Trial of Blood and Pain for Ruki

Yuma Time

Back again and we’re halfway done. It’s been a while since I’ve said this & it may be a bit childish but~ hold on to them tissues because this chapter may cause nosebleeds. Or possibly tears.

WARNING: The following contains some emotional scenes due to sexual comments & themes, homophobic remarks, & some verbal abuse. Please take precautions when reading. If any of these topics are uncomfortable to read, I suggest skipping out on reading the rest of the story.

Disclaimers: I do not own Diabolik Lovers. The OC characters are mine to claim. That includes Hayate, Kioka, and her background clique. The Mukami vampires belong to Reject and their true creator(s).

It was late when Hayate woke up from his nap. Dawn was approaching. The night student panics. ‘Crap! Kio’s going to kill me for this.’ Hayate and his sister both share a curfew from their parents, come home at four in the morning and no later. This allowed them to move into an apartment together and go to school together. Hayate rarely came close to coming back after curfew himself, this would be his first time breaking it. Then again, he always covers when his sister and her friends came home late after skipping school to party. Would this be any different? Though, maybe not as Kioka hasn’t been so forgiving in recent years. Grunting, he sits up, his bottom still sore but it didn’t prevent him from getting up. Looking around, he discovers that he wasn’t in Ruki’s room anymore. Instead, the boy found himself in one of the guest bedrooms. ‘I have to go.’ He locates his school bag and opens the door to head out. He bumps into someone in the hallway. “Sorry.” He says, looking up to see Yuma.

“Whatcha doing still up? An’ where are ya going this late?”

“Sorry, I need to go home. Please can I?” Hayate asks, clasping his palms together as he pleas.

“No can do.” Yuma shakes his head no. “We like to keep our prey an’ toys where we can keep an eye on them.”


“Let him go, Yuma.”

“Ruki.” Yuma and Hayate look to see Ruki peering out of his room. “Why? We never have- ”

“We don’t need to keep guys here all the time. Girls are easily forgettable and can be kept. Even so, guys don’t have a short leash. He knows to keep his mouth shut about us. Ha-chan, I’ve arranged for a servant to drop you off at your residence. You may go.” Ruki returns to his room, closing the door behind him.

Yuma stood stunned. Never had Ruki ever allowed any of their prey to leave. “Well then. Ya heard him. Let’s go.” Yuma leads Hayate outside to a small dark car parked outside their gate. “I’ll see ya at school then.”

Hayate nods. “Yeah, see ya.” He slips into the car and buckles up. He turns to wave goodbye to Yuma only to find him gone and faint rays of sunlight peaking over the horizon.


Worry and dread fill the boy up as he stares at the door of his apartment. Kioka was going to throw a fit for sure. Even if he did hide out somewhere until evening, she would still find him in his classes, at lunch, or back at home the next evening and still scold him. Hayate sighs, best get this over with. He takes a deep breath and turns the handle and slips inside.

“Where the HELL have YOU been?! It’s MORNING fucking moron!” Even with his eyes to the floor, he could still see how livid Kioka was. “Where were you? A gay bar or love motel? Tell me!”

Hayate flinches as she shouts. “I’m sorry sis. I let the time slip on me.”

“No excuses! Wait until mom and dad hear that you were out past curfew! They’ll be so pissed.”

His eyes widen at the thought. “No, please don’t- ”

“Or what? What could you say to change their minds?” She stood with her hands on her hips.

“You went out past curfew too.” He mutters.

“At least I told you where I was going and what time I was coming home. You, if you try to pull another attempt at running away, I’ll tell everyone that you’re gay! You’ll be shamed out of the family forever.” Kioka turns on her heels and heads back to her room. “Don’t believe me? Try it.” She slams her door shut.

Hayate releases the breath he was holding. His bag drops to the floor as fear clung to his heart. No matter what, his parents couldn’t know he was gay. Their perfect, quiet, and obedient son, high expectations to marry a nice girl, have children, and live a happy, stable lifestyle. All that was crap. He knew his family was old school. Being something other than straight would not fly with them. He shuffles to his room quietly and turns on the light. Papers and books were scattered everywhere, his room was upside down. “Kioka.” Sighing, Hayate starts cleaning up the mess his sister made while he was gone. Once all the papers were stacked away, he notices a lump in his bed. Pulling the covers off, his eyes widen. The stash he used for masturbation was sitting in a pile. His lubes were squeezed empty, the liquid now stained his bed sheets and mattress. The few pictures of Ruki he had were ripped. A couple of the photos had suspiciously sticky and doodles over the vampire’s face in permeant ink. What was worse, he picks up a sheet of paper that lay on top of his dildo. His heart sank as he recognized the handwritings of Kioka’s clique.

Be gone FAG!

Grow a pair LOSER!


You should be fucking pussy not being the pussy.

You’re not a real MAN.

He crumples the paper as he falls to the floor, quietly sobbing. If only he were born into a different family. If only he were a girl. If only he were different. If... If... If only... Doubts start to fill his mind as he cries. Why did things turn out this way? The next evening, Hayate walks into the kitchen with red, puffy eyes. He starts up the rice cooker just as Kioka strolls into the room. “Why are you so noisy today? One morning you’re moaning like a bitch in heat or you’re wailing like a little kid. Grow up.”

“Sorry, sis.” He mutters.

Kioka heaves a big sigh of frustration as she sits down at their little dining table. “I don’t get why you’re upset. It’s all your fault I don’t have a date with my future husband. How the hell did you screw that up? What did you beg him to suck you off? Did you try to start false rumors about me or something? You’re such a disappointment.” Hayate remains silent. Knowing better to keep quiet while she rants instead of interrupting her. He fills up two bowls of miso soup and rice as she continues to insult him. Carefully he gives her bowls, spoon, and chopsticks first. She looks at him with distaste. Apologizing with a deep bow, he rushes to the fridge to fetch her energy drink that she must always have for breakfast. “Forgetting things already? Then again, you forgot about hooking me up with the love of my life.” She clasps her hands before dipping her spoon into the soup. “And that girl, Yo... Yu... Yuri or whatever, she’s so boring! I mean, damn, she’s plain. She’s so not pretty or even sexy. Flat chest, shy and obedient ‘servant of all things holy’ demeanor. Yet when around those Sakamakis, she’s a whore.”

“But you don’t know her, right?” Hayate carefully asks as he sits to eat his breakfast as well.

“You can literally hear her screaming all over the place. The roof, the music room, the staff kitchen, hell even in the classroom that shameless skank is found. People have all walked in on them fucking her and she just lets it happen. She’s got a real nasty kink too.” Kioka sips her drink. “She cuts herself, making them drink her blood while crying. Someone like that who pretends, she deserves to burn in hell like the dirty sinner she is. I mean, she’s supposed to be a nun or something but goes around sleeping with guys and is living in a house full of men. Ugh! Who does that little bitch think she is? I’ll tell you what she is.” She points her chopsticks at her brother. “A fucking loose slut who gets her kicks on playing the victim. I’ll bet she works at a brothel fucking strange men whenever..”

Hayate drowns his sister out. It’s not fair. She blames others for her faults instead of herself. Why? Yui probably is a nice girl. She probably doesn’t have any worries or pressure put on her. She has freedom in comparison to him. One thing felt slightly off as he listens to his sister’s rant. ‘Blood drinking? Are there more vampires in the school? I’ve seen the Sakamaki brothers and they’ve always seemed strange. Is she an actual victim of them instead of what people think?’ “I feel bad..”

“Suck it up and let’s go! We’re going to be late for school and it’s all thanks to you and your late-night booty call! Hurry up.” Kioka grabs her drink and dumps her half-eaten food in the sink. Hayate snaps to reality as he gulps down his food and places the empty dishes on the sink. He grabs his school bag and heads out with Kioka.


Gym classes are always a bore. Today was basketball for the guys, tennis for the girls. Hayate sat on the sidelines as he watches the guys wrestle for a ball to shoot. Being in the reserves had its advantages, he could get points for being in class and participating without being on the court. Sighing, he starts to daydream. He imagines one of his classmates wasn’t playing today, instead, Ruki replaces them. He watches as one of the players morphs into his crush as they dribble the ball down the court, working to avoid being trapped by the other team. Ruki blazes right through the other players. He aims and lands a perfect shot through the hoop. Slipping off his gym shirt as he got into the game, Hayate imagines Ruki’s bareback and chest glistening with sweat as his crush dribbles the ball on the court again. After scoring the winning point, Ruki glances over to him, eyes locked on target. The hot vampire heads straight towards him without a second thought. Hayate looks up to see the blue-grey eyes gleaming with desire as a hand reaches out and shakes him.

“Huh, what?” Hayate blinks. He was still in the gym, the basketball game was still going, except Ruki wasn’t in front of him. It was Yuma instead. “Yuma-kun.”

“Finally.” Yuma states with relief in his voice. He sits down next to Hayate. “I have been calling ya for hours. Too focused on those guys to even notice me.”

“Uh no. Sorry. I was lost in thought.” Hayate apologizes.

“Uh-huh.” Yuma’s eyes trail up and down. “Must’ve been a good daydream then.” He looks pointedly at his lap. Confused, Hayate looks down and quickly covers up. A large tent had formed in his lap. Cursed daydream, who knew it would have this much effect. The tall vampire chuckles. “It’s all good. I have a feeling I know who it was about. Can’t lie I’m not a bit jealous. Come on, let’s get rid of it.”

He pulls Hayate up from his seat and drags him away. “Hey, wait. I’m in class right now. I can’t do anything else right now.”

“Yet ya do want to get rid of it before the teacher finds out, right?”

“Um. Yeah.” Hayate looks down at the floor as they walk.

“Then let’s have some fun.” Yuma opens the door to the boy’s locker room and drags him to a bench. He sits down and pulls Hayate to sit on his lap. “Ya know, that moaning an’ shouting were pretty loud last night, I could hear ya all the way to my room.” The vampire licks his lips as he slips his hand under the human’s shirt. “An’ ya left before I could have some alone time with ya too. You should be punished for such. Understand, pet?”

Hayate nods, even though they were sitting in a dank, low-lit locker room, he was turned on by the fact Yuma was helping him with his needs. “Fair is fair. I’ll pay for my crime.”

“Very good. Listen to my instructions well an’ I’ll reward ya handsomely.” The vampire pulls him close and slips his hand inside his prey’s pants. Kneading his dick gently through the fabric of his boxers. Hayate lets out a pretty whine for Yuma, stretching his head back to lean on the vampire’s chest. A smirk could be seen from Yuma. He continues massaging the clothed cock then removing his hand before any release. Hayate whines as the vampire moves his body to lay down on the locker room bench. His clothes were removed swiftly. The vampire moves on top of the human boy, letting his fingers graze along the naked flesh. His fingers hover over the fresh bite marks Ruki had made the other evening. “So, how’d it feel getting bit by my brother?” The bite marks were unusually large and ridged, almost as if the human was roughly bitten multiple times.

Surprised by the question, Hayate furrows his brows thinking. He remembers being offered water and fresh clothing, then he was bitten and collared. Through foggy memories, he recalls Ruki talking but not what he was saying. “He kissed me.”

“He didn’t bite ya?”

“He did. It was so painful. Like he used all his jaw strength to bite into me and suck my blood. He kissed me after. His lips felt dry and full of iron from me. It was cold, not warm.”

Yuma chuckles. “We are vampires. We don’t have blood flowing in our veins like humans. One of the reasons we bite ya, to drink that hot and delicious blood.”

“Ah yeah,” Hayate nods, “That makes sense.”

“Now, time to get started don’tcha think?” Yuma brushes his fingers over Hayate’s twitching dick. The boy nods vigorously. “Then suck an’ suck good.” Standing over his head, holding his own massive cock in front of the boy’s mouth. Eagerly Hayate opens his mouth and starts to suck and drool over the large cock. A deep throaty moan here and there from the vampire made him twitch at the sound. Yuma pulls away and positions himself. “Roll over.” He takes the human’s hips, raises them up to meet his, and thrusts inside hard and fast. A guttural groan from the vampire and a surprised shout from the human. Everything else was quiet excluding skin slapping skin and a creaking bench. “Could’ve sworn ya were loose before. This ya first fuck of the night, pet?”

Hayate couldn’t reply, it was hard for him to answer at the same time. He screams in ecstasy when Yuma rams into his sweet spot. Heavy pants leave his lips as he cums on the bench. Collapsing on the bench as he catches his breath, Yuma pauses to see what happened. “Please.. please don’t... stop..”

“Ya made a mess. I’d tell ya to clean it up. Instead, let’s clean ya up while we finish this.” Yuma pulls out and picks him up. Hayate could feel his asshole throbbing with numbness after the vampire removed his cock. All he could do was nod as he was carried to the showers. Yuma sits him down on the tile floor gently. Turning on the showers to hot but not scalding water, washing off his prey’s chest and stomach before pulling him back up. “Hands to the wall, we’re finishing this with a snack.” He demands. Hayate places his hands in front to brace himself, his legs felt wobbly as the vampire’s dick makes contact with his entrance once more. Continuing a fast and hard pace, Yuma reaches around the human’s stomach to hold him close. The water pours down his prey’s back, making the area warm. ‘Mmm toasty blood, this’ll be tasty.’ He bites down on the back of Hayate’s right shoulder and drinks.


“Mmph. Does it hurt?”

“No.. not much. Faster please?”

“Mm.” Yuma picks up the pace and pounds harder, not using half of his power as to not hurt the human entirely. Drinking his fill until they both cum around the same time. Yuma fills him up, releases, and slips out of him. He watches as Hayate falls to the floor exhausted. The vampire licks his lips of leftover blood. “Too much? Well, he probably hasn’t recovered enough blood yet. I best get him to the nurse’s office to recover, maybe some blood transfusions will help.” Yuma turns off the shower and gathers both their clothes. Hurriedly putting Hayate’s clothes back on before picking him up once again. He teleports to the nurse’s office to find it empty. Yuma places the human on a bed in the back, closing the curtains around the bed, he heads off to find the nurse about blood transfusions.

Hayate sleeps peacefully in the bed, his dreams full of happiness and comfort of his childhood. Back when everything wasn’t so twisted, his sister was his best friend, and his laughter made everyone smile. The door to the infirmary opens and closes quietly. The curtains pulled back enough for a shadow to be cast upon Hayate’s sleeping form. “You broke your promise.” A hand caresses his cheek as he sleeps. “You’ll regret cheating on me human. Haa.” The stranger bites Hayate’s neck, drinking more blood to ensure he stays sleeping for a while longer. “I’ll punish you thoroughly once you wake. Hope your dreams are full of nightmares little boy.”

Who’s biting Hayate now? Kioka and her crew, toxic AF.

Hope you enjoyed. Please review if you want.

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