A Diabolik Lovers Christmas 3-shot

Shū & Jackie

Shū’s a bit of a pervert in here. Got the idea off of a translation of the game, not sure which route, it was a long time ago, honestly.

*Note: IMPORTANT - I know Shū has a fear of fire but at the time I wrote this, the translation of Shū’s route wasn’t completed for Haunted Bridel at that point in time. By the time I found out, it was several months later. My response was to be completely lazy and leave this chapter as it was because I’d have to rewrite the entire chapter to fit. Also, at that time, finals were more important and I just forgot to do it.
So in summary, yes I do know of Shū’s fear, I didn’t know it at the time, yet I never changed the chapter. So if you can overlook my laziness of years past, maybe think of this as a dream or AU?

Jackie was sitting in one of the libraries, reading a novel. It was a history-like book on Medieval times, with a few poems and stories mixed inside. It was six days until Christmas Day. In addition, it had already started to snow lightly. It looked as if everyone was going to have a White Christmas this year.

Both Jackie and Yui were excited, while the rest just shrugged it off. Shū just ignored the snow and slept; Reiji wasn’t too pleased with the snow because it gave him more work to do. Ayato didn’t mind, as long as he was able to mess with Yui in it; Kanato complained that the snow was too cold and preferred it to be covered in blood instead. Raito went two ways with the snow; he either stayed inside to play in the game room or went to harasses Yui in the snow as well.

Subaru just stayed locked up in his room most of the time; he did go out, only to see the white roses for a while then went back into his room. Since her arrival, Jackie had got to spend some time with each of the brothers and let them feed on her. She didn’t, however, see much of Subaru, he has been avoiding her as much as possible for some reason, since the day she arrived.

‘Still, least no one is home tonight. I needed a break from being bitten.’

All the vampires had left for the castle, from where they had been born in, all of a sudden. They had left the two mortals in a tightly locked home. Jackie didn’t really care, she knew to stay put until the vampires came back. She didn’t have any reason to leave, unlike Yui. Last she checked, the paranoid girl was wandering through Reiji’s room for a way out.

‘Going to get in trouble, once Reiji finds Yui’s scent on his stuff. Tried to warn her but wouldn’t listen.’

Yui had tried to get her friend to side with her on a way to get out of the house and go find help elsewhere but was turned down. Yui didn’t understand much of Jackie’s explanation of staying. “They’ll find us no matter what Yui. It’s impossible unless you kill yourself. Besides, I like it here. I’m going to the library now to read, don’t go do anything stupid while the guys are gone. Okay?” Then she left towards the library to read, leaving Yui in Reiji’s room.

A half-hour later, Jackie decided to stop for a while. Her focus on the reading was starting to blur a bit. She put the book down after looking at the page number, then got up from her spot on the floor. The girl walked around the library for a stretch and break. She wanders to the sitting area of the library. There was a couch, a couple of lounge chairs, a coffee table, and a lit fireplace.

‘Wait? A lit fireplace? As far as I know, the fireplaces in this house are not lit at all. Yui?’

Jackie walked over to the fire to see if it was truly real.

“What are you doing?”

Jackie jumped a little at the voice. She turned to find the eldest of the vampire’s brothers’, stretched out on the couch. Shū looked a little different tonight, besides still in the clothes to go out in the snow.

‘I got it! Where’s the music player?’

“See something you like?” He asked, startling the girl again.

“Oh, um, that may be a possibility but that is not what I was just thinking.”

“Oh~?” He opens one blue eye to look at her. “You sure you weren’t thinking of jumping me, pervert?”

“I think you can do that yourself if you weren’t too lazy. Besides, why is the fireplace lit?”

“It’s a fireplace. You are supposed to light one. Are you stupid along with perverted?”

“Very funny. I’m just curious as to why this one has a fire in it and not the rest of them.”

“It’s cold.”

“Huh? Oh, you’re cold from being outside?”


Jackie walked to the couch and sat on the armrest in front of Shū’s feet. Shū opened both eyes to look at her. “What are you doing?”


“Why there?”

“Would you rather let me sit above your head?”

“Sit in a chair, pervert.”

She was starting to get fed up with the blonde’s talk. She got up and settled on his stomach instead. “Better? This sure is comfortable.”

Shū glared at the annoying girl, lazily. “Are you trying to make me mad?”

“What if I am? Gonna bite me to death, Shū~?”

Mocking the lazy vampire. He groaned slightly, closing his eyes. “Too much trouble.”

They stayed like that for a while, listening to crackles in the fireplace. While the girl was enjoying the sound, the vampire was getting annoyed. Sighing irritably, he leans up as much as he could, with the weight on his stomach.

“Get off of me.”

“Hmm? Why? It’s peaceful here just the way you like it.”

“That fire is starting to annoy me.”

“Don’t see why it is. To me, the crackling sound of fire and wood sounds comforting. I could just fall asleep.”

“That’s nice. Let me up so you can have the couch to sleep on.”

“Where’s your music player?”

“Reiji has it. I couldn’t have it with me while going to visit the castle, so he took it from me. Never gave it back.”

“Why don’t you go ask now or something? I mean you all are back right?”

“Nope. I slipped away when Reiji wasn’t looking and came back here on my own.”

“Makes sense.”

Jackie thought for a minute. She really didn’t want Shū to leave or herself leave this comfortable area in the library. Then she remembered that she had a little music player with her. She could give him hers. “Hey, wanna borrow my music player? Until Reiji gives yours back of course.”

“No, get up.”

“Come on. It may not have everything you like in it but, it has plenty of music scores from movies and others. Please, Shū?”

“Why are trying to get me to stay here with someone like you?”

She turned away, blushing a little. “Maybe because I like you and I want to stay here, in this part of the library with you.”

“What if I still don’t want your music?”

“Please. Just listen to one song, I promise it will be worth your time. I’ve even got a couple of just single instrumental version music, a good bit of orchestra music. Please, one song.”

Shū thought over the offer. The noises from the fire were becoming more and more annoying but it also seemed like the pestering girl wasn’t going to leave anytime soon so…

“Fine. Give me the damned thing already.”

“Sure, here’s the first song, it’s one of my favorites. Here.”

Jackie handed Shū her iPod and earbuds and pressed play. Shū listened and Jackie was getting a little excited and impatient to see how well he enjoyed the song. When it was finally over, Shū turned to the next song to listen to.

“How did you enjoy the first?”

“It was fine.”

The vampire soon fell asleep to her songs. Thinking that she wouldn’t get a reply from him anytime soon, she got up off of him, went to fetch the book from earlier, and came back. She sat in front of the fire, enjoying the warmth that the reddish-yellow flames had to offer. She started back reading. After a bit, the warmth started making her too sleepy to read, soon fell asleep reading.

When all the tracks on the iPod finished, Shū woke up. He picked up the little music device and started to scroll for a certain song he had heard earlier. Finding it, he realized that it didn’t have a title but he liked it out of the rest.

‘Least this is one song that is good. Everything else, her taste is bad.’

On the fifth listen, he realized that she was no longer sitting on him. Instead, the girl was in front of the fireplace, leaned over a bit. What sparked his interest was that part of her panties were sticking out, just because she had her back leaned forward a bit. But why she was in that position, he decided to find out. Besides, he wanted to know the name of the song he was currently listening to. Shū got up and sat directly behind the girl. Over her shoulder, he could see a book in her lap and her eyes closed.

‘She fell asleep to the book I suppose.’ Shū thought, just when he finished his thought, Jackie jerked awake.

“Hmm. Must have fallen asleep. It’s so warm. Ah~, guess I’d better finish the book now before I fall asleep again and feel guilty about not finishing it later. Humm, oh well.”

Jackie started back reading unaware of the surprised vampire behind her. ‘She enjoys reading that stuff? Kinda like Reiji.’ Wanting to know the song’s name, he decides to get her attention. Leaning down, he takes a lick of her neck and Jackie jumps in surprise.

“Shū! I thought you were still asleep.”

“I ran out of music. You have horrible tastes.”

She snorts a little at his comment. “Well, excuse me for being different Shū~. Give the thing back if you hate it so much.”

“There is one song I would like to know the name of though.”

“Let me listen and see if I can remember it.”

Shū hands her a bud and clicks play. After a few seconds, the music clicks in Jackie’s head. “Oh! That one. I thought you might like. That score is called, ‘Fairy Tail’s Main Theme’. One of my favorites. It is played by only a piano and a violin. When I was downloading, the name didn’t appear, so I memorized the music in my head to remember better. You really liked it Shū?”

Shū leans to lick her ear.

“Indeed I did, Lacy.”


“Nice of you trying to seduce me by showing me your underwear. Are you matching as well?”

Jackie tensed up and felt her face getting warmer when she heard Shū’s explanation. Turning to look at the fire, she thought up her next words carefully.

“It’s not lace completely. It’s just decorated that way at the top. The rest is just regular cloth. And no, I don’t match. I make sure every piece of my clothing mix-matches. I hate wearing matching clothes.”

While Shū listens, he nibbles on her heated ear, getting interested.

“Besides, why are you trying to be perverted as Raito?” Next thing Jackie knew, she was slammed down on to the floor. The book slid over to a nearby bookshelf and Shū was on top of her.

“Don’t ever compare me to that disgusting, wanna-be-pervert.” His voice was low and sounded a little dangerous, his eyes had a dark shine in them. Jackie looked into them and took in his words, uncertain of what would happen next.

“Sorry. Just sorta slipped out. Sorry.” She looked down, really didn’t mean to upset him. She then felt a weight on her stomach. “Shū? What are you doing?”

“Payback for earlier. Don’t move.” Shū pushes some of her hair out of the way, leans down to lick her neck several times. Then bites down hard enough to make her squirm a bit in pain. The warm blood slowly flowed from the bite wound, Shū lapped up every bit that came out. Jackie gripped his back, hoping the pain of the fangs inside would hurry and disappear.

‘This bite is a lot different from others. Did I really upset him that much?’

Once Shū was done, he leaned back pulling the girl with him. “You know, there is one thing I don’t mind about the fireplace. It gives the best blood area away.”

“What do you mean by that?”

“Look at the mantle then tell me.”

Jackie looks at the mantle, she spots a mistletoe hanging in the middle. Then every word Shū said finally comes clear. She looks back at the vampire and kisses him. He responded quickly and biting her lips to draw as much blood as possible. It may have been a bit painful, but at the same time, it was sweet too.

The two stayed that way in front of Shū’s annoying fireplace, enjoying each other, the warmth, and Jackie enjoyed the fireplace crackles while Shū enjoyed her heartbeat. Outside the snow kept falling nice and steadily. At the front gate, the remaining vampires returned home and Yui had fallen asleep in Reiji’s room.

‘Only five days to Christmas. I can’t wait.’ Jackie thought while snuggling into the older one’s embrace.

There’s Shū’s romance. Hate to be in Yui’s place right now.

Hope you enjoyed.

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