A Diabolik Lovers Christmas 3-shot

Subaru & Jackie

Final one. Please tell me what you think of it in the reviews.

Hope you enjoy it. May be different than the other story, but I’ll try and add some of this in there as well later.

It was three hours until Midnight. ‘Three hours until Christmas. I can’t believe that it’s soo close. Plus it’s still snowing, so beautiful tonight.’ Jackie was walking outside in the rose garden. Soft white snowflakes covered up mostly everything outside. Even the plants had some bits of white fluffy powder. The roses with snow tucked inside them, holding on to the cold frozen water until spring would melt them, and the flowers would have a nice cool drink to start the new year. The snow inside the white roses was barely visible. The leaves of the roses were all frozen in thin sheets of ice.

Breathing in the chilly air, she sighed in happiness for the upcoming day. Thin blankets of snow crunched beneath her feet as she walked through. The night would have been a perfectly clear night if the clouds were not sending snow down on to the earth. Stopping in the middle of the white roses, Jackie looked to the sky, enjoying the cool breeze and snow falling down around her.

“This is so perfect tonight.”

“What are you doing out here?!”

Closing her eyes, she had gotten used to the sudden appearance of all the vampires that it no longer made her jump, even a bit. Turning around, Jackie faced with the youngest of the vampires. “Evening Subaru. Fancy seeing you out here.”

Subaru narrowed his eyes. “Leave.”

“Aww. But I like it out here. I’ll go inside in a bit, but right now, can’t I enjoy this peaceful weather?”

The white-haired vampire turned away. “Suit yourself. Just hurry up and leave after.”

“Sure thing.” Jackie turned to admire the snow-covered roses. While doing so, she looked at Subaru out of the corner of her eye. The vampire was wearing a black jacket with his normal black pants and white boots. He had a silver scarf around his neck and the necklace with the key hanging below it. With the snow falling, it made the vampire stand out in one of the most beautiful and breathtaking ways.

As if feeling the girl’s eyes on him, he turned slightly to glare at her. She was unmoved by the action. Instead, she smiled and waved at him. Huffing, the vampire turned his back to her once more. After a few more minutes of silence, Jackie turned to head back inside. On the way, while passing Subaru, she accidentally slipped on a bit of ice in the snow and was falling backwards.

Closing her eyes, bracing herself to feel the hard impact on the ground… that never came. Opening her eyes once more, she saw that Subaru had caught her before her fall. They stayed like this for a bit until Subaru straightened her upright and stepped away from her. Surprised, she looked to him for some kind of word. “Uh, thanks. Subaru.”

“Tch. Don’t get used to it.”

“Say, Subaru…” She walked closer to him; he stood his ground not pleased by the approaching girl. “Why do you dislike me so much? I haven’t done anything to you that I know of.”

“Like I’d tell you. Now stop coming near me or I’ll destroy you.”

“Go ahead. Nothing’s stopping you from making the ground snow-covered in warm, fresh, crimson blood. You may even get to splatter some of the roses with my deep red color. You can even match the red roses back there a bit or make these a two-toned color rose. Wouldn’t that be nice for you?” She kept coming closer until she was a foot away from the older male. She kept eye contact, hoping to see if she could spot something. Subaru was shocked at what he heard.

‘The girl is willing to die? Right on my mother’s dedicated roses?’

“So… I guess no answer means, yes?” Looking at the girl he saw that she was rubbing one of the thorns as if about to pierce her skin with it to tempt him. Then she did it. The girl took the cut finger and placed it on a white rose with no snow, coloring the petals red as the cut bleed. As soon as the cut had bled out as much as it could, she started to cut another opening.

Placing the fresh-cut back onto another rose, her hand was grabbed and placed in the mouth of the nearby vampire. Watching him suck on her cut, she grew surprised and happy inside. ‘Finally.’ Subaru finished sucking on the cut and jerked her close. Leaning next to her ear, his voice was in a low snarl.

“Don’t touch those roses like that again. Or I will personally kill you elsewhere.”

“So, are these stupid flowers important to you or something?”

Subaru glares at her. “My mother was named, ‘The White Rose’. These are dedicated to her. They remind me of what a coward I am. They are my weakness.”

*“So. If you know your own weakness, a person can become strong and gentle. It’s natural. Know your own weakness and you can get stronger from it. Protect your weaknesses like protecting the ones close to you. At least, that’s what I believe.”

Jackie laughs a little with humor while Subaru looks confused. “What’s wrong, Subaru? You look confused. Sorry, don’t ask me to explain; I can’t even remember what I just said. Literally.”

As they stand there for a few moments more, Subaru bites her suddenly. Gasping out at the sudden pain the other gave her. Subaru sucked the crimson liquid from the warm body roughly. The girl just stands there and grips his jacket tightly. Letting up from the sucking, he takes a few deep breaths of the chilly air and starts to unclothe her.

“Aww come on Subaru. I couldn’t have said anything that bad now. It’s freezing out here so let me warm up again.”

“Get closer to me.”

“Your not one to talk. Your whole body is freezing as well, I need warmth. I’m going back inside.”

Tries to make a move back in but was blocked by Subaru. Ripping most of her top half off, he moves her closer towards him so he could drink better. While a shivering girl was beneath him. “Stop moving.” Annoyance was in his tone as he swallowed.

“You would be too if you had any blood circulation with a beating heart. It can’t be helped.”

“Shut up while at it.”

Annoyed as well, Jackie shuts up and continues to shiver. Soon she felt something rubbing her side. She rested against him while he drank and rubbed. It felt so good but it was still cold. Having his fill, he leans up and hands her a gift.

“What’s this?”

“Early present.”

Opening the gift, she finds a book on flowers. More specifically, roses. “Uh, thanks Subaru.”

“Open the book.”

She flips the book open and finds a necklace tucked in one of the pages. It was a silver dragon pendant holding on to a sword, with a blue jewel at the top. Closing the book, she jumps up and hugs Subaru tightly. “Thanks so much, sexy vampire!”

Subaru was shocked at what he heard and he figured she wouldn’t realize what had said for a few moments, so he tightly embraced her back. Realizing what she had said, she starts to blush very deeply and struggled to get free. “What’s your hurry?” Subaru asks teasingly. Blushing even more, she turns away not looking at him.

“Nothing. Just want to get inside is all.”

“Why not stay and have some fun?”

“No thanks.”

“No is not the answer.”

Her face was so heated, she was wondering why it couldn’t heat the rest of her body as well. “Please Subaru. Let me go inside and get warm.”

“I don’t know. I like it when you’re right here.”

“Come on! You’re just acting this way because of what I said, aren’t you.”

“Oh~? What did you say? I didn’t hear you properly because of the snow falling.”

“I-I said.. I said that you were... Hang on! There ain’t no blizzard or high wind! I’m not repeating.”

“Then you are not going inside to get warm.”

“Your fault for ripping my clothes in the first place!”

“I was thirsty.”

“Yeah right. There was no need to go that far.”

Subaru was smiling the entire time as the blushing, angry girl was carrying on. ‘This is fun. I should do this more often.’ Subaru leans down to lick a snowflake off her chest which was very close to her breast. Jackie blushed deeper if possible, at the action. Leaning back up and stating, “Maybe I want to change you into my kind.”

“Oh um so you would have to bite me in some way and I become a vampire that way?”

“Pffft. No, not like them dumb stories. We would have to share blood to do that.”

“Great. I don’t know about you but I hate the way blood tastes. I mean when I suck on just a small cut on my hand or lip to stop the bleeding, I hate that weird iron taste I always get. Especially when I had my teeth pulled and all, I hate the way blood tastes.”

“That’s your blood. Not mine. You’d be drinking pure vampire blood. It would be a different taste.”

“In your mind, it would be. Blood is blood for a human. It doesn’t taste good at all. *Unless some humans had weird taste buds or are just plain crazy.”

“Hm, why don’t we just test that theory?”


Subaru was surprised in her answer.

“You sure? It be painless.”

“No. I’m sure. I want to stay human for at least another year. Did I mention that ‘seven’ is an unlucky number for me and that I’m seventeen? I’d like to stay human for a bit longer. Then if the offer still stands, possibly. Is that okay?”

Looking up at the white-haired vampire with some pleading in her eyes. Red met green, deciding on whether or not to give in. Sigh. “I guess I can wait. Besides, I do love you.”

“Wait what? Is that why you been avoiding me all this time?”

“Yes. You smelled so good and funny sometimes when you get angry at my crazy brothers. I’ve seen you at school helping Yui when she had gotten bitten by one of us. You clean her wounds and help her study. I always liked you and I was one of the first to agree to your stay so I could be closer.”

“But avoiding is hardly compared to being closer.”

“How many times have you been abused by the other’s bites? You are the healthy one here, you have more rich blood than Yui. Your smell makes me want to suck you dry. But then I wouldn’t have anyone to share my love for. I keep you safe and made the others back off a little with different bribery. I also found out that you like mythology and dragons so, that’s how I got the pendant for you.”

“And the book?”

“I’m sure you can figure that one out on your own.”

Jackie stood there thinking. Finally, it sparked. “Didn’t you say these roses were dedicated to your mother? You gave me the book to remind me of you.”

Subaru gave a warm smile and took off his scarf and jacket. He placed them on to the freezing girl who was beginning to turn blue. Holding her face tilted towards him, he leaned down to kiss her. Confused at first then she returns the kiss. After a while, Subaru breaks the kiss. But keeping his face close to hers, what the vampire said next was, “Merry Christmas.”

“Merry Christmas to you too, Subaru.”

From inside the library, looking out to the rose bushes, the rest of the household just watches and celebrates Christmas as well, once the clock struck midnight. Yui was happy that her friend had found someone to be with for once. Then she was whisked away to play with Raito and the rest. After that, Jackie decided to stay and live the rest of her life in the crazy mansion, full of wonderful vampires. Mostly Subaru of course.

And it’s finished. I hope you’ve enjoyed. Might not have been too good, but good enough as a Christmas present for all of you Diabolik Lovers fans just like me.

Thanks for reading everyone!

Have a Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas & a wonderful New Year’s!

* This sentence has different animes mentioning weakness in it, I just placed some in my own wording. Fairy Tail and Bleach is just a couple that I used. Credit goes to them.

* I apologize if anyone is offended by this. If someone really does enjoy the taste of blood. Which is weird honestly.

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