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I sat on the hill, under my usual tree, looking over kattegat. I had to get away from all the people. Kattegat is a big market place nowadays. My mother has been restless ever since my father and brother left with Ragnar to go raiding in England. Before they left I went to the seer, and he didn't have good things to say.
"Many follow Ragnar Lothbrok, but many will fall because of him." That's all he said.
It's been months since they left, and months since Aslaug was killed by Lagertha. I can only imagine how Ivar is going to react to this. Ubbe and Hvitserk have gone into hiding in their hunting cabin. Sigurd stays drunk with them.
I sigh as I stand praying to the Gods that they return. I walk through the trees till I see the cabin come into view. Ubbe is skinning a deer in the front. I stop at the gate, and he turns to me as he cleans his knife.
"Hello (y/n)" Ubbe smirks.
"How are you Ubbe?" I ask looking into his eyes.
He scuffs with a smirk. "I'm fine (y/n). Hvitserk and Sigurd are drowning in ale, and I can't wait for Ivar to know that our mother was killed." I nod.
"I know. If he wasn't angry before he definitely will be now." I sigh.
"Don't worry. I feel, no matter what he goes through, he'll always have a soft spot for the little shieldmaiden shadow he's had his whole life." He chuckles as I push him.
"Oh shut up Ubbe" I stomp away hearing his laughter.
The rest of the day I help my mother with chores until I hear the horn. I instantly dropped my basket as I took off to the docks. Once I get there I see it's one of ours which means it's Ivar. I look around trying to find him, but I can't see anyone carrying him or on the ground. I start to run toward the cabin. I didn't stop until I almost fell into the door.
"Ivar" I breathed out.
He looked up at me with a smirk, but his eyes were bright blue.
"(Y/n) come here." Ivar opens his right arm out.
I ran to his side, almost knocking us over.
"I thought you were gone, Ivar." I mumble.
He just sits there with his hand in my hair.
"Father is dead." Is all he says, making everyone stop. "King Ecbert handed him over to King Aelle." He was shaking with anger, and he moved his arm from around me.
I look up at Ubbe as he looks at me, and Hvitserk slumps on the chair. Ivar looks at us, but stops on me causing me to look down.
"What?" He asks.
No one moved.
"WHAT?!" He yells making me jump.
"Mother is dead, Ivar." Ubbe tells him.
I looked over at the wall, because I just couldn't see his broken face. He threw his cup to the far wall.
"Lagertha killed her when her back was turned." Ubbe says.
He knocks the table over as he crawls away in rage. I watched him crawl away, and I didn't know I was crying until Hvitserk wiped my cheek.
"He'll be okay." He tells me.
I nod. "I'm going to go check on mother." I walk away looking down at my feet.
Ivar is completely broken now. He was angry at the Gods already, but this is going to really make him mad. I open my door to see my mother crying at the table.
"Mother?" I ask.
"(Y/n) come here." She reaches her hands out to me. She held my hand as I sat down. "Sweetie, your father and brother didn't return." She sobs.
I couldn't control the sob as it came out my mouth. "But.." I couldn't do this.
I jumped up running out the house, my mother calling out to me, but I couldn't be in that house. I fell to my knees as I realized that I ran all the way to the hill that overlooked Kattegat. I hug myself as I sob for my family, Ivar's family, and all of Kattegat. I was crying too bad to realize someone was behind me. I felt someone pull me to their chest, and I already knew who it was. Only one person knows about my spot up here.
"Stop crying. Shieldmaidens don't cry." He mumbles in my hair. "I will kill everyone who took them from us. My mother, my father, and brother I will avenge them all." He holds me to his chest hard.
"Don't leave me too Ivar. I couldn't handle it." I say into his chest.
"You are my gift from the Gods (y/n). I will never leave something that precious to me." He said in my ear.

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