Winter Fun

Chapter 3

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Nagisa leaned back against the wall. “Anyone getting tired yet?” He looked around the room. Some of the alcohol was starting to affect the rest of the group. Along with hiccupping, Kayano and Karma had their heads against the table. Trying to stop the hard throbbing pain in their head. Yukiko looked around at everyone and slowly stood. Making her way slowly to the kitchen, her vision slightly blurred with her small headache, she took out a few glasses and filled them with water.

Setting the filled glasses on a tray, she picked it up to take back to the others. Her hold on the tray was unsteady as her hands shook, the glasses clinking and threatening to fall. “Whoa there.” A voice said behind her, a pair of hands reached out to steady the tray of water. She turned to find Gakushū behind her, steadying himself against the sink. “Need any help?”

Yukiko nodded and allowed him to take a few glasses so it would be easier on her. She sat the tray on the table and passed a couple around, sitting them in front of her classmates. Gakushū did the same, very tempted to pour one of his glasses on the prankster red head but decided to get his revenge of tonight’s torture another way. The group slowly drank the glasses of water, silence filled the room.

Rio was the first to finish hers. “So anyone ready to head to the rooms?”

“We might as well.” Gakushū stated slowly. “Don’t worry, I’ll help you girls get there safely.”

“Oh yeah, let me help as well.” Nagisa said. “Come on Karma.” He nudged the brooding redhead with his foot before carefully standing. He offered a hand to the girls and first hand to shoot out and grab it was Rio.

“It’s my pleasure Miss~.” She smirked as the bluenette nervously laughed before groaning in response. Helping the blond up, Nagisa lead her to the girl’s room slowly.

Gakushū followed suit and held out his hand for one of the girls to take it. Seeing as Kayano was in worse shape near him, he decided to help her out. Letting two drunks carry themselves would be a disaster. She accepted, clinging to him as he helped her to her room. Yukiko looked at Karma before standing slowly and holding out her hand to him. He looked up from holding his head in his hands to see everyone had left the room but them. He accepted Yukiko’s offer before stumbling slightly. “Sorry.” He mumbled.

“It’s alright. Here you can lean on me if you need to.” She shifted around so she was half carrying him.

“I’m sorry to put you through this. Ah I promise to make you the most delicious breakfast in the morning for this.” He promised her and started moving towards the girl’s room.

She smiled. “That sounds nice. Thank you Karma.”

The girls soon got settled in their room. Karma had pointed out some of his mother’s robes if they wanted to sleep in them instead of their uniforms. They laid out their respective futons before getting comfortable.

“So, why don’t we have a little fun like we did in Kyoto? You know, stay up late gossiping?” Rio asked as she sat on the end of her futon with a pillow in her lap.

Yukiko and Kayano nodded as they gathered on their futons around the blond. “What do you want to talk about first?”

“How about that phone call to Sugino? How did it go Kanzaki?” Kayano asked, lying on her stomach.

Yukiko instantly became red in the face. She looked down from her spot on the futon, and started playing with the corner of her pillow. “Um.. well.. he answered after the second ring so I asked him.”


“Sugino, do you want to go on a date with me tomorrow afternoon?” She asked the boy on the other side of the phone. She kept her cool as she talked, inside however, butterflies were fluttering all over.

The boy on the other side started stammering before finally shouting, “Yes I’ll go with you!” Yukiko instantly blushed and smiled. She discussed the time and place to meet with Sugino, before she hanged up.

“I conclude that it was a success?” Rio asked with a confident grin on her face. All Yukiko could do was nod and giggle. Rio smiled back. “Great job girl! I’m so proud, we’ll talk about the details of this later understand?” The black haired girl nodded before the blond took her hand and led her back into the room with the others to watch Karma’s punishment in the snow.

End of Flashback:

“Aw that sounds so romantic!” Kayano commented when she heard. “Maybe Nagisa and I should come along. You know, just to make things more comfortable for you two.”

Yukiko nodded. “Yes that sounds great. But do you think Nagisa will agree?”

“Hm, let me ask.” She reached over for her bag and pulled out her phone. She sent a text to Nagisa to ask him to come on a double date with her, Yukiko, and Sugino.

“Oh Kayano, I’ve been meaning to ask. What’s your relationship with Nagisa?” Rio asked with a mischievous look in her eye.

Kayano instantly blushed bright red before replying. “Wha- what do you mean? We’re just friends.”

“You mean that kiss from before in class didn’t mean anything to you?” She pressed, remembering when Nagisa kissed the girl in front of the class a few weeks prior. Nobody had seen the energetic green haired girl go into a rage over killing their teacher before; it was hard to calm her down until Nagisa stepped in and kissed her until she passed out. Rio had uploaded the pictures she took with Karma of the event onto the Internet. The two had their own blog they worked on together and it was fun to see all the hits they acquired over the picture.

“Of course it doesn’t mean a thing! It was just a kiss, nothing special.” She replied hurriedly.

“Are you sure? I mean, I agree with Nakamura, you two are close. Just like him and Karma.” Yukiko said, trying not to pressure the other girl too much.

Kayano groaned softly in annoyance. “It’s nothing I promise! Besides, I think he likes Karma more since they been friends the longest.”

“Hm. That is true. Ah! Maybe they’re lovers~!” Rio exclaimed.

Yukiko grimaced slightly with a small smile, “I doubt that’s it. You’re getting way to into this ‘shipping’ business I think. Why not we talk about something else?”

“Yep! I totally agree!” Kayano raised her hand in a hurry to put a stop to the conversation. Rio pouted before reluctantly agreeing. The girls chatted a little about how well the night had went despite the snow that had piled up. After a few minutes, Kayano felt a little queasy so she paused the conversation. “Excuse me you two, I think I’ll go out to get some stomach medicine.” She started to get up but stumbled.

The other two quickly stood to help her stand. “No you stay down. Don’t push yourself if you’re not feeling well.” Yukiko told her while rubbing her back.

“Yeah. Let me go out and get you the pills. I’ll make sure to grab some painkillers for us all while out.” Rio promised before heading out of the room. Kayano thanked the girls before allowing herself to be sat back down. Hearing a beep on her cell, Kayano reached over and saw Nagisa’s reply.

“Oh looks like Nagisa’s free to come with us tomorrow. He says he’ll even pick up Sugino along the way.” She showed Yukiko the message.

“That’s great. Looks like we’ll be able to have some fun then.” The dark haired girl replied with a smile. Kayano agreed.

Rio headed down the hall to the kitchen for some drinks before looking for the pills. She ran into Karma on the way. “Oh Karma, do you have any stomach medicine or painkillers? Kayano needs some.”

“In the medicine cabinet in the bathroom. One blue container is the stomach medicine on the first shelf, third shelf there’s a small orange bottle for the painkillers.” He instructed her.

“Okay. Thanks~!” She rushed to the bathroom and found the bottles no problem. Dividing up the pills for each of them, she went back to the bedroom to give. “Here you go, I got us some drinks to wash down the pills with.” Handing over the pills and drinks, the girls took them and soon felt sleepy. They all agreed it would be best to go to sleep soon. So laying out their futons, they got ready for bed and were soon asleep.

The guys settled down in Karma’s room. Karma and Nagisa bickered about who would get the bed while the remaining two would sleep on the floor. Tired of hearing the petty argument, Gakushū tossed the three school bags on the bed after stripping it of the sheets and pillows. He tossed them to the floor and rolled out his futon.

“The hell Second Place?”

“Arguing about a stupid matter? How about this, we all sleep on the floor. I’d rather do that than sleep in that rickety old bed of yours.” He replied calmly as he took off his shirt.

“Rickety old bed?” Karma muttered with distaste. “Oi, why you stripping? Gonna give us a lap dance while still under the influence?” Teases the red head as he watched the roan haired boy take off his pants, leaving just his boxers on.

The other just looks at Karma blankly. “I’m getting ready for sleep and no. Now instead of staring at my gorgeous body, are you going to get ready for bed?”

Karma flushed for a second when he realized that he was starring and he was the only one still fully dressed. He quickly turned around while Gakushū smirked at his reaction.

Nagisa walked up to Karma, he had taken the maid’s uniform off finally. “Um Karma? Is it all right if Asano and me borrow some of your clothes for the night? I mean, it is cold just to sleep in our underwear.”

Karma sighed and went over to his dresser. Opening up one of the drawers, he pulled out three pairs of fleece pajamas. He handed a black and red, tiger striped pair to Nagisa before tossing a purple and red, heart themed pair to Gakushū. Looking at the pair he had left over, a red and green, Christmas themed pair that still had the tags on it.

‘Oh yeah, this was sent to me for my birthday and Christmas present from mom and dad. I guess now’s a good time as any to wear it.’ He stripped down to his boxers like the other two had and slipped on the pajamas; Gakushū scowled at the pair in his hand that he had to wear. Making sure they fit well, he clipped the tags off and threw them in the trash bin. He walked back over to where Nagisa and Gakushū were and rolled out his futon as well. He pushed it right next to Nagisa’s, far from Gakushū’s who was on the other side of him. Then he went over to turn off the lights from the light switch hanging from the fan in his room.

“Karma, what are you doing?” Nagisa looked at him in confusion.

As a response, Karma yanked him down to the two futons and held him close. “Keeping you safe from monsters.”

Nagisa blushed before stuttering, “B-but Karma, I’m in middle school. There’s no need to do this.”

“But you never know.” He insisted, holding him close. Gakushū rolled his eyes at the two before pulling out a little flashlight and book from his school bag. Laying against the pillow, he got comfortable before flipping on the flashlight and opening the book to read.

Meanwhile Nagisa struggled to get out of Karma’s arms. “Come on Karma, stop it.”

“I got to protect you, you’re a fragile thing.” He nuzzled the bluenette’s cheek affectionately.

‘Yep, he’s defiantly still drunk.’ Nagisa concluded as he pushed against Karma, trying to free himself. “Come on, Asano’s right there. This is inappropriate~.”

“Whatever you two do I don’t really care.” Gakushū commented, flipping the page of his book, continuing to read. “Just know I’ll kick you two out if you try to intensify the sexual tension in the air.”

Karma looked over to him like the other had grown a second head. “The hell you talking about?”

“If you two start to have sex I’m kicking you guys out.”

Karma huffed. “It’s my room.”

“Don’t care. You’re too far under the influence to remember by morning.”

“But still..” The shorter male protested.

Karma turned back to nuzzle all the way up to the boy’s ear, he nipped at it with his sharp canines causing Nagisa to yelp in surprise. Gakushū looked up for a second with a raised eyebrow before returning to his reading. “I gotta protect you from the monsters. Especially the one behind me. He’s the worst of them all-”

Slap! The sound was loud enough for the roan haired boy to blink over at the two cuddling males in confusion and surprise. Karma blinked, trying to collect his thoughts from what just happened. Just a few seconds passed until he felt a sting on his cheek. He looked over at Nagisa with wide eyes but the bluenette had already moved his futon closer to the window, away from the red head.


“Shut up! You have no right to call Asano a monster just because of the Chairman’s unfair methods in the school. He’s not like him! Sure he’s egocentric and manipulative and uses people to his own advantage but he’s not as controlling or an ass as his father is at times. You shouldn’t judge a person until you get to know them! I told you earlier to give him a chance.” Nagisa quickly slipped under the covers and laid down, keeping his back to Karma.

A short, soft whistle came from the other side of the room. Karma narrowed his eyes before turning around to glare at the whistler. “Nice going Akabane, very smooth.”

“Shut up Second Place.” The hotheaded redhead jumped up quickly and almost fell from the dizziness. “Damn it.” He left the room to get some fresh air, a glass of water, and some painkillers.

After he closed the door, the two males inside the room stayed quiet. Finally, the younger boy put up his book with a sigh. “You didn’t have to defend me you know.” He muttered, not expecting a response.

“You may not deserve it after all the crap you pulled in the past but you still deserve a chance to make real friends, if at least one.” Nagisa replied, not moving.

Gakushū remained quiet in thought. He looked over at the bluenette’s figure under the window. The snow had started falling more gently than before as some of the clouds were starting to part, allowing some stars to twinkle and shine, the moon was visible as it brightly lit up the dark blue sky. Even Gakushū couldn’t help but admit that the boy looked beautiful under the moonlight. The baby blue hair glistened just slightly with the silver moonlight, he couldn’t help sucking in a breath at the beauty. If only the boy was in the main building, he could just go up to him and...

Catching himself in thought, he cleared his throat before slowly getting up, he walked across the room to the bedroom door. “I’m going to find Akabane. Make sure he hasn’t passed out or something.” He left the room but not before hearing Nagisa’s soft reply.

“Good luck.” Giving a small smile, the roan haired left for the kitchen in search of the red head drunk. Nagisa curled up in his blanket, trying to keep warm before hearing a soft ring on his cell. He got up and headed over to the bare mattress to retrieve his bag. Finding the text Kayano sent him, he responded with a yes. ‘Going on a double date with Kayano, Sugino, and Kanzaki? Sounds like fun. I’ll call Sugino tomorrow and we can both meet up with the girls.’ He returned to his futon, feeling chilly. He curled up once more, hoping to get some sleep before tomorrow’s fun.


Gakushū found Karma leaning over the sink, he was making some awful noises with the water faucet on. The roan haired boy waited a few minutes before walking over to the fridge. Pulling out a box of strawberry milk, he set it on the counter next to Karma. Karma noticed the milk and looked up, “What’s that for Second Place?”

“Just something to help soothe your stomach.” He responded, leaning against the counter just a little way from Karma.

Wiping his mouth of stomach acid and saliva with a paper towel before picking up the milk carton. He examined it for a insert hole, possible drugs could be in the carton and he wasn’t taking any chances with his rival nearby. Finally seeing no leaks, he took the straw from the back of the little box and punctured the hole to drink the milk. Besides taking it for his stomach, the rich and creamy strawberry flavor helped the boy relax just a bit.

“Didn’t know you liked that stuff so much, you could get sick on too many strawberries you know.” Karma groaned and narrowed his eyes at Gakushū’s comment.

“Just stay there and be quiet Asano.”

Gakushū raised an eyebrow at the comment. “Finally becoming mature enough to call me by my actual name I see.”

“It was just the slip of the tongue.” Karma replied back before walking out of the kitchen to the bathroom. The roan haired boy followed after he turned off the water faucet.

“Why are you following me?” Says an annoyed red head.

“Just making sure you don’t hurt yourself.” Replied the impassive roan haired.

“Oh so you can laugh about it when I’m not around?”

“Not really. I don’t want to be blamed for not helping you by the people who showed me kindness tonight.”

“That’s weird.”

“What is?”

“That the big shot of the school is actually grateful for the gratitude and kindness of the class he helped kick to the trash.” Karma wiped of his face at he sink before taking some pills to help with the headache. Gakushū just stood against the door frame watching.

“Hey,” Gakushū looked at Karma. “Can you please leave?”


Karma growled in annoyance. “Seriously leave. Get out please.”

“I’m sorry but in order to move me you’ll have to get on your knees and apologize for trying to poison me earlier.” Smirks the other.

“It was just alcohol and please move. I... I gotta take a piss now and I’m defiantly not doing it in front of you.” Karma looked down with a slight blush on his face.

Gakushū stood up and pushed Karma over to the toilet before shutting the door. “I’m not leaving you by yourself, who knows what awful things might happen.” He leaned against the closed door, looking at the towels instead.

Karma watched him before facing his back towards the closed door. “Do you have a weird voyeur and toilet fetish or something? Gross man.” Chuckles slightly.

“Not in the slightest.” He responds with a small smile. After he heard the red head finish his business, he walked over and stood behind him, moving his lips to rest near the other’s ear. “No but I might have a thing for seeing your flushed face Akabane~.” He whispered in a seductive voice. “And I’ll forgive you for that little out burst back in the bedroom if you can do me one little favor.” Moving his hand down Karma’s arm to his waist.

Normally Karma would have elbow punched the bastard in the gut and stuffed his nose with wasabi by now but still under the influence of the spiked sugar, he blushed and listened. “What is it? If it’s something stupid I swear you’ll be the laughing stock of the entire school for at least a month.”

“The same would go for you Akabane but that’s not the issue right now. No..” His hand travel across his rival’s chest to stomach before stopping at the belt line of the pajama pants. “I want to... defeat you at the new Sonic Ninja game at the arcade tomorrow. If I win, I’ll forgive your actions and you have to treat me to a meal.” He moves his body away from the other with a challenging smirk on his face.

Karma turned around to reply, ignoring the faint blush on his face. “Ha! If I win, you’ll have to play doggy for me tomorrow. Walking around on the streets on all fours wearing collar of my choosing and a leash. Puppy dog ears and tail is included.” Smirking at the frown on his rival’s face.

‘How childish. But fine.’ Gakushū stuck in hand out to shake on the agreement in which Karma agreed to by squeezing his hand tightly to crush the bone. The roan haired responded in the same manner before getting jerked forward by Karma whispering in his ear in return. “Don’t complain about losing tomorrow, we’ll have all sorts of fun with you as my pet. Count on it.” Replying in the same manor as the other did but with a teasingly husky voice, making the other boy blush faintly in return.

The two left the agreement at that and left the bathroom, heading back into Karma’s bedroom for the night. Nagisa had moved the futons while they were gone so that he would get to sleep in the middle of the two, Karma would sleep on the right with Gakushū on the left. That sneaky little snake.

The next morning, the six students woke up bright and early. They helped each other get ready. The girls cleaned up the dishes from the night before and the guys got started cooking breakfast for everyone. The teens ate breakfast together, laughing and joking around until it was time to go. Kayano and Yukiko bid everyone goodbye after breakfast.

“We’ll see you guys back at the school.” Kayano waved at the group as Yukiko put on her jacket and scarf.

“Have fun on the date Kanzaki, Kayano.” Nakamura cheered on her friends.

“We will,” Yukiko smiled. “See you at the train station later with Sugino, Nagisa.”

“Of course, we’ll be there.” Nagisa promised her as he finished up cleaning the dishes. The two girls left the house, giggling and chatting about what to do on the date later. After Nagisa finished up with the dishes, he headed to the front door to grab his coat, gloves, boots and scarves before leaving. “’Kay, I’ll see you guys later. Text you later Karma, bye Nakamura, Asano.”

Karma walked up to the bluenette and pulled him close. “Aw do you really have to leave me so soon?”

Nagisa pushed the red head away with his hands. “Yes Karma. Don’t worry, I’ll tell you about Kanzaki and Sugino’s date tonight. Maybe tomorrow you can treat me to some sushi?” He asked with a side glance, trying to look cute.

His best friend chuckled before patting his head. “Yes yes, I’ll treat you. Just remember to always wear condoms when you do it with Kayano, ’kay?” He winked.

Nagisa blushed deep red before balling up a fist to hit his best friend hard in the shoulder, enough to make him just lose his balance slightly. “I-it’s n-n-not like that you dummy! B-bakarma!” He quickly grabbed the door and opened it, running out. “Just behave while I’m gone Karma!” Running out of the front yard, heading home with a big grin.

Karma chuckled before closing the door. He turned around to the two remaining house guests. “So what will you be doing Nakamura? You going out with Nagisa and the others? Or going to spy on them for pictures and gossip?”

The blond gave a grin similar to the red head’s own mischievous smirk. “Of course I’m going to go spy on them. But everyone won’t meet up until later so I got some time on my hands. What are you two going to do?”

“I’m going to beat Second Place here at the arcade. Then once I won, he’ll be my pet for a day.” Grinning to show off his sharp canines with a sparkle in his eyes.

Gakushū scoffed. “Yeah, dream on. I’m totally going to crush you and you’ll be my pet for a day.”

“Hey can I tag along? Loser of round one has to buy drinks.” Rio interjected at the two. The two males thought it over and agreed to it. “Then it’s settled! Grab your coats boys ’cause we’re going out to have some fun!” She grabbed her winter gear and slipped it on, Karma and Gakushū right behind her. The three raced out the door, picking up snowballs and throwing at them at each other and laughing all the way to town.

*Okay, I’m sure you guys were totally expecting this section to be about the octopus and Chairman. I’m sorry but that’s not going to happen. Besides school and reality, I pushed off the rest of my stories to try and figure out a bet idea that the two may have had about Gakushū and the others; and rearranging Two Time Lovin’ to make more sense; but no luck. I tried multiple ideas to try and make it fit, nothing became simple enough to make sense and fit. I am truly sorry but I’m ending the story here. Unless I think of something later on, it will be called a fourth chapter or a small one-shot posted alone.

Why am I making this decision? Because I was going to end chapter 2 without adding anything in it but looking it over it didn’t feel right so I made something up on the spot thinking I can think of something to add to it later. No luck. I’m sorry for leading you all on but that’s what happened. It was just something random I made up and couldn’t back it up. I feel very guilty about it and so I’m writing this apology. I could delete the little section later but I’ll only do it as a last resort. Thank you for reading this story and this apology note, it’s been my pleasure to write this for all you fans.

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