Love Should Never Die


Angelica's feelings get the best of her and she does something she could regret for the rest of her life. Will she & Jack be able to fix their mistakes, or has their trust been broken too many times?

Action / Romance
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Chapter 1

Her eyes slowly opened as she tried to remember what happened before she passed out. She remembered watching Jack row off in his dinghy, but everything after that was a blur, she assumed she had passed out due to the heat. She got up and couldn't believe that she was left standing on a small desert island in the middle of nowhere in the Caribbean. She said she loved him and his still left her. What was she thinking, she knew that he would still leave her, and yet she told him anyways. That was not even the worst of it because now he knows her, very likely, only weakness; himself.

She shuddered at the thought, and quickly pushed it out of her mind. She strode up the beach and managed to walk around the whole island in what she guessed was less than half an hour, but she did not really spend time paying attention to the sea or her surroundings. She wandered through the trees until she felt something odd under her feet. She had remembered what Jack told her before he left, that this island was a well-traveled trade route. She then realized it could only be one thing. A hidden cache of rum and hopefully other supplies. She quickly found the handle to the door and opened it. Low and behold there it was crates of rum and dried foods. That was enough to keep her alive for a while she thought. She had been there for probably five hours just drinking rum although she hated it, and pacing around yelling Spanish curses at the sea; she only wished Jack could hear them. It started getting dark so she sat down on the warm sand with yet another bottle of rum and let the wind blow through her tangled brown hair as she watched the sunset on the horizon. It was not a rather beautiful sunset she thought to herself, the sky had not appeared to change from the light blue to purple as it sometimes did. It had simply gotten dark. After a few minutes, she lied down and quickly drifted to sleep.

"Jack" She pleaded as she looked from her cut hand back into his dark brown eyes that seemed to be filled with fear. He had to find the chalices. "Bloody Spaniard" he whispered under his breath as he desperately searched for the chalices. He needed to find them, he would not let himself stand by while the one person he truly ever loved died in front of him. No, he couldn't bare to think of it, and he could not let it happen. He searched for what seemed like too long, knowing very well what would happen if he didn't magically find them in the next few seconds. Then out of nowhere, Serena, the beautiful mermaid appeared in a pool, very near to him, holding none other than the chalices he needed. For some reason, he was momentarily transfixed by her beauty and the sheer mystery upon her arrival. However, he quickly snapped out of it as she told him not to waste her tear, and he knew he most certainly would not waste it. He rushed to what was left of the fountain, got the water and the tear and tricked Blackbeard into accidentally saving his dearest Angelica.

Although he had just saved her life, she hated him. She had to. He had killed her father, even though he saved her from death in the process, she overlooked that detail. As he rowed her to the island she came up with a plan to get revenge. She had managed to get loose of the ropes he tied her in and now had to wait til they got to shore. He picked her up and tossed her on the beach, along with a pistol. Perfect, she thought. She soon realized that he already knew she had untied herself, so after her idea to hit him over the head failed, she had to come up with something quick. As he started walking away she told him of the secret treasure to rule the wind and tide, she lied to him about being with child, but she then did something that neither of them really suspected. She told him that she loved him, and in shocked response, he said he always had and always would love her too. They leaned in slightly, and she expected to kiss him. But then he started running towards his little dinghy.

"JACK" She yelled after him.

That was it. That was the last straw for her, and she was not going to let him leave her on this beach. She quickly snatched the pistol he had left her, aimed and fired. The shot rang through the air, and no sooner than it had, she heard Jack, who was sitting in his dinghy, let out a loud groan of pain.

He keeled over gasping for breath.

What had she done?

She quickly swam out to the dingy that wasn't too far away and climbed in. She lifted Jack's head onto her lap and put pressure on the bloody wound to his chest. She looked down at him with fear filling her eyes, and a few tears streaming down her cheeks. She had not wanted this. She usually wasn't that good at her aim. With what strength he had left, Jack lifted his hand to her face and wiped some of the tears from her eyes. "Here's to revenge, sweet and clear" he almost whispered as he grinned up at her, knowing very well this could be the last time he saw her.

"Shh. You will be alright" She pretended to sound confident as she put on a fake smile for him.

"Not this time luv, " he said with as much volume as he could muster, as he glanced slightly at the hole in his chest, and at the blood on her hands. She leaned her face close to his so that her lips barely brushed his cheek as she whispered the last things he would hear from her "I love you, Jack Sparrow". She started crying, more than she could ever remember.

"I love you too Angelica Teach, and I believe there should be a captain in there somewhere, " He said knowing those would be his last words, he chuckled slightly and closed his eyes for the last time.

"NO! You can't die! You are Jack Sparrow!" she sobbed resting her head on his chest.

Her eyes quickly snapped open and found herself gasping for breath. That was one terrible nightmare, she thought to herself hoping that was all it was. She was slightly distressed at the notion that the nightmare had been the most vivid and realistic dream she had ever had.

Even though it was still dark, she decided to take a short stroll around the island to clear her head. When she stood up, she realized that she had a piercing headache, and oh did it hurt more than anything else. As she walked she noticed a lot of empty glass bottles, that she assumed used to contain rum. She knew she was alone on the island, and that she hated rum, but she had a bad feeling that those bottles were the cause of her headache.

She slowly made her way around the island, but as she got to the opposite side she stepped on something odd lying in the sand. "Ow!" she yelled, not yet realizing what she had stepped on. She decided to sit down to examine the item that had hurt her foot. It was a pistol.

There were no bullets and no gun powder. She remembered Jack throwing it at her after he tossed her onto the beach, and she could have sworn that he left her with a pistol loaded with one shot in it.

Although her foot was already better, because of her migraine she decided to sit there a while longer. She looked longingly at the sea for what seemed like hours but was probably only twenty minutes. As the sun started to rise, the sky had quickly gone from a fading dark calm blue to blood red. This was a rare occurrence that almost everyone, including Angelica herself, took as a bad omen. To some, it meant that a large amount of blood had been spilled. Others believed that when the sky was red in the morning, someone had died before their time. It also was a sign of a great storm that was approaching over the seas.

Angelica believed somewhat in all of those rumors, and although she always seemed to be none superstitious in front of other people, she knew she was alone and could not help but wonder if any of the stories were true. As she contemplated the validity of the rumors, she scanned the horizon looking for any signs of the "well-traveled trade route" Jack had claimed was not far from here. Her eyes came to rest on a strange object that appeared to be floating just offshore to the West.

She wondered how she could have missed it before but then realized that with her eyes transfixed to the sunrise in the east and that it was still dark when she would have first walked in sight of it, it wasn't really that hard to believe. The object wasn't that far away from the shore but she couldn't decide what it was. Soon she found herself so full of curiosity about that mysterious object that she took off her boots, her jacket, and her hat, and waded into the water. As she got closer she realized what it was.

It was a dinghy.

She wondered why it was here. She climbed in not paying attention to anything but rowing it back to the beach. As she got out she noticed some patches of red on her white shirt and checked herself to see where all of this blood was coming from.

She soon got her answer as she looked back into the little dinghy with fear in her eyes. All of the colors quickly left her face as she realized it was him.

Laying there as pale as porcelain with a big hole in his chest where he had been shot. She backed away as fast as she could for she could not bare to look at him any longer. She made it about twenty steps away before she collapsed with grief. Tears poured out of her eyes, and she was helpless to stop herself. She had lost the only person she had ever loved, and she found no comfort in thinking of how he wronged her so many times. She couldn't stay mad at him. She would never know what her life could have been with him and now she was truly alone. She couldn't even kill herself because of that man. The fountain of youth prevented her death, and she knew that she had just entered the boundaries of hell as she now had no one and life without Jack forever would be true torture for her.

She just couldn't figure out what had happened. What actually happened? She couldn't remember.

The last thing he remembered was looking into the fearful eyes of Angelica, along with the sharp pain in his chest. A warm feeling suddenly came over him as he closed his eyes. He sat up wondering what happened to the pain. He stood up but he felt strange. He looked down only to see himself underneath a very upset Angelica. "That's interesting" he stated. He expected her to look up at him any second, but she never did. He was shocked at the sight of the wound in his fleshy chest. He thought he looked bloody awful. He had not quite understood yet why she was still crying, he was standing right next to her. Then it hit him. He was … He dared not even think the word. It could not be. He refused to believe it, but what other explanation did he have. He was 'Captain Jack Sparrow' he couldn't die. But he had, and now he was stuck between the worlds of the living and whatever was next. He had no idea. He had never believed in an afterlife or what have you. He did, however, know that he was not leaving Angelica or his body for that matter.

Soon she got up, tears still flowing down her cheeks. She jumped off the dinghy into the shallow water and swam to shore. He followed close behind knowing that she couldn't hurt him now. She sat down on the opposite side of the island and hoped she could forgive herself but she knew that she never could. The sun was very bright that day, and she did not have any water. She did not even make an attempt to find some to replace what she had lost to her tears. She wanted so much to die at that moment.

"Why did you have to save me?" she questioned out loud. "Why couldn't you just let me die so I would not have to live without you now? This is all your fault SPARROW!"

He had decided to sit next to her as she was rambling on. He knew it was his fault. He so desperately wanted to hold her at that moment, to dry her tears and to comfort her. But he knew that he could not interact with the living.

"Wait, " he said out loud still knowing that he couldn't be heard. "I can't talk to da livin, but what bout the dead or da undead?" He knew who he needed at that moment. "William Turner" He declared. His old friend, captain of the Flying Dutchman would be able to help him. He also realized that young Mr. Turner would not be long now for it was his job to take Jack's soul to the next world. He then looked down to Angelica who had stopped talking by then. He wished she would sit in the shade so she didn't faint from the heat and dehydration. However, he knew that her stubbornness would not allow her to move. Just as he thought that, Angelica fainted and fell onto the soft sand, knowing that she would not wake up for a few hours he decided to take a look around the island. He had to do something to help her, but he didn't know what or how. He couldn't interact with her, but perhaps he could try interacting with objects. He made his way into the shaded area where he knew of a rum cache.

"Of course" he sighed, hating how he couldn't open the door. He hoped she would find it when she woke up, but the thick layer of sand covering it made that seem rather doubtful. He was leaning on a tree nearby when he had an idea. If he couldn't move large things, he could try moving small things, sand for instance. He quickly sat down next to the covered door. About twenty minutes later, after trying to brush the sand away, and trying to kick the sand away, he flopped over and exhaled, tired of being a ghost. As he did this he noticed some movement in the sand next to him. He suddenly realized he could blow the sand away. He continued until he had uncovered a portion of the door so that if she stepped on it, she hopefully would notice what it was. He went back over to her and sat down. All other thoughts left his mind to completely adore her beauty. He was just content to sit there and watch her sleep.

The next day, she woke up apparently not remembering what had taken place the day before. He followed her all the way around the island, and then into the shade, hoping she would find the rum cache. She did. She seemed to be so full of anger and rage that he was almost happy that she did not know he was there. He was quickly disappointed in what came next. In her anger, she paced back and forth drinking as she went and every so often she would yell out some profane language in Spanish, no doubt directed at him. "If only you could see what you have done to me Sparrow!" she would occasionally, and every time his response was "I can see luv, and I am terribly sorry that you don't know that." She had probably downed at least 4 bottles of rum by the end of the day and was working on a fifth by the time she sat down to watch the sunset. He couldn't watch her self-destruct anymore so he walked in his feminine fashion away to the other side of the island. He sat down and just watched the dinghy that was still close to shore. Knowing his body was inside, he hoped it would not float away. He watched the sunset which he thought was very disappointing and soon fell asleep if that's possible for ghosts.

Jack woke up as he felt a strange sensation on his chest. It was Angelica standing right on top of him, but of course, she wouldn't know that.

"Would you mind getting off me luv?" He asked as he stood up next to her. He followed her gaze over to the red sky. He had little idea what it meant, although he had a bad feeling about it. Her gaze then shifted over to what he knew was his dinghy, but she must have forgotten when she blacked out the other day. She seemed to be transfixed by that elusive object floating just off shore. Suddenly, he knew what she was going to do and he could not watch.

"Stop I say! I will not let ye put ye self through all those tears again." He tried to stop her, but of course, he was powerless to do so since she could not see or hear him. She walked right through him as she prepared to swim out to the dinghy.

He knew it would take her a few minutes to retrieve it so he paced back and forth along the beach so he could keep an eye on her. When she stepped onto land he couldn't help but be curious about her reaction when she realized it was him. He saw her eyes fill with sorrow, fear, and anger as she began to cry. He wished could speak to her, to tell her everything was going to be ok.

As tears jerked at his eyes, he watched her back away from the small boat and collapse to the ground a few feet away with tears streaming once again down her beautiful face. "Its all ok luv, please don't cry" He whispered with his lips brushing past her ear as he kneeled behind her.

To Jack's surprise, Angelica lifted her hand to her ear as if she could feel his presence there.

"Don't worry luv, I'm still with you" Jack whispered again, but closer.

"Jack?" She whispered aloud questioningly as if he could hear her, but her knowledge and beliefs would not let her maintain that fiction and she became suddenly angry. "So now I've gone mad, hearing voices of people who are gone forever, thinking that he is right behind me when in truth no one is here but me!"

"Yer not going mad Angie, I'm still here" he whispered again.

"Now surely I must be in hell!" She yelled her face red with anger and sorrow as the tears kept falling from her eyes, causing Jack to step back from her, his ghostly heart aching at the sight of her.

"You think you are in hell, luv" he almost chuckled at that. "No dearest, it is I who is in hell now." He sighed knowing that they were both experiencing a similar fate, except he didn't have any rum to drink away his feelings and memories with where as she did. "Lucky Spaniard" he grumbled under his breath, not that it mattered she couldn't hear him anyway.

Not sure what to do Angelica tried to gain her composure, before making her way to the other side of the island once again. She had not the strength nor the courage to push Jack's dinghy back into the water, so there it stayed. She still did not know what happened to him. Or who had killed him. She needed to know. What she also needed was a way off that island, and perhaps if she escaped she could search for answers to her questions. Little did she know that she would not have to worry about escaping that dreaded island much longer.

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