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1. 18+ Hvitserk

1. ~Hvitserk ~ 18+

Margrethe. What's so special about her? She has Ubbe, and Sigurd, so why is she always going after Hvitserk? I sigh grabbing my basket, and I head to the great hall. I'm halfway there when I hear a giggle. I look around, and what I see stops my heart. Hvitserk is carrying a basket while walking with Margrethe, and she is giggling while holding onto his arm. They look like a real couple. I look down and hurry away, but my name is called making me stop. Hvitserk runs up to me from behind, and he wraps his arms around my waist.

"Where have you been?" He asks with his head on my shoulder.
"I had to get some crops." I look down at the basket full of things.
"Let me help you." He comes around reaching for the basket.
"It's okay go help Margrethe." I walk away ignoring my name.

I'm not fighting her anymore if she wants to be the ragnarsson's whore then so be it. I walk into my house slamming my basket down.
"Stupid ugly whore." I growl as I sit on the chair.
"You better not be saying that about yourself." I jump looking behind me to see Hvitserk.
"What are you doing here?" I ask looking back at the table.
"(Y/n) why did you run from me?" He asks as he sits on the table taking an apple.
"Because I'm not going to fight with a whore over something that is pointless." I stand up grabbing things.
"Who are you fighting? Over what?" I'm walking around the kitchen as he asks this. I stop at the fire.
"Don't worry about it. It doesn't matter just go be like your brothers." I say putting the onions in the pot.

I hear him sigh and his footsteps. "If this is about Margrethe then you know you have nothing to worry about. I've told you I only want you." He whispers in my ear. "(Y/n) what do I have to do to prove I'm only yours?" He holds me to his chest. "I'd fight against anyone to prove it, kill anything, or give you whatever you want." He kisses my neck with every statement. "Freya only put you in my heart (y/n)."
He turns me around kissing me hard. I kiss him back grabbing a hold of his shirt. We pull apart, and he doesn't move at all.
"You Hvitserk. I want you." My lips brush against his as I talk.

He picks me up sitting me on the table, and kisses up my neck.
"You have me love." He whispers in my ear as his hands run down my side grabbing the bottom of my dress.
He slowly lifts my dress, his fingers lightly touching my thigh, and my legs resting on his hip. He pulls my dress off of me throwing it, and pulls back to take his clothes off. I smile up at him as I run my hand up his stomach to his chest.
"You are mine, and I will only be with you." He smirks at me as he picks me up, wrapping my legs around his waist, walks me to the bed.
He lays me down on the bed, and he kisses up my legs, putting my thigh on his shoulder. He looks into my eyes as he licks up my center
"Hvitserk." I moan out in surprise.
He smiles up at me as he keeps going further into me, causing me to grab his hair, and both of us to moan. He pulls back with a kiss on my hip, but he crawls up my body. Once he is above me he grabs my hair in both hands as he slowly inches into me, and my eyes close with a gasp.

"Gods (y/n)." He moans as he burrows his face in my neck.
"Hvitserk." I moan running my hands down his back feeling his thrusts.

His pulls his head from my neck, his left hand slowly goes down my side as his right pulls my hair back and as he starts to pound into me he starts biting and kissing along my neck.

"HVITSERK'' I scream out to Valhalla.
"Let all of Kattegat know I'm yours and your mine." He grunts letting go of my hair to hold himself up.
My back arches as he keeps pounding into me so fast I can't keep my screams under control. My body feels like I'm floating, and Valhalla is right in reach.
"Hvitserk" I moan out as my head falls back not holding back my release.
"(Y/n)" He groans flipping us over so I'm on top.

His hands grab my hips, in a tight grip, as I rock my hips back and forth. I throw my head back as I start bouncing up and down, and moan loud as he thrusts up as I go down. He sits up, kissing my chest, causing us to grind against each other, and me to moan in his neck.
"(Y/n)." We moan together as we finish.

He keeps me to his chest as we lay down, and I cuddle my face into his chest as he plays with hair. I'm so relaxed I can't keep my eyes open, or feel my body.
"(Y/n) I want you to be my wife." Hvitserk says softly.
"I would love to be your wife, but I don't share my husband. " I smile up at him, holding my laugh at his face.
"Why would I want anyone else when I have my own Goddess to warm my bed." He laughs at me hitting his arm, and hiding my face.
He pulls my face out of his chest to kiss me passionately. "I will never leave you, or hurt you. I would kill the great father himself to be with you." He kisses my forehead.
"Okay Hvitserk I'll be your wife." I kiss him.
"Good because I already told my mother I'm marrying you." He laughs as I hit his chest.

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