Trial of Blood and Pain for Ruki

Ruki Time

Hey, it’s time again. To all the Ruki lovers, I’M SORRY! I like him too but just for this story, I’m sorry I twisted him.

WARNING: The following chapter contains mentions of sexual themes & assault, self-harm, homophobic remarks, heartbreak, possible suicide, and some violence. Please take precaution when reading. If any of these topics are uncomfortable to read, I suggest skipping out on reading the rest of the story.


Disclaimers: I do not own Diabolik Lovers, the OC characters are mine to claim though. That includes Hayate, Kioka and her background clique. The Mukami vampires belong to Reject and their true creator(s).

Yuma strolls back inside the infirmary with permission to use blood transfusions on the human boy. He found Kou on his way back, the latter follows to help with anything their new toy may need. Kou looks around the dimly lit room. “Where’s Hayate, Yuma?”

Yuma rummages through the cabinets. “Over on the far end, I laid him on the bed in the back. I’ll get the equipment for the transfusion.”

The blond vampire quickly walks over to the bed his brother points to and yanks back the curtains. A dead silence fills the room as the two look upon an empty bed with blood stains. “Where did he go?”

“He wouldn’t have gotten far. Too much blood loss.” Yuma walks over to the bed. “I didn’t take much but we might’ve took a lot last night.”

Kou nods, “That’s understandable. We don’t want to lose him quickly. Is that your doing?” He points to the blood pool around the pillow.

Yuma shakes his head. “No. He was clean when I placed him here. But this is recent.” He touches the wet spot to notice the liquid hadn’t yet started to dry. “It’s still warm.” A faint scent of Hayate still lingers on the bed, no one else’s scent surrounded the area. Did he wake up and walk out on his own?

“Come on. Let’s go search then. If we don’t, one of those purebloods could snatch him.” Kou rushes out of the infirmary with Yuma following. The taller vampire pauses to look back at the bed then at the blood on his fingers.



The air was freezing. Hayate shivers as he slowly stirs from his nap. Chills run down his spine, he could feel his arms and legs getting goosebumps from the cold. He moves his body to huddle close to warmth when something stopped him. Confused, he slowly opens his eyes. His vision was blurry as he awoke. He notices something else while he awakens, his butt hurt so bad. Not just from having sex but from sitting on a cold hard stone floor. Blinking the haziness away, Hayate looks around to see that he was in a jail cell.

“What the hell? How’d I end up down here? Hello! Is someone there?” He calls out, hearing his own echo. The boy attempts to get up and move towards the bars, finally realizing he was cuffed to the wall. Inside his cell, he looks around. The space was a few paces wide with a metal silver toilet, a small showerhead above the toilet with a drain below on the left end, and a futon rolled up in the corner to his right. The door was made out of the same black bars keeping him in, with a deadbolt locked. Grunting, he tries to free himself. “Who did this and why?”

“Why you ask? How ridiculous.”

Hayate snaps his head around to see the owner of the voice. His eyes lit up with joy. “Ruki-san! I’m so glad.”

“Really?” The dark grey-haired vampire stood on the other side of the bars. Watching the human with a blank expression.

“Hey um.” Hayate starts to stutter before clearing his throat. Now was not a time to feel shy. “Could you help me? I don’t know how I got here and I’m cold. Can you please get me out?” He asks nicely.

“Why do you want out?”

“Huh? So I can be somewhere safe.” Hayate replies. ‘What kind of question is that? This is weird.’

“Is this cell not safe enough?” Ruki reaches a hand out to tap on the bars, a loud ding rings out. “These bars are very sturdy. Those chains are in pristine conditions, both will withstand several human life spans. A clean toilet, shower, and futon, what more could you want?” He kneels down to face the human boy.

Baffled, Hayate stares at Ruki with uncertainty. “I-I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Hm but am I missing something? Oh food. You will have three square meals a day with whatever you want to eat. Would you like me to feed you too?” He asks. “Such a spoiled pig you’ll be.” Muttering under his breath displeased.

“Huh? What.. I.. this isn’t suitable for anyone. This feels like a cage to hold prisoners. I don’t understand, why aren’t you helping me Ruki-san?”

“Fast to rise but slow to learn. Oh well,” Ruki states as he stands up before vanishing from Hayate’s view momentarily to appear in front of him. His hand reaches out to the human’s throat, pulling on a piece of leather, nearly choking the boy. “This is your new home, I thought you would like it. You only need a bed, food, and a place to piss. Don’t be such a needy woman Ha-chan, it’s not flattering.”

“I-I don’t under-stand..” The boy responds, resisting being pulled by the collar.

The vampire sighs and lets go. Allowing the human to fall back onto the floor. Coughing, the wind knocked out of him, Hayate looks up to see disappointment in those blue-grey eyes. His heart sank, this was the last thing he wanted to see from someone he loved. “Tell me something Ha-chan, why do you love me?”

“Um.. now? We can talk after I’m free, get some coffee or-”

“Tell me now.” The vampire’s voice held no warmth in his tone. Something was off and Hayate feared it was only the beginning.

“Um.. okay.. uh you’re very handsome.”

“Mhm. That all?”

“Well... you’re attractive and a top student, your voice is calming, usually. Um.. you have a nice bod-” Hayate bites his tongue, too embarrassed to continue.

“Please continue.” He kneels down to meet the human boy at eye level. “Normally I do not like people gushing over me. But with you, I’ll allow it. Even releasing your bonds for better comfort.” Ruki offers in a gentle voice.

Swallowing, Hayate quickly decides to confess fully to be free. “Your body is so fit and hot! I-I love everything about you.”

Ruki cocks his head to the side. “Is that it?” Watching the boy nod made him sigh. “So you only like me for my appearance. How disappointing. Then again,” He stands up. “What did I expect from a walking sex-hungry, inconsequential human?” Turning around as he starts to walk away, but he stops as Hayate calls out from behind him.

“W-wait! Please release me. I don’t know what I’ve done to be in this situation but maybe we can talk-”Wham! Hayate flinches at the sound. Shifting his eyes to where he could see Ruki’s fist against the crumbling rock of the wall behind him.

“You humans and your short-term memories will be the death of you.” Dark green eyes filled with fear meets cold, empty blue-grey ones.

Terrified, Hayate quietly asks the vampire. “Ruki-san.. are you responsible for..”

“Me responsible for this?” The vampire laughs. “Stupid boy, this is the results of your actions. You made a promise and you broke it.”

“What promise?”

“If you’re playing dumb, I’ll drain you of every last drop of your precious blood. Do you not remember this?” He yanks at the leather collar until he could make the human see it.

Hayate recognizes it as the item Ruki had bestowed on him the other night. He nods and Ruki lets go. “But what does the collar signify?”

“Your freedom. Your trust, loyalty, and self. However you broke your promise to me. I hate liars and cheats.” He states cold-heartedly.

“I didn’t..”

“I gave you a chance but the next night you go behind my back and have sex with my brother. You’re out of chances. You wanted to be a vampire’s toy so badly, why are you cowering now?”

“But-” Hayate tries to speak before Ruki yanks on the collar again, forcing him on his feet. The vampire then reaches up to grab the chains cuffing the human’s wrists, he replaces them with handcuffs, keeping Hayate’s hands behind his back. He pulls the boy by the collar and onto the now unrolled futon.

“For one time only, this is all the mercy you’ll get.” Ruki states before he rips Hayate’s clothes to shreds. The boy immediately curls up in fear, shivering on the warm futon.

“What are you doing? I thought you were-”

“Nice? Never to the likes of humans. You are only food and toys to us, nothing more. Using humans as pawns are the only sense of satisfaction we vampires get.” Ruki’s eye’s gleam a warm azure glow as he explains. “Did Yuma or Kou not tell you this? Once you’re dead or useless, in the end you’re worthless and will be discarded. We don’t take your kind as lovers. Only as a source of food or entertainment. Or in this case, a practice fuck doll.”

Hayate felt his world had stop. Everything was shattering. “What do you mean?”

“You’ll be my substitute bride until I get my hands on Eve and fulfill my destiny. Be grateful and do not waste my time human.” Ruki kneels down, keeping a hand on the boy’s chest to make him be still. “I don’t know why I call you a bride, you’re not a woman but since you seem to so willing and submissive, well, it may be fitting.”

His crush, future lover didn’t feel the same way. That was the one thought that finally came crashing down as Ruki spoke. Hayate could feel the aching of his chest as his heart broke into millions of pieces. Why was he speaking like this? This isn’t the Ruki he knew. This is a bad dream, a nightmare on top of nightmares. Hayate was scared of what would happen next, this couldn’t be real. “You don’t.. like me do you?” He stutters, looking for any sign that the vampire was just playing a bad joke. Anything to quell this fear and terror washing over him. “You only want my blood..”

“Hm? Oh no. Your blood is mediocre at best, however your kind and shy personality on top of being horny all the time is gross. I do like kind, shy and obedient prey, yes. Boy or girl, I can sink my fangs into but with restraint on their sexual desires. But yes, I despise you. Yet, there seems to be some use to your worthless existence as a lustful freak.” Hayate could hear as the vampire emphasize on the word ‘freak’, it hurt so much. “Now, let’s get this punishment towards obedience underway.” Ruki flips his prey over to lie on his stomach. “Hm... come down a bit.” He pulls the boy down to where the lower half was touching the cold hard ground of the cell. “Now then.”

Hayate’s mind went blank. He knew deep down his love could be unrequited but all the hopes Kou and Yuma have given him made their efforts wasted. The vampires only wanted to use him for their own benefits. They didn’t care, neither did Ruki.. Kioka.. and her friends, they were all right. His love wouldn’t like him, his affection was useless, his crush on the vampire was pointless. There would be no happy ending for him, no fairy tale happiness awaited. Only misery, sorrow, and disappointment. Pain! He only felt a sharp blaze of pain shooting up his spine as he could feel Ruki enter him without mercy. He could feel the vampire biting his flesh hard, sharp nails digging into his skin, allowing him to bleed freely. The hot raw sensation was burning from both ends. Tears sting his dark green eyes as he starts to cry. As Ruki has his way with the human, the pain he felt was nothing compared to his broken heart and dreams. Everything was beginning to feel numb, inside and out.

“Too noisy. Shut up.” Ruki growls in his ear before chomping down on the human’s flesh again. Hayate moves to bury his face in the futon, muffling his cries. It felt as if hours had gone by until he hears the door open and shut. “I’ll bring food by later. You better eat every last bite or I’ll force it down your throat. Then again, you’d like that wouldn’t you, slut.” The sound of his footsteps fade through the halls. Ever so slightly, Hayate curls up as tightly as he could. Sniffling, the stings of the bite marks and the soreness of his behind ached but with his hands still in the handcuffs, there was nothing he could do but sob himself to sleep.

The next several hours were torture for Hayate. Once so often Ruki would come down to feed him then feed himself. Hayate at first refused food from the vampire. One of many mistakes, Ruki came over and went down on his dick. Surprised by his actions, Hayate could feel himself becoming horny as the vampire’s tongue grazes the slit and sucks on his member’s flesh. The boy shuts his eyes tightly. Against his will, his body shivers in pleasure as his tormenter continues. “Mmm... I’m cumming..”

“Not tonight.” Ruki replies. Hayate feels a small cold band and hears a click. Opening his eyes, he sees a ring had been placed to prevent any ejection. “Now then, eat.” Ruki forces the human to eat while using his free hand to tease his prey’s erection. Hayate swallows the food with ease, feeling humiliated as the vampire takes full advantage of his discomfort. The dark grey-haired vampire leaves him alone for good with his new collar, only to come back later with food again and repeat the process.

This continues a few more times, Hayate felt so tired. His body was bruised and beaten, bitten and scratched. He felt like he was going to die from the exhaustion. “If there is a god.. please take me.. before he kills me..” He mutters quietly in a hoarse voice. Footsteps echo in the distance, dread fills his body. ‘No.. don’t come back... not now..’ The footsteps grow louder as they draw closer. He shuts his eyes tightly. ‘No! Go away! Please go away!’

“Oi! He’s over here!” A familiar voice rings out. Hayate keeps his eyes shut tightly. ‘Don’t look at me. Go away.’

A gasp was heard from a second voice. “Quickly. Get him out of there.” The sound of the lock breaking and the door slamming open made the boy flinch.

‘No.. don’t look.. I’m not worth saving..’

“Here we go.” Yuma carefully picks Hayate up, carrying him in his arms. “Fuck. Ruki did a number on ya.” Hearing his attacker’s name again made Hayate feel sick.

“No wonder we couldn’t find you. Let’s get you home, away from Ruki.” Kou says, Yuma agrees, the pair hurriedly walk out with they prey in tow.

“No... go away... don’t look...” Hayate calls out hoarsely.

“It’ll be fine now. We’ll take ya home.” A snap was heard as the chains were broken, even around his cock. He was now free.

“Dang, didn’t know he wouldn’t be right for Ruki. We’re sorry, we thought he liked you too.” Kou apologizes. Hayate refuses to hear any of the vampire’s words as he passes out.


“Oh my god! You dumbass! Where have you been?!”

Hayate awakens to his sister’s screeching. Opening his eyes, he could see he was back home in bed. Kioka was screaming in his ears. He was fully clothed with bandages around his body to hide the bite wounds. “You’re too loud.” He mutters.

“Too loud? This coming from the idiot who thought running away for a whole weekend and coming back bruised and injured was a smart move? Are you trying to look for sympathy from our parents? They called the cops looking everywhere for you! I just got off the phone with them and believe me, they’re pissed!”

“Ugh.” Hayate rolls over to ignore his sister. Too much was plaguing his mind. His parents being mad stung slightly but to know he was kidnapped and held prisoner for a whole weekend, it had felt like he was trapped for months.

“I swear. You’re grounded, they told me to keep you here until they arrive. Which should be in a couple hours. Why do I get stuck with an irresponsible gay for a brother? You were better off gone. At least then you wouldn’t be wasting any of our time.” Kioka stomps out of his room. “Oh and take that stupid collar off. Unless it’s a gift from your bad boy boyfriend. Disgusting.” She slams the door behind her.

Hayate reaches up to feel that the collar was still around his neck. He grabs it and starts pulling it. Trying to break it, snap the leather band in two. Heaving, he pauses to catch his breath. Sitting up, he ignores the pain he feels and jumps up from his bed. His legs collapse on him as he struggles to find a sharp object. Rummaging through his desk drawers, he finds a pair of scissors. ‘Damn it. Not sharp enough.’ He tosses away the scissors and stands up, stumbling out of his room.

“Oi! You’re not allowed to go any where! Go back to your room!” Kioka calls from the couch. Hayate ignores her once again as he staggers towards the kitchen. His eyes dart around to look for something sharp. He opens drawer after drawer looking and trying out objects until he found a long sharp, skinny knife. Grabbing the handle, he braces himself against the kitchen counter as he slips the blade under the leather collar. “What the fuck are you doing?!” He moves the blade against the back of the collar and starts to push. He could feel it starting to tear. After several tries he finally slices off the collar. Gasping for air, Hayate releases the knife in hand and falls back onto the floor. ‘Finally..’ He closes his eyes in relief after getting that wretched thing off him. Kioka rushes to her brother. Holding a hand over her mouth as she gasps. “What did you do?! Blood? Oh my god! You’re bleeding from your neck!” She screams. Looking frantically around her, hands shaking as she watched her brother bleed out on the floor. “Phone, where’s my phone? No.. no don’t close your eyes! Hayate!”

Hope Hayate survives.

Hope you enj- NOT! Reminder: None of this is OKAY. EVER! If you or anyone you know is in a similar situation, please seek immediate help!

Yet I write it because of a dumb plot idea I had all of a sudden when rereading this hiatus work; and it was the only one idea that my fingers flew across the keyboard continuously to finish this story. That’s probably a bad excuse but it’s the truth. I promise the next chapter will end on a positive note. Not certain of the happy ending yet, but I know it’ll be A LOT better than this one. I apologize for this one being a traumatic one, it’s almost over. Sit tight everyone. You too, Hayate, your torture’s almost over.

Review if you want.

**I will be changing the title on this one because this is going differently than I originally thought. As stated in chapter 2, I didn’t have much of an idea to go off of to continue this, so like anyone I made up a title on the spot. The title doesn’t fit with the current flow of the story so I’ll change it when I upload the final chapter. And this note will be deleted after I do, so yeah, expect a title and possible summary change when it’s completed.

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