Love Should Never Die

Chapter 14

"Will, I have a need to be lookin at that book of rituals if ye don't mind." Jack said as he leisurely walked into Will's cabin.

"May I ask why? You've already spent hours looking at the ritual to bring you back, what do you need now, and why aren't you with Angelica?" Will gave Jack a curious look.

"She said she wanted to be alone, which is why I am here. I have a feeling she won't be be tellin us what it is she saw." He spoke knowing that he was right. "I know her Will, if she wants to hide something, she will. I need to find a way to look into her memories, and thats why I be needin that book there, savy." Will also had this same feeling, that it may be to difficult for her to talk about, so he gave in.

"Well come on then, lets see if we can find what you want." Will said, surprised at how quickly he agreed with Jack.

"Let's see, 'memory removal' no, "memory transfer' no, 'fake a memory' no, ugh, there has to be one" Will said as he flipped through some more pages. "Ok what about this one? 'memory viewer'? Will this work for you?" Will turned to Jack who started reading the ritual.

"Step one: The person whose memory you are trying to view must be asleep, ok no problem. Step two: the viewer must be sitting next to them, one hand resting on their forehead,one hand resting over their heart, while thinking of what they wish to see. Okay thats easy." Jack read aloud, smiling at how simple it sounded. "step three: the viewer must say 'reveal your memories' four times. They will then be able to see the memory as if they were there while it was happening." Jack finished reading looking happily at Will who just shook his head.

"Caution, this ritual goes generally unnoticed by the memory owner, but it can cause a headache afterwards. On rare occasions, the memory owner will wake up, aware of what happened. Jack do you know how upset she would be if she found out?" Will asked giving Jack an unapproving look.

"Of course I do, but that is besides the point, if she is not willing to come forwards with the information, then I shall have to find out myself. Will we need to know." Jack said truly wishing he didn't have to do this to her. "If it will make you feel better why don't you go ask her before she goes to sleep." Jack compromised. Will rolled his eyes.

"Fine, but don't expect me to protect you from her tomorrow if she doesn't tell me now." Will warned. Jack followed Will back to her cabin.

"I'll see if she is still awake." Jack said as he stepped through the door. He saw her just sitting on the edge of her bed. He returned to Will and nodded. Will knocked on the door.

"Come in" She said sounding emotionally unstable. Will and Jack entered the room. Will sat across from her, while Jack merely stood by the door.

"How are you feeling?" will asked, genuinely concerned for her.

"I...I'm fine. why wouldn't I be?" She scowled at him.

"Ok ok, no need to get upset. I just came to ask if you felt like talking about who killed Jack. We need to gather the items for the ritual, and blood of his killer is top priority on the list." Will explained attempting to stay as calm as possible.

"Is Jack here?" She asked Will as she glanced around the room. Jack shook his head violently, and waved his hands everywhere signalling Will to say no, fearing that if she knew he was there she would not talk. Will didn't know what to say. He really wanted to know what she was going to say, but he didn't want to make her mad if she found out Jack was there.

Knowing what Will was about to say Jack spoke up. "Will think about it mate. The faster we know, the faster we won't be a bother to ye anymore. Thats gotta count for somethin eh?" Jack tried to be convincing hoping it worked. Will slightly nodded so Angelica wouldn't notice.

"No, Jack isn't here. He is on deck watching the sunset." Will said hoping she would believe him.

"Ok, I just don't want him to be angry. If he knew what I was about to tell you he may never speak to me again" Angelica said softly. Uh oh, thought Will. He realized he made the wrong choice by lying to her.

"Hold that thought Agnelica. I am going to make sure Jack isn't just standing outside the door." He said as he quickly got up and left the room, Jack hot on his heels. Will shut the door behind them.

"What was that about?!" Jack growled with an expression of pure anger on his face.

"Jack, you may not have caught on yet, but I have and if she says what I think she is going to, then it is best that you do not hear. I'm sorry. Have I ever given you a reason not to trust me? I know its difficult for you, but please stay here, and try not to do anything you will regret." Will said warningly to Jack who remembered saying similar words to him on their first adventure together.

Jack shrugged "Fine, but ye have to tell me sooner rather than later." Jack said as he walked up to the helm and looked out at the sea. What could she be hiding now?

Will returned to Angelica's cabin. She was right where he left her. She was looking down.

"Ok, I made sure Jack wouldn't listen. Now what were you about to say?" Will said although he thought he already knew.

"I...I didn't mean too. Will. I...I…" She couldn't finish, it was still to shocking for her to say.

"You killed him. Didn't you?" He sighed and looked into her eyes. She nodded.

"What now? I don't have the heart to tell Jack. I don't want to lose him again. If he knew, he may never even look at me again." She said tears rolling down her cheeks again.

"Listen to me" Will said stepping towards her. "I don't know how he will take it. All I know is that he loves you, and even though you may not hear it, he says it all the time. I am sure he can find a way to forgive you. But, I cannot tell him for you. He might be expecting me to, but I will not. He needs to hear it from you." Will said trying to sound reassuring. "He needs to hear the guilt in your voice, and know how sorry you are. And when he is back he will realize that although you killed him, you also saved him." Will continued.

"Okay, I guess I should tell him now then. Can you go get him?" She looked at Will who nodded and left the room.

"Jack!" Will yelled to him from the lower deck. Jack turned to see Will signalling for him to come down.

"What? What is it? What did she tell you?" Jack questioned him as he walked past.

"She wants to tell you herself. But please, try to stay calm. It is not something you want to hear, but she has to tell you herself." Will said praying that Jack wouldn't lose it in there.

Will and Jack returned to the cabin.

"Ok Angelica, Jack is here. I'm going to give you two some time." Will gave her a supportive glance as he walked out. Will shut the door behind him, but waited just outside so he could hear the conversation to make sure Jack didn't let his anger get out of control.

She was standing facing the wall at the back of the room, holding the mirror so she could see Jack who was still standing by the door.

"Jack." She said to get his attention. "You need to know something" She continued as he stepped closer to her.

"What is it, luv" he said with a slight smile. She tried not to look into his eyes, but she found it to be very difficult.

"Its...about who killed you" She said quietly. "It Jack I killed you" She blurted out and hung her head low so she didn't have to see his reaction.

"Ah I see. Ye shot me cause I was going to leave ye on that beach." He was not angry, heck if he had a chance to kill Barbosa when he was marooned he would have tried to shoot him too. He was more surprised that she actually told him, than he was about her killing him.

Angelica was curious to see Jack's reaction, so she looked up again. He was standing right behind her, his hands on her shoulders, with his signature smirk on his face. She wasn't sure why he was smiling but she couldn't resist the urge to smile back.

"You're not angry?" She asked still confused by his expression. They both walked over to the table. Jack spelled out 'No, luv, I don't blame ye. It's my fault.' on the ouija board. She smiled. well at least thats over she thought.

"Now we just need to bring you back" She said hopefully.

Will opened the door and they both looked up to see his bewildered expression.

"Jack? Are you ok? Did she tell you?" Will asked suspicious about his reaction.

"Yeah mate, I know. It was my fault, and I would have done the same thing in her position, except for if I meant to miss my shot, I would have." Jack chuckled, and Will smiled. Finally he thought, hopefully there won't be anymore tears around here, its so depressing.

Angelica yawned, and seeing how tired she was, Will wished her a good night and left. Jack too spelled out "Good night, luv, hopefully things will get back to normal tomorrow, eh' and she watched him leave as well.

Hopefully Jack was right. How hard could the ritual be to preform. They had almost everything already. They had her blood, and she would gladly kiss him anytime, they had his body, they had water from the sea which is his favorite place, they had rum, his favorite drink. So all they needed was the tears from his friend, and they needed some special glass. But who among Jack's friends would cry at the news of his death? And where on earth were they going to get a special glass? Those were questions she would have to sleep on. She lay down and quickly fell asleep after her long day.

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