Karma lit up excitedly. He liked the odds already.

Nagisa hesitated before answering, "Fine, truth." He hoped it wasn't going to be a humiliating question.

"Would you wear a girl's uniform for us? Just for a few minutes."

Scowling, Nagisa gave his quick and short reply. "No Karma." He turned away and looked at the others while Karma whined beside him. "Uh Kayano. Truth or Dare."

"Dare." She chirped while nibbling on some left over pudding from the shop.

"I dare you to go on a pudding free diet for a week. Starting now." He said in a challenging voice.

Nearly dropping her spoon, the greenette looked at him in shock, like Nagisa changed into Koro-sensei during that one minute. Thinking about either going out in the snow or the pudding, she chose the later. Sighing, she put down the spoon and the half filled cup of pudding on the table. "Fine. Just one week." Nagisa nodded and took up the pudding, he started finishing it off. Kayano looked mournfully as Nagisa ate the rest of her pudding before looking to Yukiko. "Hm, I choose, Kanzaki to be next."

Yukiko looked up at Kayano. "Hm?" She waited patiently for the other girl to give the question.

"Truth or dare?"

"I think, I'm going to have to go with dare please." She replied in a gentle voice.

Kayano grinned, "Then I dare you to call up Sugino and ask him out on a date. Sometime tonight if you please."

Yukiko immediately blushed at their baseball addicted, classmate's name. Rio whistled at her jokingly while Karma smirked from his side of the table. "Um, well, okay." She got up to leave the room alone but Rio stood up to go with her.

"Gotta make sure you do it, it'll be fine. The others can go while you do what you need to do." Yukiko nodded and allowed the blond to follow her into the hall. "Um, Asano?"

He looked up at the bashful girl, "Yes?"

"Well um, you can start while I do my dare." Yukiko told him, shyly adverting her eyes from him.

He nodded. "Alright then." She smiled at him before she left with Rio to call Sugino.

"Okay then, I choose..." Looking around, his violet eyes landed on Karma. "Akabane."

"Che, knew you were going to chose me. I choose dare, Second Place." He smirked, wondering what Gakushū was cooking up.

Gakushū smirked at the red head. "At the next school assembly, I want you to wear a first year girl's uniform, stand on the stage, and profess your love to your crush in front of the entire school. Make sure you look real cute and presentable."

Karma's smirk faded as he gaped at the strawberry roan. "No way in hell!"

"Then go outside and stand in the cold yellow dog, it's not going to be my fault you come down with a cold. At least this way, you could avoid getting sick." Gakushū countered and explained. 'No way, the air in the gym's always hot but on that day, I'll make sure it drops to at least 12 degree Celsius.' He thought to himself. The more humiliating to his rival, the better.

Karma hesitated before rising up and storming out the door. He'd rather get sick than to roll over and have his pride taken. Opening the back door to the private garden, he left his slippers in the house and sat out on the porch while snow was falling and the temperature continued to drop. Hearing the door behind him, the other five watched while Nagisa timed him. "Fine then, whose turn is it now?"

Yukiko raised her hand before turning to Rio. "Truth or dare?"

"Dare girl, come on, give it your best shot." Rio said confidently.

"I dare you to go over and kiss all of the boys here on the cheek. Not a peck, a real kiss." She instructed Rio.

Rio waved her hand. "That's too easy." She went over and kissed Nagisa first since he was the closest. While holding the timer, he blushed darkly in return. Then she went over to Gakushū and kissed his cheek. Inside the poor boy was blushing like it was his first, which besides the kisses from his mother, it was. On the outside though, the student council president acted like nothing had happened. 'No fun.' Rio complained in her head. She then turned towards Karma, walking out in her slippers, kissing him on the cheek fully before quickly heading back inside the warmth. "Alright, my turn. Nagisa, chose dare please."

The bluenette sighed. "Knowing you might complain if I don't, fine. Dare then."

"Wear this maid's dress for the rest of the night. You can change into your regular nighties after." She held up a maid's uniform for him to wear. He whined but Rio wasn't having any of it. She pulled him into another room and forced him to change. After a few minutes, the two came out with Nagisa blushing in his new outfit.

Karma wolf whistled at him. "Looking pretty hot there little buddy. Making me feel so warm already."

"Speaking of warmth, Karma, your time's up." Kayano called to him.

Karma jumped up, rushed inside and slammed the back door. Knowing where to find a heavy blanket, he traveled to the hallway closet and pulled one out to wrap himself in. The red head came back into the living room with the others and sat in his seat.

Nagisa watched him. "Karma, do you want some tea? You know, to warm you up?"

"Hm? Oh yeah, I got some that my folks sent back from their last work trip. We can use that." Karma gets up to head to the kitchen when Gakushū grabbed his arm.

"If we leave it to you, you'll just spike it." Yukiko stands up. "Then I'll go and help him make it. That way there's less of a chance for him to do something to the drink." Karma sighed and allowed her to help him make the tea. The two work together in the kitchen to get the tea ready for everyone.

While waiting, the rest decided to continue the game, starting with Nagisa. "Asano, truth or dare?"

"Truth." He replied, thinking that Nagisa would be more harmless than his classmate.

"What do you hope to accomplish if you could control E class for even a minute?" The bluenette asked after much thought. Everyone knew that the Chairman's son was up to something, going after E class as much as his father.

Gakushū hesitated, thinking of a good way to state his answer. "To make E class expose any secrets that their hiding. So I can at least get the best of my father."

Everyone was quite; only sounds heard were from the stove as the burner heated the pot of water. "And why should we tell you Second Place? All we're doing is studying. Everyone hid how smart he or she was until the last minute. It's so we could show that E class is no different than the A class, C, B, and D class if we tried hard enough. No one likes being outcasted, society may reject us but we'll still stand tall." Karma answered him. "Now, truth or dare Nakamura."

"You better come up with a good one if I choose dare then." She responded with a challenging voice.

He smirked before going into the cabinets and pulling out a couple spoons and a bottle.

He placed them on the table. "I want you and Second Place to eat one spoonful of this." The bottle was ketchup with dark color inside. It was suspicious knowing Karma.

"Sure thing." She poured a spoonful of the red liquid onto one spoon before handing it to Gakushū. He sighed before accepting it. She poured her own spoonful. "Cheers!" Raising the spoon before placing it in her mouth. Gakushū did the same, just a second later, both of their tongues were on fire. They swallowed the liquid and coughed.

"Bastard! What was in that?!" Gakushū had his hand over his mouth, eyes tearing up.

Karma grinned, "Wasabi and Chile pepper. I can't believe you two actually did it!"

"Me two. Are you alright Nakamura?" Yukiko asked with concern.

Rio waved it off. "No worries girl." She was in a similar situation as Gakushū, trying not to cry from the heat though. Coughing a little, she looked to her hot sauce companion. "You alright?" He nodded, still glaring daggers at Karma, the grinning devil. The kettle on the stove started whistling, so Yukiko took it off and helped Karma with the tea bags.

"It's going to be a little bitter first thing, better add a sugar cube to be safe." He pulled out a jar of sugar cubes and placed one in each cup. When Yukiko turned away for a minute to place the teakettle on the table, Karma left out one sugar cube from his own cup. The two handed out the tea filled cups before sitting down with their own.

Yukiko had the first sip. "Mmm its delicious. What kind of tea is it?"

"Black Current tea, my mom loves it." The red head replied as he sipped his own.

The others started to slowly drink their own, with Nagisa and Gakushū last. After a few minutes, everyone was certain that the drinks were not spiked this time around but they stayed cautious. "Mm taste like blackberries." Nakamura commented.

"And it's so warm and sweet. Though the bitter taste in the beginning is good, but so is the sweetness from the sugar." Kayano complimented the tea. She put down her cup and went into the kitchen to grab the sugar cube jar. She placed it on the table near her and started adding some more into her tea to make it sweeter. Karma watched closely as she did so, hoping she wouldn't add too much. This action didn't go unnoticed by the roan haired boy across the table from him.

"Something wrong Akabane?" He asked, sipping his tea.

"Hm? No. Of course not, why would you think that?" He asked beaming at his rival.

"Mmhm." Still unsure, Gakushū decided to drop the subject for now until he was certain that the other had done something.

The six teens continued their game of Truth and Dare. Along the way, Kayano lost not only her pudding privileges for the week, but also her signature hairstyle for a month. She had to change it into braids like Okuda, a dare given to her by Yukiko. Yukiko confessed to everyone by answering truth from Kayano, that she does have feelings for Sugino, but hinted that she also liked Sugaya. Karma had lost his latest Sonic Ninja game to Rio for a week, after she defeated him in a quick game of Poker during a dare. Nagisa was forced to wear cat ears for an hour by Karma.

"Nakamura, truth or dare?" Nagisa asked her.

"Mm I guess truth for once." She sighed, starting to get bored with the dares.

"Between Maehara and Isogai, which do you like the best?"

"Hm.. even though Isogai's class rep, he's got a lot on his plate but he's a great guy to work with. Passionate and easy going. Maehara is somewhat trustworthy but in a relationship with him, it wouldn't even last five minutes with the way he is. So I choose Isogai." She said finally. "Asano, truth or dare?"

"Hm? Dare." He replied at the blond, wait, was his vision getting blurry all of a sudden? He rubbed his eyes a little before seeing his sight come back into focus.

"Let Karma give you one make over."

"No." He replied shortly before standing up and heading outside. He nearly fell over after standing up. Everything looked blurry, his head started hurting, and he gripped the table while holding his head. "What's.. what is going on? I feel so dizzy."

"Are you alright?" Yukiko stood up suddenly before collapsing on her knees. She held her head in pain, she felt so lightheaded and dizzy.

"What's going on?" Nagisa looked around with worry in his eyes, he noticed that his vision was beginning to blur as well. Kayano started hiccupping as she started to notice the blur of her eyesight and the headache.

"Don't tell me.. the tea was spiked?!" Rio asked before she put her head down.

Nagisa was confused, "But how? Kanzaki was watching Karma the entire time."

Taking a minute to think while ignoring his throbbing head, Gakushū figured it out. "No she wasn't. When Kanzaki set the teakettle on the table, that idiot had enough time to place in sugar cubes in the cups. The sugar was spiked!"

Karma clapped his hands. "Well done. Yes you guys have been drinking wine and tea. The sugar had a liquid alcohol that was tasteless and colorless. The tea was already wine colored, so why not?"

Gakushū growled, "That's why you were watching Kayano as she kept putting sugar in her tea. How much of that stuff is in the sugar?"

"About two teaspoons in each cube. Not enough to kill anyone but she might get a little sick. Nothing serious than a minor stomachache." He responded without worry. Before he could blink, Rio pushed the jar of sugar cubes over towards Nagisa, both Nagisa and Gakushū grabbed a handful each and forced Karma to eat the raw cubes with the wine inside. Once that was done, Karma almost immediately felt the effects of a headache and blur in his vision.

"That's payback Karma!" Nagisa declared.

"Ugh, please don't shout." He replied.

"You deserve worse but you've already been outside." Gakushū muttered. "So how long until the affects wear off Akabane?"

"Not long." Karma muttered.

"What I want to know is where did you get the wine?" Kayano asked.

"From professor Bitch. I actually swiped it from her stash of alcohol the other day. I was going to use the sugar as a drug later for personal reasons..." Hinting to his classmates that it was for Koro-sensei. "But I guess, you guys got to be the test subjects."

"Don't forget you're included in that statement." Gakushū pointed out.

Karma gave him his best glare and hissed, "Shut up."

"Well maybe we should just sit here quietly until the affects wear off." Yukiko suggested.

"Yeah. Hey what time is it?" Kayano asked the group, noting that there wasn't a clock in the room.

Nagisa pulled out his cell and checked. "Nearly midnight. Looks like we better be heading to bed soon."

Rio looked up with blurry eyes. "No one will go straight to sleep but we can head to the bedrooms anyway." The group nodded before spreading out in the room a little until they felt better. Enough to head to the bedrooms.

Leaning his head back to hit the wall behind him, Karma chuckled. "Fine, I'll be the first to admit that this has been a fun night." Nagisa nodded in agreement.

"Oh god this night was one hell of crazy. You're so dead in the morning Akabane. I swear of it." Gakushū chuckled to himself.

"I don't think I'll like not having pudding for breakfast tomorrow." Kayano complained a little.

So for the next hour and a half, the group sat around, softly talking to each other before the girls headed to the first bedroom to sleep and the boys headed to the second. Outside, the snow fell lightly and softly. Unbeknownst of the group, Ritsu recorded the entire conversations. She was currently playing them back for an octopus up in the old school building. "It seems like I've won the bet." The grinning octopus looked to the figure in the doorway of the classroom.

The newcomer chuckled before replying, "The night's still young. Let's wait until the morning comes Koro-sensei. My son isn't one to submit to your class and become friendly that easily you know."

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