A Diabolik Lovers Christmas 3-shot

Ayato & Jackie

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Jackie walked around the nearly empty house looking for something to do. No school since it was winter break, so that was kinda boring. It was about an hour before sunset, she couldn’t sleep so, why not go for a walk and find something to do. Reiji took away her cell phone and laptop so no Internet or modern fun.

‘At least he left some of the books I brought with me alone,’ Jackie thought as she sighs.

She was currently walking around the west side of the mansion. Some of the doors were locked than others. She walked until she found a window overlooking the gardens. It had a small ledge to where she could sit on. Watching the outside life start to go to bed, the nightlife was starting to awaken. Jackie looked around until she spotted something a little unusual.

‘Is that a one-sided basketball court? Why would vampires want one?’

“So that Yours Truly can play whenever he feels like it.”

Jackie turned around, startled by the sudden voice. “Oh, sorry. I didn’t realize I said that out loud.”

Standing in the middle of the hallway behind her was a wide-awake Ayato. He was wearing a white shirt with a dark purple coat over; a dark burgundy color scarf, wrapped around his neck; dark blue pants with little straps hanging down around his sides. ‘He sure does like something around his neck a lot. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him without that messed up tie around his neck, now a scarf? Must be a habit of some kind.’

“So, um, you play basketball?”

“Yep. I’m the best player ever.” Boasted Ayato, “Can you play?”

“Yea, I guess. I’m not well but enough.”

“Good, then come with me and play.”

“Um, okay, sounds fun.”

Jackie allows herself to be dragged outside to the court by the vampire. Ayato tells her to stay put on the court while he fetched the ball. Once he returned, the two started to play. It was kinda crazy playing outside where it could snow and the temperature could drop dangerously low at point time, but the two were running around enough that they could stay warm a bit.

Most of the time during the game, Jackie stood back to watch Ayato play and gave him compliments on his shots. When she had to shoot a few times, Ayato would laugh every time she missed. He kept calling her clumsy, after a while, she got tired of it. So, when his back was turned, she threw the ball at him. Jackie never saw him turn around; instead, she was pinned down on the ground.

“You trying to hurt Yours Truly? After all the nice things I’ve done to you tonight.”

“I wasn’t trying to hurt you too badly.”

“Ha! So you admit it!”

“I was just trying to stop the teasing a little. I really do enjoy playing with you, Ayato.”

Ayato was a little shocked, he covered it up quickly. Leaning down, Jackie had a feeling of what was coming next.

“Well, I’m ready to play another game. It’s called, ‘How much pain does it take to say I love Yours Truly?’ Wanna play?”

“Alright. But can we play inside, it’s starting to freeze.”

“Fine, let’s go to my room. It’s closer.”

They got up and walked back inside. Ayato leads the way to his room, pulling Jackie by the wrist. Once they arrived, Ayato locked the door behind him. Inside it looked somewhat nice. It had two couches, one is red, the other pink; a dresser near the window; a fireplace; a small balcony; and a large metal item. It looked like some kind of container like it could hold a person inside of it.

‘I doubt there are any air holes inside.’

Ayato caught where here gaze was, he led her over to the metal item. “Like it?”

“What is it exactly?”

“It’s a genuine ‘Iron Maiden’. Want to try it out?” He starts to push her to the object while crouching down to open it.

“Wait. Iron Maiden? Isn’t that one of those torture devices used in the Medieval period? The one with the spikes inside?”


“Hang on! You’re not truly going to put me in that thing, are you? I’ll die.”

“Ah, you won’t bleed that much. Besides Yours Truly will drink up the blood that comes out of you.”

“Wait! I thought we were playing a game.”

“Come on.” Ayato shoved her into the Iron Maiden and follows in after. Closes the door to the torture device, locking them both in. Jackie quickly figures out that she was still alive, this one had no spikes.

“Hey, this still is the Iron Maiden right?”

“Yep. Only this one is my bed. I sleep in here. I had the spikes removed for that purpose. I have another one with the spikes if you want to try that one out.”

“No thanks. I’d rather be in this one than the one that kills.”

“Tch. You’re no fun. Well, let’s get started on our little game. Shall we?”

Ayato starts to peel off some of her clothing, she had very little protest. ‘Since I’m staying here with nowhere to run, it’s kinda pointless for me to try and hide anything.’ She thought as the vampire started to look for a place to bite first.

“Mmm, you smell good. I think I’m going to enjoy sucking up your blood.”

Ayato leaned down and pierced her neck without hesitation. The pain of being bitten was sharp and quick at first but once the vampire began sucking, the girl loosened up. Ayato noticed this change, once he was finished with her neck he tried again on her chest. Same thing even if it was a bit more painful. “Hey, is there something wrong with me biting you?”

“Hmm, oh no. It just feels sort of like an animal bite. Hard, sharp, and rough at first but then it is fine when you start feeding. It actually helps to keep my mind off the pain.”

“Well then, let’s try a little more painful. Since that’s what the game is all about right?”

Ayato starts sucking and biting. He leaves bite marks all over her chest, neck, shoulder, legs, even her lips. She was covered in so much blood, dried and almost, it was a wonder that she had not passed out yet. Ayato leaned back to take a look at his work.

‘Beautiful. Crimson sure does suit this girl.’

“Ugh, I give up.”

“Hmm, what is it now?”

“I give up. You win the game. I love Yours Truly.”

Jackie said in whimpers but with a smile. Ayato smiled back. He reached behind him in one of his pockets, then leaned down to kiss her passionately. After a few minutes, he broke the kiss. “Happy early Christmas.”

Jackie looked up to where his hand was, there was mistletoe in his hand. She smiled at that little plant, then looked back at Ayato.

“Merry early Christmas to you too, Yours Truly.” They met again at the lips, still in Ayato’s Iron Maiden bed, in his room, happy.

Author’s note:

Yeah, I know that was kinda short. Ayato is like my third favorite and to me, it’s a little hard to do something with just him alone. Sorry if you were expecting more. The next two chapters are a bit longer, I promise.

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