Trial of Blood and Pain for Ruki

Kou Time.

Hey guys, it’s finally here! This one will get regular updates (um possibly monthly or I’ll stretch it out every couple of months because I personally don’t want to bombard all the chapters at one time) until it’s finale chapter five. Five was the original requester’s demand, so five chapters only for this story.


I’ll try to make this short. I did revise the first chapter when rereading it, so it is changed some. So in 12/2021, chapter 1 is rewritten in some parts & some have more detail than before.

I admit I didn’t have much motivation finishing this for a while, I was in a rut. I found out smut stories make me burn out quicker than regular stories so I’ve been avoiding smuts for a long time now. I know I have to finish others too that are left hanging in the smut category, I’m trying my best to return. I just got so stumped over these stories, too stubborn to abandon or continue them until I felt comfortable again. Fingers crossed, I’m working on getting them done and uploaded so I can work on other stories that aren’t heavily smut based. Sorry to those who are waiting on me to get back to the lemons but it’s a slow process right now for me so I’ll get them out some time. I promise that much.


There are warnings in future chapters so please read and be aware of them. This story is on the darker side. (As usual with most of my stories, I like it dark okay. Not sorry!) You have been warned. Now, let’s start!

Disclaimers: I do not own Diabolik Lovers, the OC characters are mine to claim though. That includes Hayate, Kioka and her background clique. The Mukami vampires belong to Reject and their true creator(s).

Title: Kou Time.

Hayate sits in the Mukamis’ limo as the five students head home. Ruki had invited him over for dinner to get to know each other. The human could hear nothing but his heart racing as he sat beside Ruki in the vehicle. He squirms nervously with his hands on his crotch, trying to keep from getting a hard on. It was tough but he made it. Hayate follows Ruki inside their mansion, sitting his stuff down in the living room as he waited with his crush for dinner to be served.

“So,” Ruki clears his throat. “I assume you know we’re vampires now.”

Hayate nods, finding out the Mukamis were vampires gave him mixed feelings at first. He knew he should be scared, cowering in fear but none of those emotions were present. Instead, Hayate felt at ease with the vampires. He was still very shy. “Y-yes Ruki-san.”

“Then I don’t need to ask you to keep our secret yes? Otherwise, everyone you know and love will disappear.” Ruki warns him with a chilling tone.

Hayate swallows and nods. “I understand. Your secret’s safe with me.”

“Good.” The grey haired vampire smiles warmly. “I will say, it’s a first for me to have a male livestock. Your kind’s blood is normal bitter as to a maiden’s fine sweet blood. I hope dinner is to your liking, um.. what was your name again?”

“Hayate, Shouta Hayate of class 2-C.”

“Ah, Hayate-kun or rather should I call you,” Ruki leans forward. Hayate could feel his face flushing as the vampire leans in close. His eyes glance to the vampire’s lips as he spoke. “Ha-chan?” Chills run down the boy’s spine as Ruki’s breath and voice tickles his ear.

“Anything’s fine. As long as you say it, Ruki-san.” He looks to the floor and back to the vampire’s lips.

Ruki nods, “Then you are my Ha-chan from now on. Look at me.” He props a finger and thumb on Hayate’s chin, forcing him to meet his eyes. “You are mine understand? Everything of yours is- ”

“Dinner’s ready!” Kou shouts from the hallway.

Snapping to attention, Ruki yanks his hand away from Hayate’s face. He gets up and heads to the dinning hall. “Very well then. We’ll continue this discussion after we eat. Come along Ha-chan.”

“Coming!” Hayate jumps up, eagerly following after the older vampire.

“Someone seems eager hm?” Kou appears behind him.

Startled, the boy laughs nervously. “Maybe. But I’m also excited to see the food.”

“Haha, good boy.” The blond vampire pats his shoulder. “I’m happy to hear it.” His hand moves down the human boy’s back to his butt. Kou squeezes his cheeks a few times while whispering, “I’ll be happy to hear more as well.”

Hayate blushes again. “Um yeah. Yep.”

Kou smacks his butt before pulling him along. “Come on now, let’s eat.”


After dinner, Kou offered to show Hayate around the manor. Ruki informed Kou that one of the guest bedrooms was in the process of being cleaned, it would be Hayate’s if he chose to stay with them. The idol vampire helps Hayate with navigating the manor, showing off his and Yuma’s room, pointing to Ruki’s room, and showing the garden they had out back.

“Wow this place is so cool. It’s way better than my sister ever imagined.” Hayate comments as they walk down the hall.

“Oh? What does she think I live in?”

“Um she’s dead set on saying you have a massive kitchen to feed hundreds, elegant floors and walls fit for royalty, a massive bed with silk sheets and ten walk-in closets with a few hot sports cars and more.”

“What’s that last one?”

“Oh just a luxury car. It’s really fancy with modern day technology.”

“Do you ever want one?” Kou asks curiously.

“It would be nice but I don’t see myself using anything but a subway or city bus to get around in the future.”

“Why not? I could loan you the money for one.” The vampire turns and pushes the boy up against the wall. “You’d have to pay me back..” Placing a hand on his cheek before moving his fingers down his chest. “With interest of course.” Kou’s hand travels down to the boy’s crotch and squeezes. Hayate’s breath hitches, he bites his lip. “Don’t be silent. I love hearing you scream.” Releasing his grip, the vampire suddenly squeezes tightly, Hayate doesn’t hold back his wanton moaning this time. “Excellent. Now then, shall I have my dessert here?”

“Isn’t the hallway too much?”

“Hm. Perhaps. Come.” Pulling back his hand, Kou gestures him to follow to a nearby bathroom. Locking the door behind them, Kou pushes the human back. “Okay, now on your knees. Come on.”

Hayate quickly gets on his knees and looks up at the blond. Kou smirks at the boy as he unzips his pants. Pulling out his semi-hard dick, he nods. “You know what to do.”

Licking his lips, Hayate opens his mouth and starts licking. He sucks on the tip before moving the cock deeper inside. Kou hums in content. The vampire allows the human to give him a decent blowjob. Placing a hand on the human’s head, he shifts his fingers through the black locks then grabs them tightly. Hayate let’s out a confused grunt before gagging as Kou starts to fuck his mouth.

“Keep your teeth off or this won’t end pleasantly for you. Stay still.” The vampire commands. After a few thrusts, he pulls out and shoots his cum over Hayate’s face. “There.. you look... appetizing now..” He huffs before stepping out of his pants. “Hands on the tub.” Hayate does as he was told. He could feel his own pants and underwear being removed. His cock springs free, red and seeping of pre-cum. “Look at that. Just one blowjob and you’re already hard? Such a bad boy.” Kou squeezes his ass cheeks in response.

The boy flushes again out of embarrassment. “I’m told I get hard too easily.” He admits to the vampire.

“Well then, I’m happy to hear it. Now stick your ass out.” Kou watches as the human obeys. Moving his hand on the boy’s ass to his hole and starts to finger him. Hayate moans as he felt the fingers enter him. “Still loose from earlier? That’s wonderful. Louder my pet.” He immediately adds two more fingers to stretch him. The boy beneath him moans loudly.

“Please Kou-kun... please...”

“Please what Ha-chan?”

Hayate jerks up at the sound of his new nickname. He glances over his shoulder to see Ruki standing in front of the door. “R-Ruki-san.” He stutters. Frozen in spot as the boy realizes he was mooning the vampire of his fantasies while getting fingered by his brother.

“Dang it Ruki. Why must you come in? Can’t you see I locked the door to prevent nosy perverts like you from interrupting?” Kou sighs exasperated. He pulls his fingers out of the human boy, receiving a whine.

“You’re right. I apologize.” Ruki leans against the door, looking elsewhere. “Please continue. I want to see where this goes.”

“Seriously?” The blond vampire was unamused.

“What’s the problem? I heard you and Yuma had no qualms doing it on the school roof where anyone could come and see and hear.”

Kou scoffs. “Fine. Come here pet.” He pulls Hayate up and pushes him to the floor. “Butt up and face the door. Let’s show your new boyfriend how you are when being fucked.”

Completely red in the face, Hayate props himself on his hands and knees, moving his ass in the air. Keeping his eyes to the floor as he felt like he couldn’t face Ruki. He could hear Kou coming up behind him, sliding his cock deep within his ass. The boy moans on cue. He felt fingers in his hair again before his head was pulled back to look up at the other vampire.

“Start begging or I’ll leave you hanging.”

“...” Hayate bites his lip and closes his eyes. “Fuck me.”


“Fuck me! Please pound me hard and bite me! I want to be fucked!” He shouts. Kou doesn’t let him finish his sentences as he starts to pound him hard and fast. Hayate’s eyes open, locking eyes with Ruki’s blank blue-grey eyes. He still felt embarrassed but at the same time, lust took over him as he shouts. After a few minutes of shouting, the human reaches his limit and cums on the bathroom floor. Kou follows, cumming inside his ass. Pulling out, white liquid could be seen dripping out.

“Hah.. again, a good fuck from this human. Did you see how lustful he is?”

“Mhm.” Ruki watches as Hayate collapses to his side, panting. His hips felt numb and sore. More than he felt when Yuma did it. He glances up to see Ruki leaning over him. “You got to clean up your mess Ha-chan. Lick the floor clean.” Hayate nods, his mind hazy, he doesn’t want to disappoint Ruki so he laps up the cum on the floor until none remain. “Very good. Now stand up.” Hayate struggles to stand, making the older vampire yank him up. “Honestly, weak after having sex twice? That won’t do. I’m thirsty. We can clean you up in my room.” Grabbing a towel, Ruki pulls Hayate out of the bathroom and towards his room. Hayate stumbles along, holding a hand to cover himself as he was pulled. Once in Ruki’s bedroom, the vampire tosses the towel to him. “I have some water over here. Clean up before you sit on the bed and I’ll fetch you some new clothes to borrow.”

Ruki disappears as Hayate wipes himself down on the towel. He folds the towel neatly so that a clean side kept the bed from getting dirty as he sat on the folded cloth. Looking around the room, he liked how tidy and simple the bedroom was. “This room is nice. I like it.”

“I like it too thanks.” Ruki returned with a bottle of water and a clean pair of underwear and school pants. “Here put these on then lie down on the bed.” As Hayate changes into his new clothes, Ruki snatches the towel and tosses it into the trash bin. He watches as the human boy chugs down the water before lying back onto the bed.

“Are you going to bite me?” The boy asks as he watches Ruki sit near him.

“Of course. I must have a taste. Yuma had bragged on how good you were. I got to see how good you were with Kou, but I want to taste how good you are. Will you let me?” Ruki asks with a gentle look.

Hayate feels his cheeks heating up, seeing Ruki’s face made him weak. The human boy nods. “Of course. Please, bite as much as you want.”

“You’re too kind.” Ruki leans down and chomps on the boys shoulders above his heart. ‘Far too kind.’ Ruki starts gulping down blood quickly. Feeling tired from school, he didn’t feel like savoring the new flavor. Hayate winces in pain, it was different from earlier, more painful. Being bitten almost felt worse than his numbing butt but he ignores the pain by focusing on how close his crush was. So close he could smell the cologne, so rich. The scent was so strong that added with his draining blood, Hayate could feel his head spinning. He felt like he was about to black out.

Ruki pulls back before he does. Reaching behind him for a small dog collar. It was a simple black, leather collar. The vampire carefully avoids the bite spot to place the collar on his new human. “This is yours. You will wear it next time you come. Always wear it when you come back. This marks you as my property Ha-chan.” Ruki leans forward once again and kisses him. “You’re mine and mine alone. Understand boy?” Hayate could feel himself passing out. He nods accepting another deeper kiss from Ruki before closing his eyes and sleeping.

Right, second chapter FINALLY here and finished. Happy holidays once again everyone!

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