A Diabolik Lovers Christmas 3-shot


Here's a little Christmas present to my readers. Same OC from my main Subaru & OC story but with a different background and story. Christmas time with the Sakamaki vampires and Yui a bit. Note: Was written before complete translation of Haunted Bridal was released, so please be nice, no I'm not rewriting it. Tell me how you like it. Merry Christmas!

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Okay, here is a Christmas special on Diabolik Lovers from me. It’s a three-shot with the same OC from my Subaru story, “The Scars That Bind Our Love”. This one I decided to reflect off of my own personality and how I would act around these crazy vampires.

This time the OC character and Subaru do not know each other like my other story but, it’s a good little romance inside still. I have three different vampires with her besides Subaru, each with their own personalities described the best I could.

EDIT: I revised the mistakes on the writing, not changing the stories themselves. I did not change up the Shū chapter, that I explain in the Author’s Note.

Hope you enjoy!

I do not own Diabolik Lovers or it’s characters. All rights go to the original owners. The OC is mine.

A cool winter breeze flutters through the leaf barren trees, the winter holidays were here as two young females walked along a path to a foreboding home. Jackie followed Yui into the Sakamaki’s mansion for Christmas. The girl was staying with Yui for the holidays as a guest. Yui had received permission from the brothers to allow a friend of hers from the school, to join her for Christmas. How they had agreed to it, Yui has no clue but had a feeling why they had allowed it. The siblings didn’t allow Yui to get too friendly with another male at the school, but a female, why not.

The two females entered the house and made their way towards Yui’s room. Since Reiji’s room was right next-door, Yui could let him know that her guest had arrived.

Yui knocked on Reiji’s door and waited. It wasn’t long until the silver-haired vampire with glasses came out. “Yes. What do you want?”

“Um, Reiji-san. I brought my guest here. Here she is.” Yui pointed toward Jackie. The new girl waved shyly at the older male. Reiji pushed his glasses into place.

“Well now. You must be the guest Yui was so interested in bringing. May I ask for your name and class?”

“Oh um yeah, sure. My name is Hitachiin, Jackie of class 3-A.”

“So, you are a third year. Interesting, so am I. My name is Sakamaki, Reiji of class 3-B.”

“Nice to meet you. I have seen you around, I just didn’t know who you were of course.” Jackie replied. Reiji nodded and turned to Yui.

“Go and fetch Shū and the others. Tell them to meet in the living room to greet our guest.”

“Okay.” Yui left down the hall to where Shū was more than likely located. Reiji turned back to Jackie.

“Come. I will show you to the guest room so you may drop off your bags. Then we will also head to the living room.”

“Okay, fine with me.”

Jackie followed Reiji down the hallway towards the east end of the building. Soon Reiji stopped at a door and opened it. “Here is your room. You may go inside and leave your things here.”

Reiji motioned the girl to go in first. She went in and placed her school bag on the bed, suitcase beside the dresser, and the third bag on her bed as well. When she was finished, she walked back out into the hallway and waited for Reiji. Reiji was pleased with how well-mannered the girl was. Unlike Yui, he may take a liking for her. He then led the way toward the living room. When he opened the door, Jackie saw that Yui and five other males were are ready and present in the room. Reiji and Jackie made their way to the middle of the room.

“Alright. Everyone here is aware that Yui has brought a guest here to stay for the Christmas holidays. You all are to be on your best behavior for this young lady.”

He motioned to Jackie. The brothers were looking bored as ever until they saw the new girl. Ayato was in his usual chair slouching looking at the girl, liking that he had found a new toy. Raito was on the couch with Kanato and Yui, looking at the new girl with sexual interest. Kanato looked bored and hugged Teddy tighter.

Shū looked bored as well, his blue eyes opened slightly as he observed the girl. Subaru looked as if he was ready to leave, standing next to Shū on the far wall, he looked at the girl with his expression unreadable.

“Um hi. Nice to meet some of the people I see back at school. So, um, my name’s Hitachiin, Jackie. You guys?” Jackie said politely.

“Oi. You can just call me Yours Truly, okay.” Ayato said.

“Um, but I thought your name was Ayato? I’m not stupid. Yui likes to talk about you a lot so that’s how I know your name.”

“Really? Hey Chichinashi. You really talk about Yours Truly more? You must really like me.”

Yui blushed and looked away. “I guess that little compliment never reached you before.”

“Hmm, you are something. I think I’ll call you Slut-chan from now on.” Raito suddenly appeared behind Jackie, making her jump a little.

“What? Slut-chan? My name is Jackie. I’m not a slut either.”

“Don’t talk back and stay still.”

Kanato appeared in front of her. He took her hand and licked it. “Not as sweet as Yui but good enough.”

Shocked Jackie just stood there. She didn’t have much to say on the purple-haired boy’s action, so she was silent. Raito leaned down and licked her neck, which made her face heat up a little in return.

“Mmm, you’re right. Still, I like her appearance.” Raito said looking her over from the neck down.

Ayato appeared beside him. “I like her too. I know I won’t be calling her Chichinashi as well.”

“Okay. What’s going on all of a sudden? Why am I suddenly an interest to you all?”

“Because of your smell, makes you interesting enough to eat.” Raito answers. He leaned down to take a bite out of her neck when Reiji stops him.

“Raito! Take your private actions to your room please.”

“Eh? Oh well, I guess we can continue this later, Slut-chan.”

“My name’s Jackie. Use it for once will ya?” Her eyes narrowed in annoyance as Raito chuckled at her. She looked over to Yui hoping to explain some things.

“Hey, Yui? Think you might can get your little roommates off of me now?”

“Well, um, I think they are just hungry for something new, besides me every once in a while.”

“What in the world do you mean by that?”

“Um, can I ask you something?”

“Yeah sure. As long as you can get these three to give me some space around here.”

“Do you believe in vampires?”

“Do I what? You mean the mythological vampire creatures that may exist in some ways or places? Yeah, I guess so but, why ask me such a craz~y quest….” Jackie closed her eyes and huffed a breath out then reopened her eyes. Her next few words were in annoyance once she figured out what Yui was trying to say.

“Never mind. I get it, I get it. No wonder people claim this place is haunted. It’s also a wonder why you are not dead yet either, Yui.”

She sighs. “Guess there’s no way out either, is there. Like falling into a death trap with no way to escape. Sorry, scratch that. The only way to escape is to be dead. Oh well, the best thing to do is to make the best of it that I can, right?”

Raito chuckled beside her, Kanato gave a grin that she could swear she got the chills from looking at, and Ayato just smiled showing his fangs as proof of Yui’s statement.

“Ah~ I’m bored now. I’m going back to my room.” Subaru got up off the wall and started to make his way toward the door.

Jackie noticed him leaving and stopped him. “Hey, where are you going?”

Subaru turned and glared. “Leaving. I see no point to stay and hang around here anymore. Reiji’s made his announcement so I’m going.”

“Can I at least know your name? You’re pretty cute you know?”

Subaru looked surprised for a moment, then bared his fangs and left. “Just stay away from me.”

As he was leaving Yui walked up to where the triplets were still gathered around her friend. “That’s Subaru, you might want to stay clear of him. He can be pretty violent and rarely gentle.”

Jackie took that information from Yui, looked back at where Subaru left, and then began to get the triplets off of her.

“Okay, time to get off. I barely have enough room to breathe here.” She attempts to push each one of them off, being as gentle as possible for Kanato, she managed to escape them for a moment and took that chance. Now standing near Shū who barely noticed her.

“Hey remember to be obedient for Yours Truly when he bites you ok?”

Jackie just glares. Suddenly Shū grabs her from the right. Annoyed and irritated as he was, Shū dragged her out of the living room, into the game room. Once he let her go, she spun around on him and started to yell at him.

“What was that for idiot? You could have asked if I wanted to leave, probably would have too with those three messing around.”

“Be quiet. You will learn your place here as you stay. I may know you when you help Yui from time to time, but here it will not work. That is all and do not bother me.” Shū left for his room leaving the girl standing in shock.

“Great. What did I sign up for when I agreed to stay with Yui for the winter holidays? I guess I have no choice but to allow being bitten while here. Probably nothing more than like a snakebite or so. Better find where my room is again now.” Jackie says talking to herself. She then leaves to go unpack and get ready for her real stay.

Author’s note:

That was the beginning. Let’s see who she runs into first.

Each one-shot does not continue on to the next story as the same, but that is only saying that the ending of the first did not happen, instead she either spends time with Ayato or Shū or neither then Subaru. Sorry if confusing, but it’s the best way I could explain it and still help you out. It was my old dream of spending time with the ones I liked.

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