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{Requests} {Long images} {18+} A bunch of one-shots of our lovely Vikings.

Erotica / Other
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1. 18+ Born

1. ~Bjorn~ 18+

10 years ago

My father was walking around the woods finding planks, and I was following his carrying his tool bag. We had found a couple trees so far, but father stopped when he heard talking. He giggles as he takes a mask off his belt hiding behind a tree. I hide behind a bush watching, and then I see Ragnar coming down the hill with a blonde boy.

My father jumps out, but the boy doesn't even jump. My father giggles as the boy questions his father who he is. I come out giggling when My father tries to convince Bjorn he knows the trees.
"Hello (y/n)." Ragnar smiles.
"Hello Ragnar. Seems father has lost his mind again?" I giggle.
"While you vile little girl." My father jumps at me, but I hide behind Ragnar.
"Floki leave the pour girl alone. You know the Gods only gave her the ability to speak the truth." Ragnar jokes.
I come out from behind him giggling at my father as he sticks his tongue at me. We all walk around Kattegat, feast, watch the execution, and talk about the raids together. Bjorn and I sat around, and joked until it was time for him to leave.


After Ragnar took over Kattegat Bjorn, Gyda, and I became great friends. When Gyda died it felt like I lost a sister, but Lagertha took me under her wing. My father calls me Little Lagertha, because I'm always next to her.

Over the years, I've come to have feelings for Bjorn, and not in a brotherly way. I know I can't do anything about it. I'd make a foul of myself, and I know my father wouldn't be happy. Yes Bjorn was the son of his good friend, and that's the problem. Bjorn is just like his father, he doesn't pick just one girl, and he doesn't even bat an eye.

"(Y/n) come on they have returned." My mother calls from up the hill.
I run along with her to the docks as they are tying the ropes. I look around for my father, but don't see him anywhere.
"Where's father?" I start to get worried.

"Just hang on. He might be unloading things." Mother holds my hand tight.
I hear a giggle in the distance looking over I see my father with Ragnar, and I take off running to him.
"FATHER" I yell as I jump on him causing us to fall to the ground.
"(Y/N)!!" He yells back.
Everyone is laughing at us as we stand up. I smile at Ragnar.
"Welcome home Ragnar." I hug him.
"Thank you (y/n)" He hugs me back.

I'm standing next to my father listening to them talk about the raid, and I look around for my mother who's probably with Lagertha. I also don't find Bjorn, but it's no clue where he is. I still can't believe my heart belongs to a whore. I'm deep in my thoughts when I'm liften off the ground with a growling man behind me.

"BJORN! PUT ME DOWN" I yell trying to get free.
He sets me on my feet, laughing, turning me to face him.
"I'm glad you're home Bjorn." I smile up at him.
"I've missed you." He says low pulling me to him. "Come with me I want to show you something."

He pulls me along the road to his house. I basically trip over my feet trying to keep up, but his bear of a body marching through the streets of Kattegat. When we get to his house I sit at the table as he starts a fire.

"Did you succeed from the raid?" I ask opening the bag.
He snatches the bag from me, and sits next me. I look at him confused.
"I have something for you in here." He reaches around inside the bag pulling out a beautiful necklace. "In England a queen wears something like this." He places the necklace around my neck.
"But I can't wear something like this. Your mother is more queen than I am." I say playing with the jewel.

"That's what I wanted to ask you. I need MY queen, and I can't remember a time when you aren't there. You take over my mind, and dreams."
I look at him in surprise, and he grabs my hands.
"I dream of us traveling everywhere. You one day being round with my children, and us eating with the Gods in Valhalla." He smiles looking into my eyes.
"Bjorn...are you sure? I mean, I'm just a boat carver, who can't even raid. You need someone who can fight along side you like...." He cuts me off by slamming his lips to mine.

It takes me a second to kiss back, but when I do he pulls me to his lap. I wrap my arms around his neck as I moan against his lips. He runs his hand down my back as he pulls away.

"You don't have to raid to be my queen. You can still travel with me. Maybe be my personal healer." I giggle at him. "(Y/n) you can't leave my side, or I would be lost."
"Bjorn, if I say yes. I will not share my husband with whores." I look into his eyes.
"If you were my wife I wouldn't need a whore." He leans in growling in my ear as he bites it.
"Bjorn." I moan grabbing his arm.

He picks me up carrying me to his bed. As he lays me down he crawls on top of me, and my dressed bunched at my hips. He kisses along my collarbone down to the top of my breast. He unties my dress as he kisses along my chest, but when he stops, looking me in my eyes.

"Say yes, and I swear to the Gods I'll treat you like the queen you are, and like the Goddess you should be." He pulls my dress down as he says this in my ear.
"Okay Bjorn." I gasps at the cold air hitting my chest.

He didn't need me to say anything else, so he ripped the rest of my dress off me , and kiss down my chest to my stomach. I grab his head lightly as I run my fingers over his hair. I lean my head back as he kisses along my hip, lower stomach, and kisses my lower lips. He pushes my legs back as he licks up my clit, and reaches up with his left hand to grab my boob as his right grabs my hip. My head falls back as my eyes close, and I grip the fur under me.

"BJORN" I moan out as my back arches.
He softly kiss my thigh as he sits up taking his clothes off, and my imagination has nothing on his body in reality. He leans over me guiding into me causing a gasp to leave my lips. I've never had anything this big, and I feel him fill me completely.

"Gods (y/n) you're so tight." He moans into my neck as he starts to slowly move.
He lifts my legs on his elbow as he grinds into me, and I feel his left hand run down my side to my thigh, gripping it hard. I couldn't stop the scream that leaves my mouth as I throw my head back.

"Bjorn please....I..." I don't know what I was begging for, but he knew.
He started to pound into me, and my body explodes as I scratch down his arm. He groans as he empties himself. He falls next to me on the bed as he tries to catch his breath, and he looks over at me. He pulls me to him with a smirk, and he moves my hair behind my ear as he kisses my forehead.

"I just realized your father is going to kill me" He laughs out.
"Maybe not kill you just hurt you a little bit." I giggle. "He'd only kill you if you hurt me."
"I would never hurt you. I mean it when I say I only want and need you. I know my past doesn't match my words, but I will prove it to you the rest of my life." He plays with my hair, and he kisses my temple as we get comfortable.

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